Zack Sabre Jr On Being Chosen For The G1 Climax

– Zack Sabre Jr recently spoke with New Japan Pro Wrestling on a wide variety of topics, check out the highlights below:

Zack Sabre Jr reacts to being chosen to compete in the G1 Climax?

I knew if I wanted to wrestle in Japan, being a part of the G1 was really important. My aspiration was to be involved in the biggest opportunities from the get-go. So if I wasn’t in the G1 this year, I would have been really disappointed. I feel like my previous time in Japan gave me my foundation, and it’s helped me be a part of bigger things.

Sabre comments on facing Kota Ibushi in the G1 after many believed they would have faced off in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic:

I admire Ibushi’s approach to wrestling. He wrestles in the way that he thinks he should, and I would like to think that I’m the same way. Obviously you want to entertain, but I want to feel happy in the way I wrestle, in the style that I have. So I felt that in the match against Ibushi. There’s a genuine passion in the way he wrestles.

ZSJ comments on joining Suzuki-Gun and fans questioning the move:

I don’t think that just because there are fans that have an image of you, that’s what you should be doing. I’ve always felt I wrestle an aggressive style, that’s what I aim for. I never had any aim to be a fan favorite, or “babyface”. Maybe I’ve fallen into positions of that role elsewhere…But I feel if you are really a fan of what I do, you’ll see that my joining with Suzuki-Gun is really quite natural.

If Minoru Suzuki’s background in UWF and Pancrase was a factor in joining:

Yeah it was definitely a factor. I’ve admired the way Suzuki wrestles for a while now. I think he approaches wrestling in his own unique way, and I feel that’s really important. A lot of wrestlers follow the a uniform mindset, but he does it all his own way.

I grew up watching a lot of submission style wrestling. UWF, UWFI, Battlarts, Pancrase, things like that. So for me, it’s also a great opportunity to further my study of pro-wrestling.

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