Pete Gas Reflects On The ‘Attitude Era’, Working With Shane McMahon, JBL Thoughts

– Former WWE Superstar Pete Gas was recently a guest on Ring Rust Radio this week to help promote the release of his new book, check out the highlights and video below:

You recently released your new book, “Looking at the Lights: My path from Fan to a Wrestling Heel.” Why did you feel now was the right time to write this book and what are you hoping to accomplish with its release?

“First of all, I wrote it because for years after being released, I would always find that people were always huddled around me. Whether I was playing softball tournaments or whatever, in between games people were always huddled around me and asking questions about wrestling and loving all the stories I had to tell. I always wanted to do this and just having the ability to actually put it to paper and share it now is a blessing. I’m getting a lot of great feedback from the book and people love the stories and anyone that is a fan of the Attitude Era will really love this book. That’s pretty special in itself.

“What I’m trying to accomplish actually is to give people an idea of what it was like and what we had to go through. At one point we had some negative press and people said we should be selling insurance, but nobody has the story I had. Vince McMahon literally took myself and Rodney off the street and put us in the ring with the best in the business without even knowing how to take a bump and told us to go out there, don’t kill ourselves and put these guys over. The truth of the matter is it was only supposed to last a couple weeks and we got a reaction from the crowd. That showed Vince gives the fans what they want. People loved hating us so much that they kept giving us opportunities and those opportunities kept growing and growing. We were able to parlay the opportunity that we got into a three-year contract, which is pretty amazing in itself. Any wrestling fan that watches wrestling probably thought what it would be like to be in the ring with the Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin and we got to live that dream. I always wanted to do this and all of a sudden, they had us go and get this opportunity and it’s basically how we took advantage of this opportunity and really ran with it. We had to prove how tough we were not only to the fans, but to the boys in the back and earn their respect.”

Many fans like myself look back at the Attitude Era as the best time period of wrestling. As somebody that had the opportunity to perform during that time, why do you think it is looked back at so fondly and what made that era so special for you?

“What made it special is there were no rules. You had a locker room full of stars and I’m not talking about us as much as I’m talking about the roster. Everybody was over and it just had that edginess to it that really attracted people to it. You look in the crowd and you see everything from a guy with a big beer belly, to a girl with no clothes on, doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers and every kind of person. Everyone can relate to a lot of the stories and people loved the edginess to it. Unfortunately, they want ratings and sponsorship like Snickers and all that stuff, so now they can’t be as edgy and it’s more child friendly like it was back in the 80s. At that one period, Vince in order to win the ratings war had to turn it up a notch and he did and everybody remembers that part of it. I think it always be known as the greatest era in wrestling.”

As a long-time friend of Shane McMahon, what were your initial thoughts when he returned for a match against Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 and what did you think of his match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 33?

“First part, I found out because someone had called me the day he had come back from Detroit. There was a rumor floating around he was there so I called him and spoke to him. When we spoke, he was in New York City and he was delivering a guitar to his son. We talked for a little bit, we got off the phone and I was convinced he wasn’t going to be on Raw that night. He kayfabed the s–t out of me. He didn’t tell anybody anything, he lives by kayfabe. Sometimes I love him for it and sometimes I get pissed at him for it.

“He ends up going to Raw and I’m sitting on the couch with my wife and I listen to the first segment and when his music hits my jaw dropped. I got goosebumps and my phone was blowing up. Then as soon as Vince said he was going to face the Undertaker in the cell, I turned to my wife and said, “We’re going.” She asked why do I want to go so bad and I said he’s going to jump off that cell. My wife still laughs about that cause she said that I just know him so well. I said he has always been an adrenaline junkie and he will always do whatever it takes to steal the show if he can do it. Any match he has ever had, there’s never been one where you would say that it really sucked or just something about that match wasn’t good.

“As far as the AJ Styles match goes, I absolutely loved it. I thought it was great and I was in sitting the eighth row. I heard all the criticism leading up to WrestleMania how AJ is going to have to carry Shane, Shane doesn’t know how to work, everything he does is a big stunt and I felt like Shane proved a lot of skeptics wrong. To his credit, I thought he held his own. AJ is the best in the business in my opinion and is probably one of my favorites. Yes, AJ brought it as well, but Shane was right there. I thought what he did was, excuse the pun, but it was phenomenal.”

Is there anybody that stands out to you as being the most fun to work with in the ring?

