Matt And Jeff Hardy Reportedly Headed To WWE In April

– According to Dave Meltzer on last night’s Wrestling Observer Radio, his presumption is that the Hardy Boyz are both headed to WWE shortly.

As noted, things broke down when it came down to creative control and their independent bookings, both of which became an issue with TNA’s recent sale to Anthem and with Jeff Jarrett back in power.

It was also mentioned that the only other hangup is the rights to the “Broken” Matt Hardy character and gimmick. Even though Matt did create it, he did so while under contract to TNA so it’s unknown who will ultimately have ownership rights to the character.

Meltzer speculated that we might see the Hardys in WWE sometime in April.

Both Matt and Jeff could appear anywhere as of Wednesday morning, and there is a chance they could be at WrestleMania or the Raw the day after, but it will ultimately depend on all the legal paperwork, including passing their physicals and agreeing to contracts.

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