WWE Abu Dhabi Live Event Results (12/7): First Women’s Match in UAE History, HHH Confronts Reigns & More

WWE ran the first of their annual live events in Abu Dhabi this Thursday, with an insanely hot crowd packed into the Zayed Sports City Stadium in the United Arab Emirates.

WWE Abu Dhabi Live Event Results
December 7, 2017

(1) Finn Balor def. Bray Wyatt. The fans reacted to everything they should have, with everyone pulling out their phones for Wyatt’s firefly entrance, and people getting really into the “too sweet” gesture and chants. Balor got the win with a Slingblade and the Coup de Grace.

(2) Enzo Amore def. Kalisto to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. The crowd chanted along with Enzo’s “shtick” and he yelled at them when they tried to echo the “S-A-W-F-T” bit, which got a good reaction. A lot of “lucha” chants for Kalisto as well. Pretty much the same match they’ve been doing for months now.

(3) Jason Jordan def. Elias. The Drifter was one of the most hated people on the entire show for singing a song about how much he hates Abu Dhabi. He’s still selling the knee injury from Raw, and did a lot of his big suplexes and throws.

(4) Braun Strowman def. Kane by disqualification. Strowman was over huge and they used a lot of big moves with the steps, announce table and barricade. Kane got himself DQ’d with a chair shot out of desperation. He tried to chokeslam Braun through a table, but it got reversed into a running powerslam.

(5) Titus Worldwide (Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews) def. The Miztourage (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel) and The Club (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) in a triple threat tag team match. More “too sweet” signs and chants from the crowd after Balor opened the show. Axel was actually pretty over since the last time they were in Abu Dhabi he was doing the popular “Axelmania” gimmick.

(6) Alexa Bliss def. Sasha Banks to retain the WWE Raw Women’s Championship in what was the first ever women’s wrestling match in the history of Abu Dhabi. People were so excited about this and you could tell the two women were very appreciate and emotional about making history for that crowd. Sasha Banks got a ton of chants and support. Bliss got cheers too but turned it into boos, and won with her feet in the ropes to really heel it up.

(7) The Shield (Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose) def. Samoa Joe & The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus) in a six-man tag team match. You would have thought The Shield were The Beatles coming to America for the first time with the way people reacted to their entrance through the crowd. Everyone was super into the match from beginning to end. Lots of comedy spots too. Cesaro took the triple powerbomb to end it.

Triple H came out at the end of the who and came face to face with Roman Reigns, who had the Intercontinental Championship. The Game cut a promo saying he was going to take the title since he flew halfway around the world to get. Roman came back and said even though they’re halfway around the world, it’s still “his yard”.

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