“That’s a tough question because there are so many guys. When you get to that level in WWE, you have so many guys that you have so much fun with it, it’s a lifestyle. It was the greatest three years of my life. To name just a few, you’re going to think I’m crazy, but I liked working with the Acolytes. When I first started with them, I was scared as hell because they beat the hell out of me, but I love the physical part of it. I knew we could get into it with them and part of me likes getting into fights. That was our way of proving our toughness and getting respect in the ring. I was close to guys like Prince Albert, D-Lo Brown, Mosh from the Headbangers, and Val Venis. We would be in the ring with these guys and we would have a battle royal of some kind. I’d be in the corner with Prince Albert and he is grabbing my fat and I’m grabbing his fat, we are talking about where we’re going next, where we can eat after the match, calling each other fat and making fun of each other. Everyone just ribs on each other.

“As far as workers there’s only one worker that stands out in my mind and that’s the Rock. He is an absolute perfectionist and it’s easy to tell why he is as successful as he is. He literally made sure that you were dead on with everything he did. I remember I took the first ever Rock Bottom on SmackDown in the first segment which I’m pretty proud of. He always made sure you were in the right position and it’s just a credit to him and just goes to show how special he really is.”

One of the forewords of your book was written by John Bradshaw Layfield. With his alleged involvement in a bullying scandal, what are your thoughts on JBL and did you see any bullying during your time in WWE?

“I was brought up in an era where you didn’t get a trophy if you came in last place. I feel like there are people that are very sensitive to certain topics. I personally know JBL and he likes to bust balls. Sometimes when people don’t know how to handle that, whether they’ve been coddled or whatever the case is, their reaction is totally different from someone who like me had brothers and got teased and ribbed all the time.

“JBL’s a lot of fun. JBL is loud and he’s in the back cracking jokes. When he’s doing all that stuff, those same people that are b—hing and moaning now, I guarantee they were f–king laughing their asses off in the back of the locker room or catering or wherever. Everybody had certain personalities and I could tell you straight up JBL is a bad ass, he’s a physical guy, he likes to get into it and stuff like that, but he never bullied anyone. He would have fun with us and tease us, but that’s it. I remember going through a series of beatings when we had to face the Acolytes back in the day.

“I remember being at my house with my girlfriend and we were sleeping at like 12:30 at night and my phone rings and it’s JBL. He was in town doing some stuff for the studio and he was down at the bar and when I answered the phone I thought I was dreaming. He goes, ‘Come on down to the bar you son of a b—h and have a drink with me.’ He’s just that type of guy and that’s his personality, but in no way, shape or form do I feel like he’s a bully. If people don’t understand his personality and that’s where he can come across as a bully, but he really isn’t. He’s a guy that likes to have fun and is loud. He’s a big guy and very intimidating size wise, but it’s all about having a good time. Sometimes like I said, people were brought up differently and just don’t get it. Bullying to me is you just ride someone so much and you’re mean to them and you are nasty. You make the person feel like absolute s–t. Whether it’s Mauro or whoever made those comments and felt like they were bullied, their interpretation could be a lot less severe. Their line is not in the same spot. I’m not wording it properly, but the bottom line is the guys not a f–king bully at all.”

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Randy Orton On Being A 15-Year Veteran, Reinventing Himself, Favorite RKO Moment

– WWE Champion Randy Orton recently spoke with WWE’s official website and discussed a wise variety of topics, check out the highlights below:

How does it feel to be a 15-year veteran?

How does it feel? It feels like, “Where did the time go?” to be honest. I’ve been around a long time, and it seemed for the longest time like I was the young guy. Now, all of a sudden, I’ve got fans with beards telling me, “I used to watch you when I was a kid.” So, I don’t know what happened to all those years, man, but the little bit I do remember? It was definitely a fun ride.

You’ve been The Legend Killer, The Viper and The Apex Predator. Do you find it difficult to reinvent yourself over the years?

Not really, because I’ve always been kind of the same guy. Whether I was The Legend Killer, The Viper, The Apex Predator, nothing’s really changed. When I look at [Superstars] who’ve had 10 different personas … it’s amazing to me. These guys are very talented that they’re able to do that. Would I be able to do that? I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. But I think the fact that I’ve never really had to change is a testament to what my persona is on the show. Whether you’re sick of it or love it, you know what you’re gonna get with me.

With everything you’ve achieved, what do you consider to be the single greatest accomplishment of your career?

