Ricochet Says He Wants To Be Called Up To The Main Roster, Talks Balor, More

In an interview with The Steve Austin Shown interview with The Steve Austin Show, Ricochet said that he eventually wants to join WWE, but not quite yet. Here are highlights:

On living with Apollo Crews in Florida: “I lived in Paducah, Kentucky my whole life, well, since I was three [years old]. And I just lived there my whole life and I really just wanted a change of scenery a little bit, like something new. And I was going to move to the Tampa [or] Clearwater [Florida] area, but then, my buddy, Apollo Crews [or] Uhaa Nation, he got signed at the time [by WWE], and so he had to move down there. He’s from Atlanta [Georgia] and so we were like, ‘lets just get a place together’. And so, it led to that and then, we’ve just been there a little over a year. April was a year.”

On what match made him want to wrestle: “The match that made me want to be a professional wrestler was WrestleMania 15, [Austin] and The Rock. I remember going to my parents’ house. My parents’ friends’ house, I’m sorry. And all the kids were down in the basement watching the show while all the parents were up top watching the show. And I remember that match going and all the kids were in the back wrestling and I was glued to this match. It was so good and I was like, ‘oh my God!’ And that’s when it was it. Then, later, I got into wrestling. Although that’s not even my style, but that match was the match where I was like, ‘that’s what I want to do – this is it’.

On why it took so long for Finn Balor to get called to main roster: My only thing would be, I guess, Triple H just really wants him. He knows that guy’s a star. He knows that guy is the man. He knows that he’s the guy, so he’s like, ‘I’m going to keep him as long as possible until Vince [McMahon] makes me give him’ because he is the man. He is the guy. He’ll be the guy in any company he goes to, so I think Triple H knows that, so he’s like, ‘I’m going to try to keep him as long as possible’.”

On joining the WWE: “I really want to be IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, which is now Kushida. I’ve challenged for it twice and I’ve yet to win, but I want to do that. There [are] a couple of things I want to do. Now my goal, I would like to be in the WWE one day. NXT, wherever, but there [are] still a couple of things I want to do. Like, Lucha [Underground]’s still going really well. It’s still going really great. So there’s really not a goal. Just, I guess, have fun, be safe, save as much money as I can. That’s because I’ve got a seven-year-old son right now, so I’m trying to save up for his future. So, I think that’s mostly the goal right now.”

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