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Jim Ross on if The Rock Will Wrestle Again

Jim Ross spoke with The AV Club and said he doesn’t think The Rock will make another in-ring appearance unless it was for a special occasion such as running for President.

“If he runs for President, he may come back for one more match to reconnect with that audience.”

On his dream match for current WWE superstars:

“I’m a different cat though, man. I’d like to see Braun Strowman – in a big build-up – against [Brock] Lesnar. I think that’d be a nice car crash.”

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Bobby Roode Comments on His Run as NXT Champion

Bobby Roode spoke with The Miami Herald about his run as NXT Champion. He said the best thing about being a champion is competing at the highest level and feeling like the face of the company.

“Being in that situation, it’s a pressure situation, but when you get into this business, it’s something you dream about. You do what you do to be a champion, and when you’re the champion, you’re the focal point of the company, the brand. You have an opportunity to perform in main events and have an opportunity to perform with top level talent. That’s the main thing that I truly enjoy, being able to go out there and get in the ring with top performers and be the top storylines and feel like you’re the face of the company, the face of the brand. There’s a lot of pressure that’s involved with that, but I enjoy it.”

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Wrestler Responds to Ryback Indy Comments

Ryback went on his podcast and spoke about independent wrestlers are ruining wrestling. It didn’t take long before he got a response from that statement. Indy wrestler Gran Akuma decided to speak up.

I feel for the Rybacks of wrestling. They dedicated their lives to becoming what WWE wanted, and then WWE suddenly wanted something else.

— Gran Akuma (@__AKUMA) May 25, 2017

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Little Girl Killed by Mom’s Boyfriend After Using the Batsita Bomb

A 2 year old girl died last week after her mother’s boyfriends performed wrestling moves on her including the “Batista Bomb.” The boyfriend was arrested for abuse and neglect of a child and the mother was charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Text messages found between the boyfriend and girlfriend shows the two trying to cover up the abuse.

WWE issued a statement regarding the incident:

“We are deeply saddened by this tragic death and hope that the guilty parties are brought to justice.There is no excuse or justification for the brutal and ultimately fatal beating of a 2-year-old child by a grown man. This is a clear case of criminal intent and a lack of parental supervision.”

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Former WWE Star Criticizes Randy Orton for Indy Comments

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Rene Dupree blasted Randy Orton for his comments on indy wrestling. He posted the following on his Facebook page:

“Randy EVERYTHING was handed to You, from your nicknames To your Finishing Move People Can say the same about me but…. When you were hired You were a Fat slob, I just won The Canadian Bodybuilding Nationals and Qualified for the Worlds You had ZERO matches I had 500+ You Wouldn’t Last 1 Japanese Tour I’m on 49 tours and You counting If HHH wasn’t Such a mark For Your Daddy, You would’ve been FIRED YEARS Ago And You’re NOWHERE near the worker your Father was You’re Bashing indie Guys, Do what I did Grow a set of Balls Go Out And Prove You’re Special Cause I’m Sorry Bud , but The chin lock you use Is BORING as A Shit! BURNING BRIDGES??? I don’t give a **** #TRUTH”

Dupree wrote a followup post:

“Another thing that i forgot to mention….
What Randall Doesn’t realize (BECAUSE HE NEVER WORKED OUTSIDE OF THE STAMFORD Company) Is That most independent wrestlers Rely on Selling their Own Merchandise to make $$$ He Wouldn’t know Would He??? So Putting on Exciting High Risk matches Is What They Need to do I have an Valid Opinon on this Because Ive Done Both Am I Right or Wrong???”

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Former TNA Star Hints to Signing With WWE

There were rumors last month that former TNA star Gunner could be heading to WWE if he passes a physical. On Thursday night, Gunner hinted in a post that he’s going to NXT.

Hard work pays off. I almost hung it up. I’m glad I didn’t. World… I come. Time to TakeOver!

— Gunner (@GUNNER_ChadLail) May 26, 2017

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Breezango: Comedy Gold

Breezango - WWE Backlash
Breezango – WWE Backlash ( (2017)

“Comedy is the one exception around the world. Sometimes it translates. Sometimes it doesn’t” – The Rock (Rock vs Cena Once in a Lifetime DVD (2012)

The team of Breezango, which consists of Tyler Breeze and Fandango, have certainly proven their comedic skills. Southpaw Regional Wrestling (WWE’s YouTube comedy series)  provided a platform for Tyler Breeze and Fandango to show everybody just how they funny they can be. They were both committed in their portrayals of the wacky characters of Southpaw Regional Wrestling and this made them arguably the two best characters on the show. It may also be the reason the WWE finally gave them an opportunity to shine on the grand stage, and boy did they seize their opportunity.