There’s honestly not one thing. Youngest champ; I think I’ve won more Survivor Series Matches than anything else, maybe I’m tied with Ultimate Warrior; won two Royal Rumbles; won Money in the Bank; I’ve main-evented WrestleMania; I’ve wrestled in 13 WrestleManias — those are all up there. I’ve stolen the show numerous times. I’ve wrestled in Seoul, I’ve wrestled in Auckland, New Zealand. There’s not one thing, there’s a bunch of things.

The RKO has taken on a life of its own within your career. As the man who performs the move, what is your single favorite RKO of all time?

I would say probably the one with Evan Bourne. It just shows you how important timing is and I felt like the timing on that particular one was harder to achieve than any of the other ones. The one on Seth [Rollins] at WrestleMania was difficult, too. I’ve done some cool ones with Dolph [Ziggler] and Cesaro, too, and springboards in with Carlito and CM Punk. The timing is what makes that. But the hardest one, the highest-risk one to hit perfect was the Evan Bourne one, and that’d probably be why it’s my favorite.

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WWE Announces New TV Deal In Philippines

– WWE issued the following:

WWE® and TV5 Announce Agreement to Televise SmackDown® in the Philippines

4/27/2017 – MANDALUYONG CITY, Philippines & STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– WWE (NYSE: WWE) and TV5 today announced a new agreement to broadcast WWE’s flagship program SmackDown® in the Philippines on TV5 beginning this Sunday, April 30.

Every week, TV5 will televise a one-hour edition of SmackDown on Sundays at 3PM. Fans will be able to follow their favorite WWE Superstars on SmackDown, including AJ Styles™, The New Day™, Randy Orton™, Charlotte Flair™, Shinsuke Nakamura™, Kevin Owens™ and Naomi™. In addition to the broadcast on TV5, SmackDown will be simulcast online at and

“TV5 shares our vision and desire for engaging and entertaining fans in the Philippines,” said Ed Wells, WWE Executive Vice President, International. “This new partnership to televise SmackDown showcases the continuing global growth of WWE while creating a destination for WWE fans in the Philippines to enjoy our unique blend of action-packed, family fun entertainment.”

TV5 President Chot Reyes added: “In the industry of sports entertainment, WWE is second to none. It’s a proven, successful, model organization and an esteemed, iconic brand. We at TV5 are honored and excited to be the platform that delivers WWE to the free TV audience.”

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** SPOILERS ** Impact Wrestling Results For Tonight

– EC3 cut a promo saying he wasn’t going to let anyone pass him by. James Storm came out and they got in a brawl.

* Grand champion Moose fought Davey Richards. There was no finish as Eddie Edwards got involved.

* GFW Women’s champ Christina Von Eerie debuted, defeating Ava Storie.

* Veterans of War, Crimson and Jax Dayne, who had new names, defeated Mario Bokara and Fallah Bah.

* TNA Tag Team champs LAX defeated The Decay in a Street Fight.


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WWE NXT Results (04/26) – WWE UK Title Match Jack Gallagher Vs. Tyler Bate

We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Nigel McGuinness, Tom Phillips, and Percy Watson.

Nikki Cross makes her way into the ring. She calls for Ruby Riot and she wants her to come out and play. She wants to be friends.

Ruby Riot makes her way to the ring and they enter from opposite sides of the ring.

Nikki laughs at Ruby and then she turns around before going after Ruby but Ruby with a double leg take down and then Nikki punches Ruby. They go to the floor and Nikki continues the attack. Nikki sends Ruby into the ring steps and apron. Nikki with forearms and then Nikki sends Ruby face first into the ring steps. Officials come to the ring and that might not be the smartest thing.

Nikki comes off the ring steps and continues the assault. Nikki with a Thesz Press off the steps and a member of ringside security is down as well. Officials are able to separate them.

We see footage of Hideo Itami’s return to NXT and his introduction to NXT Champion Bobby Roode.

Bobby Roode is in the back and he is asked about Hideo Itami but Roode stops the question. He says last week was a cowardly attack by Hideo Itami. Bobby says this is his NXT and all Itami has to do is challenge him for the title.

Match Number One: Andrade Almas versus Drew McIntyre

Almas is not ready to lock up so he backs off. Almas rolls away from McIntyre and poses on the mat, acting very tranquilo. Almas hangs in the ropes and Drew kicks him to the floor. Drew with a chop and he returns to the ring. Almas goes back to the floor and Drew with a chop. Almas pulls Drew off the ring steps and Drew lands face first. They return to the ring and Almas with a kick. Almas with a chop and Drew chops back. They continue with chops. Almas with a neck breaker and a forearm to the chest for a near fall. Almas stomps on the chest in the corner.

