Josh Mathews Debuts New Weekly “Ringside Blog”

– TNA announcer Josh Mathews officially launched a new weekly blog over at The voice of Impact Wrestling on Pop TV looks at tonight’s “Pick Your Poison” match between Drew Galloway and Bobby Lashley.

Check out the following Josh Mathews’ debut Ringside Blog below:

Ringside Blog: Mathews Looks At Pick Your Poison

Tonight on IMPACT WRESTLING on Pop, Slammiversary opponents Drew Galloway and Lashley will each have the opportunity to choose opponents for the other. It is being billed as “Pick Your Poison” and it is a great way for Champion and Challenger to test each other, scout each other and perhaps see a weakness in the other.

While both are keeping their choices close to the vest, rumor has it Drew Galloway is leaning towards selecting a fellow Brit to face Lashley. That was all I could get out of him in our conversation earlier today. Drew is smart and calculating, so whomever he decides on facing “The Destroyer” will be ready.

Drew is a great champion and an amazing representative of IMPACT WRESTLING. He passes the “eye test” and that goes a long way. At 6’7 he moves around like an X Division athlete and has developed different ways to take down his opponent. From the Future Shock DDT, to the Claymore Kick to the new Iron Maiden submission hold, Drew can do it all. He will need that arsenal of moves against Lashley.

Lashley. Where to start? His MMA background? The fact that he was going to spear me last month and I couldn’t do anything about it and the fear I was feeling? The fact that he has won 2 World Titles? Or that he can snap bones like most people snap their fingers? This dude is legit. Scary legit. Who has he decided upon to face Drew Galloway?

I love this concept of “Pick Your Poison” as it adds a level of intrigue to what has been a rivalry building for weeks. The fight in the MMA gym? Amazing. Lashley actually found Drew in a gym and attacked him. Who does that? Forget criminal charges, I am just happy that a camera crew was there to capture the fight. Did you notice that Drew held his own in the cage?

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