Report: John Cena Breaks Nose At Last Night’s WWE Live Event

John Cena broke his nose at last night’s house show in Louisiana. Cena was facing Wade Barrett in the match and partway through began bleeding heavily. He cut a promo after the match, saying that his nose was broken.

Cena faces Kevin Owens on Sunday at Money in the Bank. No word if the busted nose will influence how he is used tonight on RAW or at the pay-per-view event.

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ROH Segment Scrapped From The Destination America Airing

Some noted last week that the “Inside ROH “ segment, hosted by Mandy Leon, was not a part of the Destination America version of ROH TV last week. The segment will not be part of the show going forward, simply due to a timing issue.

The syndicated show allows for 43-minutes of programming, while the Destination America version allows for 40-minutes of programming. With that being said, they were forced to edit out that segment.

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Report: Two Divas Receive WWE Tryouts – Details & Photos

According to, two more names have been confirmed as receiving WWE tryouts this week. They are…

* Lyanna “Izzy” Museitf: She is a 23 year old fitness bikini competitor and Rockstar energy bikini model spokesperson, She also worked with NXT divas Alexa Bliss and Dana Brooke while competing at fitness competitions.

* Kiera Hogan: No relation to Hulk. She is 20 years old that trains with WWA4 wrestling and is based in the Atlanta area. She made her debut on April 2nd of this year.

Izzy Musetif attends a WWE tryout –

— squaredcirclesirens (@SCsirens) June 8, 2015

Kiera Hogan receives a WWE tryout –

— squaredcirclesirens (@SCsirens) June 8, 2015

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Vince Russo: ‘I Guess If Jim Ross Says It, It’s Ok!’

Vince Russo has posted a new blog entry, here is what he had to say…


Early this morning I read a blog posted by JR about the state of the wrestling business today. Man, did his views sound hauntingly familiar.

While both JR and I grew up wrestling fans, our backgrounds and experiences are vastly different being that we were raised in completely different parts of the country and influenced by regional wrestling and the personalities that represented that region. However, regardless of the differences in both our personalities and philosophies on the wrestling business, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that JR and I are sitting on almost the exact same page when it comes to the reasons behind the declining state of professional wrestling today. In his blog on his own site, JR sited many of the same things that I have been saying regarding the industry for the past year since I became active on social media.

However, regardless that JR and I share the same sediments, here’s the thing that is most fascinating to me. For whatever reason, when JR has something negative to say regarding today’s wrestling business, it is listened to with open ears, accepted and respected. Me, on the other hand, when I poise those same feelings, the haters come flying from the rafters ready to attack me, my wife, my kids and the family dog. I am met with so much hate and venom when it comes to my take on wrestling today, that you would think that I’m actually looking forward to seeing the total demise of a business I’ve enjoyed for over 40 years, opposed to actually trying to help find and offer the solutions to save it.

So why is that? Why can JR say the same exact things that I’m saying, but yet his criticisms are welcomed, while mind are ripped apart by those who read them? Why? The more, and more I look at my position in professional wrestling, the more and more it becomes obvious to me why the wrestling media has made me the most “controversial man” in sports entertainment history.

1. People absolutely just hate me having no idea who I am. They’ve never met me, never spoken to me, and surely have no clue of what I’m all about.

2. People hate the character that they saw in WCW in 2000, and have convinced themselves that that REALLY is Vince Russo, rather then somebody who was just embellishing what people outside of New York wanted to believe New Yorkers were “really” like.

3. People from New York are stereotyped, and there is a prejudice cast upon them if they happened to grow up in that part of the country.

Outside of those three things . . . what else can it be? A man from Oklahoma, who started working for the WWE about the same time I did, is revered over his comments concerning today’s wrestling, while I am crucified for those same sediments? Why? Because he wears a cowboy hat, and I say “Bro”? Because he comes from more of the south while I come from Brooklyn? Tell me, please.

The bottom line is this, no matter where Jim Ross comes from, or where Vince Russo comes from, we have both had ties with the WWE since 1993. We were both there for its biggest period in the history of professional wrestling, and we both follow it today at perhaps it’s lowest. From either one of our perspectives, we can tell you what the problem is, why it exists and what is needed to fix it. Regardless of who we are, and what we might represent to different people–we’ve both been there, done that, and are in a position to give an educated opinion based on our backgrounds.

In other words, whether you’re from New York, or Oklahoma, it doesn’t matter. Anybody, with any kind of experience in the wrestling business can surely tell you . . . Stamford . . . you’ve got a problem.


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A Sneak Peak At “WWE List” (Video), Y2J/DeMott Podcast Planned

Chris Jericho posted the following on Twitter, announcing that he is interviewing Bill DeMott on his podcast this week…

This wk on #TIJ:
Wed- @MarkTremonti talks new album @alterbridge & #Creed
Fri- @BillDeMott talks resigning from @wwe

— Talk Is Jericho (@TalkIsJericho) June 8, 2015

– Here is a sneak peak for a new WWE List of “trendiest Divas”, which will air on the WWE Network…

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Chyna Launches A Kickstarter Campaign, Big Event To Raise Money, More

– Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus, Ric Flair, Brian Blair, Dean and Joe Malenko, Robert and Ron Fuller, Danny Miller, Rocky Johnson, Dory & Terry Funk, Paul Orndorff, Greg Valentine, Ricky Steamboat, Kevin Sullivan, Buddy Colt, Jerry Brisco, Ron Bass, Hector Guerrero, Steve Keirn, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, J.J. Dillon, Tiger Conway Jr. and more are appearing on June 11th at an event to raise money for Championship Wrestling from Florida Wall of Fame. More information is available here.