Almas charges into the corner and he slaps Drew in the face. Drew blocks a slap attempt and Drew with punches in the corner. Drew with a forearm in the corner followed by a forearm from the turnbuckles. Drew gets Almas on his shoulder but Almas escapes. Drew and Almas exchange chops and Drew with a forearm. Almas goes for a leap frog and Drew catches Almas and hits a power slam. Drew with the Claymore for the three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

William Regal mentions that Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross have some differences to settle and they will meet later in the show.

We go to commercial.

We are back with Part One of Who is Roderick Strong. He says he never thought he would be back here. He says he is emotionally past a lot of things before he can move on. Strong says he is the most intense wrestler. Work is what he does and he is going to show the NXT Universe what he is and that is a champion. Strong says he hasn’t let people in enough and he hasn’t told his story because the timing wasn’t right. People see him as the kid who has it all in life.

Roderick says it is all different. He says he has had to overcome a lot of things. He says he did not have a traditional childhood. He mentions that his mom had a drug issue and his father lived the rock and roll lifestyle. He talks about an incident when his mother shot his father. He says drugs and alcohol were probably involved. He says he knew the life his dad lived and he thought some guy in a bar shot him, but then he found out what happened.

He says he has been shy to show who he is because it means he has weakness. His mom built a resilient person.

Roderick’s mom says she is so proud of him. Roderick says nothing is going to stop him from being successful. He did not find anything he fell in love with until he found wrestling. He talks about how his backyard was his wrestling ring. Roderick mentions that he went with his dad to train with Jim Neidhart. Roderick says it meant a lot when Jim said that he would be successful.

We see footage of Roderick at an early age. He knew at 13 that he was good at wrestling and he felt confident about it. Roderick says the PC is a bit of a step up but the lessons he learned in the backyard taught him.

Match Number Two: Kona Reeves versus Aleister Black

Reeves charges at Black and connects with forearms but Black with a kick to the chest. Reeves with a forearm when the referee tries to separate them in the ropes. Reeves tries to send Black into the turnbuckles but Black blocks it. Black with a kick and back fist followed by more kicks and a round kick. Black sits down and watches Reeves before he lifts Reeves up by his foot and hits Black Mass for the three count.

Winner: Aleister Black

Ruby Riot is in the back and she is asked about her issues with Nikki Cross and her match. Ruby says they keep clashing because sanity says they don’t conform to society and they rebel against the norm. Ruby says she could probably get behind that, but Sanity wants everyone to conform to their ways. Nikki found out that when she pushes, Ruby will push back. She will push Nikki on her way to the NXT Women’s Title.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Andrade is leaving Full Sail with a lot of women while he is being asked about his loss to Drew McIntyre. Andrade leaves in an SUV and he does not really care.

Match Number Three: Ruby Riot versus Nikki Cross

Nikki attacks Ruby from behind on the ramp and she rakes at the face and then Nikki argues with the referee. Nikki runs Ruby into the apron and then they fight to the stage and Nikki slams Ruby’s head into the stage. Ruby does the same to Nikki on the ramp. Ruby with a suplex on the ramp and then she punches Nikki. Ruby with a head butt but Nikki with a head butt. Nikki Irish whips Ruby into the ege of the stage and she connects with forearms. Nikki rakes at the face and more officials come out to break things up.

Ruby punches an official and then she hits a running cross body off the stage. Ruby punches Nikki until she is pulled off by multiple officials.

Nikki is being carried out of the building and Nikki tries to fight them off.

No Contest

We go to commercial.

We see William Regal with Asuka and he says that next week, he will settle the issues between Nikki and Ruby. There will be a battle royal next week and the winner will be the number one contender. Asuka leaves the office.

Match Number Three: Jack Gallagher versus Tyler Bate for the WWE UK Title

They shake hands before locking up. Jack with a waist lock but Bate with a wrist lock. Gallagher with a reversal and he takes Tyler to the mat. Gallagher bends the wrist but Bate with a reversal into a front face lock. Bate with a side head lock. Jack walks on his hands to escape the head lock. They lock up and Gallagher with a full nelson. Bate tries to escape but Gallagher adds more pressure. Bate powers out of the hold.

Gallagher with a single leg take down and then Gallagher returns to the wrist and he applies a hammer lock using the leg and then he grabs the other arm and Gallagher bridges into a cover for a near fall. Bate goes for the leg but Gallagher blocks it and takes Bate down with a side head lock. Bate with a head scissors and Gallagher escapes and gets a jackknife cover for a near fall. Gallagher with an inside cradle for a near fall. Bate with a near fall. Bate holds on to the ropes on an O’Connor Roll attempt and we go to commercial.

