Kevin Owens On His Feud With Chris Jericho, Potential Faction With HHH, More

– WWE Superstar Kevin Owens joined Ryan Rider on Main Event Radio to help promote this Sunday’s
WrestleMania 33 Pay-Per-View, check out the highlights below:

Returning to his hometown of Montreal to wrestle a main event match
against Sami Zayn:

It’s nice not to have to be on a flight this early to go somewhere in the United
States. It’s nice to wake up in my own bed the morning of a WWE show. We are so busy
when we’re on the road; it’s kind of a
whirlwind as soon as we leave. We travel so much and everything is so fast-paced. To
get to main event with Sami [Zayn] after so many years of wrestling all over
Montreal in church basements and bars and high
school gyms, to get to do it at the Bell Centre one-on-one makes it that much more
special. It’s a great feeling. Everybody in Montreal watched my time as champion
with a lot of pride. It feels like everyone who watched me coming up in the
independent circuit was watching and really pulling for me. I would’ve loved to have
made it to Montreal with the Universal championship. I plan on being Universal
champion again; I plan on winning the WWE World championship. I plan on bringing it
home eventually for sure.

What an honor it was for him to be WWE Universal champion on Raw for
over 6 months:

Smackdown’s a great show but Raw will always be the flagship show. It’s been around
for so long and even people who don’t know WWE very well they know what Raw is. To
be able to represent that brand as
champion, it’s so surreal. My entire time in WWE has been surreal because I never
stopped being a fan. To be able to carry the
championship and represent Raw, it was extremely special. I always feel pressure
doing anything whether being champion or trying to get back to the point of getting
back the championship, I want people to
remember what I did every night and to be memorable. I feel like I perform well
under pressure.

His feud with Chris Jericho:

We’ve been doing some entertaining stuff together and it’s going to keep going that
way for the foreseeable future. I had my first
Wrestlemania match last year, it was a 7-man ladder match and that was an incredible
experience and unbelievable feeling. As someone who never stopped being a fan, being
on TV every week with Chris Jericho and to get to have a one-on-one match with him
at Wrestlemania, it’s pretty surreal as well. I think Chris [Jericho] and I have a
good shot at having the best match on the card. I actually think it’s the match that
people are most invested in. The story we’ve told over several months and everything
that’s happened between us. Everyone’s excited for the match, it’s going to make for
a great time, and I plan on walking out as United States champion. Now when I come
out to the ring without a title I always feel naked. It’s legitimately a very odd
feeling for me. I don’t know what to do with my hands; it’s legitimately an odd
feeling for me. I want to be the new face of the United States. I think it’ll be a
big upgrade.

Potential faction with HHH & Joe:

I don’t know anything about a faction to be honest. I know that HHH has shown a lot
of faith in me when he helped me win the Universal championship. Samoa Joe happens
to be a fortunate ally. I’ll never
turn down someone like him for help. It’s interesting to see where it goes.

Who he’d like to see as the next call-up’s from NXT:

I think a fellow Canadian, Tye Dillinger, would be great on Raw or Smackdown. We
can’t go anywhere without the “10-10-10 chant”. The
guy’s been at it for so long I think he deserves a break. Also, Shinsuke Nakamura.
He’s got an undeniable charisma and to have him on the main roster would make the
show better. He transcends the language barrier better than anyone I’ve seen
probably ever.

On fellow Montreal wrestler Dru Onyx recently having a stint as a guest
trainer at the performance centre:

Dru was instrumental to me even getting to WWE. When I heard I was getting a try-out
I hadn’t trained in a ring and roll around in a very long time even though I was
wrestling several times a way. I asked Dru [Onyx] if I could come to his wrestling
school and did that for around 2 months before my WWE tryout. Without him, I don’t
know that I would have made it to WWE. He had so many trainees and he works so hard
to do that. To allow me to join that class and help me get there it really helped
and the least I could do to pay him back is help him get front and centre. He’s very
passionate about giving his trainees the best training possible so I helped him get
in to the performance centre and I heard he did great; he gave a great impression to
everyone there.

Does he believe that this will be the Undertaker’s final Wrestlemania:

I don’t, I really don’t. Every time I see the Undertaker he has this presence. I
can’t imagine him not being at Wrestlemania; I don’t think it’ll be his last one.

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