Steve Austin Says John Cena Shouldn’t Rush Back From His Shoulder Injury, Much More

On the latest edition of his “Steve Austin Show” podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin spoke about a variety of topics including the WWE booking The Wyatt Family, Chris Jericho losing a step and his thoughts on how John Cena’s return from injury. Here are some of the highlights below:

On WWE cooling off The Wyatt Family:

“[WWE have] really homogenized The Wyatt Family. They’ve got great music. They’ve got a great entrance. Bray cuts a hell of a promo and Luke Harper is starting to cut great promos. He has drastically improved too and I know this guy’s a veteran guy. These guys were some of the hottest guys in the company a year [or] a year and a half ago. Here we are now and, I mean, just quite frankly, it is what it is. They don’t mean what they should to this company. And Bray Wyatt, being the leader of this faction, is taking a huge hit. And that’s a travesty of booking right there because, again, these are some very talented guys within The Wyatt Family structure.”

On Chris Jericho not being as good as he used to be, but still being good:

“”Chris at 45 [years of age] is not who he was even five years ago and the guy’s going to go down in the [WWE] Hall of Fame and he’s going to be one of the greatest of all time, but, obviously, he can’t work like he used to work. But I mean that with respect. He has probably lost a step. He is 45. I couldn’t do what this guy’s doing. So, now that we have that out of the way, but here’s one of the things. He can’t do what he used to do physically in the ring, but Chris has always been so smart about the way he builds his matches to the crescendo. That’s what he always does. That has been one of his hallmarks. He knows when to put those big hope spots in there, or almost gets the Walls [of Jericho], or almost this [or] almost that.”

On his belief that John Cena should let his shoulder fully heal before making his WWE return:

“I don’t know how long John would like to wrestle, but as long as he wants to, I wouldn’t rush to come back [from injury too early] because, man, that dude’s a stud in the gym. His healing powers are phenomenal, but just don’t try to rush this thing back because it’s the shoulder and shoulders are tricky and it isn’t the time or place to try to jeopardize if you want another couple year run.”

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