Gail Kim Talks Her Hall Of Fame Induction, If TNA Should Rename The Knockouts Division, More

– TNA Knockout Gail Kim recently participated in a interview with USA Today’s For The Win section and spoke about a variety of topics, here are the following highlights:

On being inducted into the Total Nonstop Action Hall of Fame at the Bound for Glory:

“I just have to be me,” Kim said. “I’m not necessarily one to be remembered as a great, great speaker in wrestling, but I want to share my feelings about the people who have influenced me over the course of my career. It will be very honest and from the heart.”

On the TNA sale reports:

“I think change is always scary but also always good. We were at a point where the talent never really knew everything that was going on and you hear rumors, but as of the last (TV) tapings, we had a clearer direction … The roster — whoever was there and no matter how many changes — has always been a family. Whether morale was high or low, you had to put in the work and nobody gave less than 100%. That’s never changed from the first day to now.”

On staying sharp between TNA Impact tapings:

“It’s actually really hard, but it depends on where you are in your career. I’ve been wrestling for 15 years so my body hurts. I do take the opportunity to rest in between. I think it’s harder to do the schedule we do. Your body has this instinct to start healing and then you go back to work and it hurts even more. It’s almost better to keep your body messed-up on a consistent basis. I do my best in between tapings to get massages and chiro and stretches and whatever it takes. At this point, I appreciate the rest. I don’t think I could do the four or five days a week in the WWE. I feel bad for them.”

On whether TNA should rename the Knockouts division:

“I feel like it’s great and I don’t think we need to change it. I could see where people don’t like diva because the idea that it comes with a certain attitude so I can understand why the WWE did that. I do hope for the WWE’s sake, that means the genders will be equal. But for us, I feel like the girls should still have a name and be special. I feel like it’s established and people know us as the Knockouts.”

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