Chyna has launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance a documentary titled, “The Resurrection of Chyna”. She is looking to raise $10,000, and with 29 days to go, has raised $210. More information is available here.

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WWE NXT Diva Returning This Week, Cornette/Piper Podcast, More

– Becky Lynch will return on this week’s episode of NXT. She hasn’t been on the show since losing to Sasha Banks at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable.

– Jim Cornette is the guest for this week’s Piper’s Pit podcast. You can find the episode here.

Vince McMahon posted the following on Twitter:

“You can’t see me,” but thanks to the half a billion people who can see @WWE.

— Vince McMahon (@VinceMcMahon) June 8, 2015

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A Recap From Yesterday’s Legends Of Wrestling Event

Credit: Mike Johnson and

The first-ever Legends of Wrestling event at The New York Mets’ Citifield in Flushing, NY was held yesterday featuring meet and greets and a Q&A followed by a legends wrestling show. The number I’ve heard from a few people in terms of attendance is 4-5 thousand, which sounds awesome, but that’s barely 1/10th of Citifield and there were a lot of discounted tickets available on sites like DailySocial and Groupon and I had a few friends who happened to be at nearby Flushing Meadow Park the day of the show tell me they were offered comp tickets by someone walking through the park the morning of the show.

The ring was set up in the Stadium’s outfield, which is weird considering the infield would be a lot closer to the fans. Rob Van Dam was a mystery opponent facing Scott Steiner in the main event. They went about 8 minutes with Van Dam winning with a Van Daminator. Steiner was accompanied by Doc Gallows while RVD had Bret Hart with him. The heels beat down Van Dam, leading to Bill Goldberg entering a wrestling ring for the first time in years to make the save and hit a spear to close the show while making the save. Steiner cut a promo knocking Hulk Hogan before the show, which is either really funny or dumb based on your perspective given the TNA lawsuit against him and Hogan’s wife pressing criminal charged against Steiner in California after Wrestlemania weekend.

Ric Flair was there and did an in-ring promo, only to be confronted by Aces & Eights, Luke Gallows and Mr. Anderson of TNA fame. The Nasty Boys hit the ring for the save and then beat Aces in what we were told is a pretty stiff, brutal match with a lot of weapons shots. Brian Knobbs was one of the primary people putting the show together.

Matt Sydal defeated Luke Gallows in what I was told was a great big man vs. little man bout.

Tommy Dreamer and Brian Myers both went the local babyface route using New York Mets-inspired clothing to get pops. Dreamer wore a Mets jersey en route to defeating former TNA star Wes Briscoe. Myers, the former Curt Hawkins, who now bills himself as the “Prince of Queens” with blue and orange inspired gear, played babyface en route to pinning Tyrus, the former Brodus Clay.

Hacksaw Duggan worked his basic match against Robbie E, with each playing a lot to the crowd before Duggan got the pin with the three point stance.

The opener saw Flex Armstrong & Andy Anderson (managed by Greg Valentine) defeated Bam Shaw and Mr. TA (with John Cena, Sr.) These talents work for Big Time Wrestling, who’s banner were being used by the event in NYC.

The show used Matt Striker and Ashley Massaro for live commentary. Virgil and Lita appeared during the pre-show signing. Former WCW ring announcer David Penzer was brought in for the show.

I was told it was pretty obvious the Stadium staff was overwhelmed by wrestling fans and there was a long intermission with no explanation before the final matches. I know a lot of other major leage teams were waiting to see how this show did before pulling the trigger on similar events. The impression I had is that there was a lot of money spent on talent and beyond the Mets pushing it themselves, there wasn’t a lot of local promotion until the last few days. There wasn’t even a card released until the days leading up to the show. I’ve heard differing reports on whether the show was filmed or not.

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Backstage Visitors At ROH Live Events + Attendance #’s, More

Partial Source: Pwinsider

— Ring of Honor drew in the 600 range on Friday in Collinsville, IL and 800 in Nashville, TN on Saturday.

— TNA’s Rebel, Jeremy Borash, James Long (a producer) and Christy Hemme were all the Nashville show to visit.

— Here is the lineup for Wednesday’s episode of ROH TV…

* ROH Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Addiction vs. ReDRagon
* Dalton Castle vs. Jushin Thunder Liger
* Bob Evans vs. Cheeseburger
* The Kingdom (Mike Bennett and Matt Taven) vs. Bullet Club (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson)

— Here are some recap videos from the weekend events…

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HD Video Of Goldberg’s Return To The Ring

Former WWE and WCW Superstar Bill Goldberg got physically involved at the Legends Of Wrestling event at Citi Field in New York City on Sunday night.

Near the end of the show, Goldberg hit the ring and attacked Scott Steiner and Doc Gallows, hitting them with his spear and jackhammer finishing moves.

Click Here to view HD video of Goldberg’s big return.

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