We are back and Gallagher with a wrist lock and he drops a knee onto the upper arm. Gallagher puts the hand on the mat and he stomps on the elbow. Gallagher with an arm wringer. Gallagher holds on to the wrist lock. Bate tries to escape again and Gallagher holds on to the wrist lock. Bate with a monkey flip but Gallagher holds on to the wrist lock. Gallagher with a hammer lock using the legs and he drops back. Gallagher with an arm lever and then he goes Rube Goldberg before getting a near fall.

Gallagher and Bate with a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock and Bate gets a near fall. Gallagher continues to get a shoulder up and then he kips up and goes for a monkey flip but both hold on and Bate with a monkey flip of his own and both men bridge. They hold on to the test of strength and Bate with a double leg take down but Gallagher flips Bate using his legs and then he hits a drop kick. Bate with a deadlift hesitation German suplex for a near fall. Bate goes for a suplex but Gallagher blocks it and he applies the Jim Breaks Special. Bate is able to escape and he hits a suplex for a near fall.

Gallagher goes to the apron and Bate with a forearm that knocks Gallagher off the apron. Bate goes for a suicide dive but Gallagher blocks it with a head butt. Both men are down with Gallagher still on the floor. Gallagher with another head butt and Gallagher falls onto Bate to get a near fall. Gallagher with a European uppercut and Bate goes down. Gallagher with another European uppercut. Gallagher works on the wrist and he goes for the Jim Breaks Special but Tyler with a rolling heel kick and the Tyler Driver 97 for the three count.

Winner: Tyler Bate

We see Wolfgang, Trent Seven, Pete Dunne, and Mark Andrews watching in the front row.

We go to credits.


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Mauro Ranallo Could Return to WWE

WWE Smackdown and 205 Live commentator Mauro Ranallo agreed to part ways with WWE last week. It is being said the door is still open for him to return to the company. There have been talks with officials that he could return in the future, but discussions between both parties have not been taken to a serious level.

Dave Meltzer reports that WWE management pleaded with Ranallo to squash the JBL talk which led to his quote with Newsweek that his release had nothing to do with JBL. There’s a major news outlet that was working on a story and interviewed several current and former WWE employees but the story may not run now due to Ranallo’s statement.

The general feeling is that Ranallo made the right decision in reaching a settlement agreement with WWE. If he turned down the settlement and went public with the issue then it would’ve been worse for his mental health. It also could have a negative impact on securing future broadcasting gigs.

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Tough Enough Winner Josh Bredl Not Released by WWE

We previously reported a story on Tuesday that Tough Enough winner Josh Bredl was released by WWE. This story originated from wrestling insider Casey Michael from Squared Circle Sirens. Michael has an excellent track record of reporting news from WWE’s Performance Center. However, a WWE rep has confirmed that Bredl is still with the company. He has been out of action due to a concussion since August.

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Details on Chris Jericho’s Future With WWE

Chris Jericho will be taking time from WWE while he tour with his rock band Fozzy. He has a match with Kevin Owens for the United States Championship at Backlash, with the winner joining the Smackdown brand. The WWE RAW following Sunday’s Backlash PPV will be his final appearance for the remainder of the year.

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Goldberg Talks About His Undefeated Steak and Why it Worked

Goldberg was a guest on the latest episode of Bischoff on Wrestling, and he spoke in detail about his win streak in WCW. Goldberg explained that his streak was effective and got over with the crowd because it was never planned.

When Bischoff mentioned that the streak wasn’t planned, Goldberg replied, “That’s why it worked. It wasn’t pre-planned. You guys gave the people what they wanted to see. Sure, they wanted to see Benoit and Guerrero chain wrestle and tell their story with all the false finishes and all of that. There’s something to surely be said for guys like Mike Tyson walking out and in thirty-two seconds knocking somebody’s block off. People just sit up on the edge of their seat and go, “What just happened?! Did I just see that?!””

He continued, “When The Giant and I went around the country and did dark matches he’d smoke a cigarette, pick up Charles Robinson and go to chokeslam him before he was even introduced. I’d spear him and jackhammer him before the bell even rang and people went berserk. You guys just gave them what they wanted. It was organic. There was no plan to it. I greatly appreciate what you said about, “Get this great character on TV,” but nobody knew unless you were clairvoyant.”

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