Breezango versus The Usos, or The Ugos as Breezango likes to call them, was a tale of two stories. It began with some great comedy moments and then it turned into a serious tag title match. The manner, in which this transition occurred, was simply brilliant.

Turn Chicken S*** into Chicken Salad

Prior to this match, Breezango were doing comedy skits titled The Fashion Files and in one of these skits, Tyler Breeze dresses as a janitor while going undercover. It was funny when a part of The Fashion Files, but when Breeze came to the ring at Backlash as the janitor, it could have been a disaster for both he and Fandango.

Not only did Breeze turn a negative into a positive, but his commitment to the janitor character and his excellent use of the mop as a prop made the fans chant “mop!” Then when Jimmy Uso took control of the match (breaking the mop in the process), he went to the top rope to deliver his signature splash. Breeze did not just roll out of harm’s way; he rolled to the opposite turnbuckle. Jimmy then went to the opposite side to deliver his splash, only for Breeze to roll back to the other side.

Breeze’s performance was excellent, and The Usos willingness to be the butt of the jokes was also very important to the success of the comedy. Fans were laughing and began cheering on Breezango, and their brand of comedy. So much so, that when Breeze entered the ring dressed as an old lady, the fans instantly began chanting “Let’s go, grandma!”

Genuine Contenders

Breezango endeared themselves to the crowd by making them laugh out loud numerous times and even gave them the opportunity to be a part of the match by giving them things to cheer for. Breezango won over the crowd in such a way, that the fans legitimately wanted them to win the tag titles.

By the end of the match, there were no more outfits or props, Tyler Breeze and Fandango were wrestling, and the fans bought into every near fall and every moment that Breezango looked to be on the verge of winning the tag team titles. Breezango used their comedy skills to help make themselves legitimate contenders.

Breezango did not win the tag titles at Backlash, but they did win over the fans watching the pay-per-view by putting on one of the performances of the night. Throughout the night, the commentary team kept mentioning how it only takes “one match” to change a career and this was said for Jinder Mahal. Little did the WWE know that this “one match” may have catapulted Breezango’s career to another level.

Breezango’s performance deserves a lot of praise, and critics and fans should not overlook this performance just because a lot of comedy was involved. Comedy is very difficult to pull off, it’s either funny or it’s not, there is no middle ground. Breezango definitely pulled it off, and in doing so, they made this strange world of professional wrestling, exactly what it should be… Fun.

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Report: Sean Waltman Drug Charges Dropped

– As noted, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman was arrested in April at the Los Angeles International Airport and charged with felony drug possession. Waltman recently told TMZ sports:

“With my past, I can totally understand anybody rolling their eyes at my story,” Waltman said. “Once the lab work comes back, this should be all cleared up. But in the meantime, oh what a mess man. What a mess.”

Sam Roberts tweeted the following last night:

Just heard the DA rejected @TheRealXPac‘s drug arrest case we talked about on the podcast. It’s over & he’s cleared. Not surprised! Congrats

— Sam Roberts (@notsam) May 26, 2017

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Steve Austin on Jinder Mahal’s Big Push, Endorsing Him to WWE

Steve Austin commented on his recent podcast about Jinder Mahal’s recent push. He said that he’s a fan of Mahal from when he was with TNA and spoke to WWE officials about bringing him in.

“I like Jinder, man. I can tell he’s working hard. I liked him back in the day and actually before he signed with WWE, he came down to TNA for a visit and I tried to talk him. Not that we had a deep discussion, but I went and endorsed him to the higher-ups and I thought that he was a good guy to bring in. But then, the WWE offer came right away and he made probably what was a better decision financially, especially considering now. I thought it was good.”

“He’s got a great look, a great body. Oh dude, [the ‘Maharaja’ nickname] has cool factor written all over it. Plus, if you play that with arrogance, it works for you. But, dude, down the road, I think that it spells money. I think the kid [has] got a great look. Like [Helms] said, he’s got the great facials. And [Helms] know[s], dude, you’ve got to bring a few things to the table, whether it’s appearance or size, looks, handsome, ugly, are you a flat-out bad ass worker, just unbelievable talker? This kid has bits and pieces of the things [one needs to be successful]. And all of these things can be graded on a scale of one to 10 on what you’re bringing to the table. But, at first, one of the big things you’ve got to bring, dude, for Vince to get in that big spot, size helps and it just does.”

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Ryback Says Triple H and Vince McMahon Are Ruining Wrestling

Ryback said on his podcast that independent wrestlers are ruining wrestling and that Triple H and Vince McMahon have allowed it to carry over into the WWE. He said he completely agrees with Rip Rodgers comments from a few weeks ago. Ryback also noted that WWE is pushing soft people as strong wrestlers. Thanks to Peter Bahi for the following transcript:

“Independent wrestlers are ruining wrestling. It has carried over to WWE, and Hunter [Triple H] and Vince [McMahon] have allowed it to happen. It’s controlled more up there. This isn’t to say that every independent wrestler, but this is one thing that I have ripped on [John] Cena on personal things for the most part, but Cena always was really good at selling the basics really well. One punch and he would sell it, and that is what Rip [Rogers] was alluding to. If any of those independent guys get punched in the mouth, and I don’t mean that as a knock on independents because I see a lot of it since I am there, it’s running ramped. I was talking to one of our other buddies about this, but these guys are going to kill it for themselves because they are going to shorten their careers too. They are replacing one bump with 5-6 bumps and like, they’re f***ing stupid, which is a nice way to say it. You were throwing out the meaning of one bump for 6-7 bumps that won’t get the same reaction, which I believe is because guys don’t know how to sell accordingly. I think WWE shouldn’t bring guys in there and push them to do that, but they tone it back when they get there because it doesn’t fly there, but they have allowed it on certain extents and that is not a good thing, so I agree with Rip 100%. Don’t get me wrong, all that stuff is cool to do it, you don’t have to do 100 of them but the guys don’t sell anything. I just watched a match the other day where a guy took a Brogue Kick to the face to start the match and then came right back with a dropkick and then it was dive; it’s like, what are you doing? I think Vince Russo said this before, but the game of Baseball and the rules of Baseball were created, then some different rules were added to excite the fans, but they haven’t flat out said f*** you to the psychology of Baseball, which is what wrestlers are doing now, they’re saying, f*** you to psychology because they’ve never been in a real fight.”

“This is not a knock on independence. It all comes down to selling. If you sold you wouldn’t have to do all that stuff because you would be too busy selling. You’re throwing out the art of selling, that is the big issue I feel like, because selling slows everything down. You can still have all the action and things, but you just have to find different ways to get there. It’s not just doing every move in the book, it’s not about that. If you want it to be in style, put it in style, however everyone’s career is going to be much shorter. I look at the ratings and the ratings are telling me everything. Granted, there is a lot more TV out there now, but casual people don’t think that way. That small independent market is not going to pay the bills. People are throwing away the basic fundementals of wrestling. Outdoing your opponent by selling that move to the best of your ability; which guys no longer think that way and it is wrong. There’s a difference between the big leagues and selling to the masses, and it is the way it has always been. It’s nothing against independent wrestling. I am having the time of my life; like, I will throw a suicide dive in there, but I’m not doing it after no-selling 100 things. It’s not a knock on them, but it’s just getting out of hand, so hearing that I agree with Rip 100%.”

“When Jeff Hardy does that high-spot stuff, he’s always sold accordingly; go back and watch Ricky Steamboat and Macho Man; everyone says it’s one of the greatest match of all time—they sold. Young Bucks are smaller guys so they have a similar style, but now you see everyone doing that style and people begin emulating them.”

“I can wrestle independent wrestlers, it’s fine, but I’m not going to go into a match and have them no-sell 20 forearms, it’s not going to happen. Indy wrestlers are super talented, but it doesn’t make you a wrestler. It’s all the little things; the psychology of the original rules of the game, because those who came before us created the game, and I’m not talking about Triple H, but the game of wrestling. It evolves in different areas, but it’s people being disrespectful to the psychology and rules of wrestling. They think because chant ‘This is Awesome,’ they’re throwing themselves away and killing themselves.”

“WWE is pushing guys that cannot hurt a fly. When did gymnastics make you tough? It doesn’t. It really doesn’t, and I get that it is entertainment, and it has its place, but for that to replace actual toughness, the business was built around being real, that is why you lose casual viewers because they don’t buy into that and they never will. When the Dads and kids tune in, they are not tuned in to watch that gymnastics stuff. It’s not believable; the whole art of it is making it believable, which is my honest take and everyone has their own opinion. It is what it is and I agree with Rip Rogers.”

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