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Report: Sean Waltman Drug Charges Dropped

– As noted, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman was arrested in April at the Los Angeles International Airport and charged with felony drug possession. Waltman recently told TMZ sports:

“With my past, I can totally understand anybody rolling their eyes at my story,” Waltman said. “Once the lab work comes back, this should be all cleared up. But in the meantime, oh what a mess man. What a mess.”

Sam Roberts tweeted the following last night:

Just heard the DA rejected @TheRealXPac‘s drug arrest case we talked about on the podcast. It’s over & he’s cleared. Not surprised! Congrats

— Sam Roberts (@notsam) May 26, 2017

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Steve Austin on Jinder Mahal’s Big Push, Endorsing Him to WWE

Steve Austin commented on his recent podcast about Jinder Mahal’s recent push. He said that he’s a fan of Mahal from when he was with TNA and spoke to WWE officials about bringing him in.

“I like Jinder, man. I can tell he’s working hard. I liked him back in the day and actually before he signed with WWE, he came down to TNA for a visit and I tried to talk him. Not that we had a deep discussion, but I went and endorsed him to the higher-ups and I thought that he was a good guy to bring in. But then, the WWE offer came right away and he made probably what was a better decision financially, especially considering now. I thought it was good.”

“He’s got a great look, a great body. Oh dude, [the ‘Maharaja’ nickname] has cool factor written all over it. Plus, if you play that with arrogance, it works for you. But, dude, down the road, I think that it spells money. I think the kid [has] got a great look. Like [Helms] said, he’s got the great facials. And [Helms] know[s], dude, you’ve got to bring a few things to the table, whether it’s appearance or size, looks, handsome, ugly, are you a flat-out bad ass worker, just unbelievable talker? This kid has bits and pieces of the things [one needs to be successful]. And all of these things can be graded on a scale of one to 10 on what you’re bringing to the table. But, at first, one of the big things you’ve got to bring, dude, for Vince to get in that big spot, size helps and it just does.”

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Ryback Says Triple H and Vince McMahon Are Ruining Wrestling

Ryback said on his podcast that independent wrestlers are ruining wrestling and that Triple H and Vince McMahon have allowed it to carry over into the WWE. He said he completely agrees with Rip Rodgers comments from a few weeks ago. Ryback also noted that WWE is pushing soft people as strong wrestlers. Thanks to Peter Bahi for the following transcript:

“Independent wrestlers are ruining wrestling. It has carried over to WWE, and Hunter [Triple H] and Vince [McMahon] have allowed it to happen. It’s controlled more up there. This isn’t to say that every independent wrestler, but this is one thing that I have ripped on [John] Cena on personal things for the most part, but Cena always was really good at selling the basics really well. One punch and he would sell it, and that is what Rip [Rogers] was alluding to. If any of those independent guys get punched in the mouth, and I don’t mean that as a knock on independents because I see a lot of it since I am there, it’s running ramped. I was talking to one of our other buddies about this, but these guys are going to kill it for themselves because they are going to shorten their careers too. They are replacing one bump with 5-6 bumps and like, they’re f***ing stupid, which is a nice way to say it. You were throwing out the meaning of one bump for 6-7 bumps that won’t get the same reaction, which I believe is because guys don’t know how to sell accordingly. I think WWE shouldn’t bring guys in there and push them to do that, but they tone it back when they get there because it doesn’t fly there, but they have allowed it on certain extents and that is not a good thing, so I agree with Rip 100%. Don’t get me wrong, all that stuff is cool to do it, you don’t have to do 100 of them but the guys don’t sell anything. I just watched a match the other day where a guy took a Brogue Kick to the face to start the match and then came right back with a dropkick and then it was dive; it’s like, what are you doing? I think Vince Russo said this before, but the game of Baseball and the rules of Baseball were created, then some different rules were added to excite the fans, but they haven’t flat out said f*** you to the psychology of Baseball, which is what wrestlers are doing now, they’re saying, f*** you to psychology because they’ve never been in a real fight.”

“This is not a knock on independence. It all comes down to selling. If you sold you wouldn’t have to do all that stuff because you would be too busy selling. You’re throwing out the art of selling, that is the big issue I feel like, because selling slows everything down. You can still have all the action and things, but you just have to find different ways to get there. It’s not just doing every move in the book, it’s not about that. If you want it to be in style, put it in style, however everyone’s career is going to be much shorter. I look at the ratings and the ratings are telling me everything. Granted, there is a lot more TV out there now, but casual people don’t think that way. That small independent market is not going to pay the bills. People are throwing away the basic fundementals of wrestling. Outdoing your opponent by selling that move to the best of your ability; which guys no longer think that way and it is wrong. There’s a difference between the big leagues and selling to the masses, and it is the way it has always been. It’s nothing against independent wrestling. I am having the time of my life; like, I will throw a suicide dive in there, but I’m not doing it after no-selling 100 things. It’s not a knock on them, but it’s just getting out of hand, so hearing that I agree with Rip 100%.”

“When Jeff Hardy does that high-spot stuff, he’s always sold accordingly; go back and watch Ricky Steamboat and Macho Man; everyone says it’s one of the greatest match of all time—they sold. Young Bucks are smaller guys so they have a similar style, but now you see everyone doing that style and people begin emulating them.”

“I can wrestle independent wrestlers, it’s fine, but I’m not going to go into a match and have them no-sell 20 forearms, it’s not going to happen. Indy wrestlers are super talented, but it doesn’t make you a wrestler. It’s all the little things; the psychology of the original rules of the game, because those who came before us created the game, and I’m not talking about Triple H, but the game of wrestling. It evolves in different areas, but it’s people being disrespectful to the psychology and rules of wrestling. They think because chant ‘This is Awesome,’ they’re throwing themselves away and killing themselves.”

“WWE is pushing guys that cannot hurt a fly. When did gymnastics make you tough? It doesn’t. It really doesn’t, and I get that it is entertainment, and it has its place, but for that to replace actual toughness, the business was built around being real, that is why you lose casual viewers because they don’t buy into that and they never will. When the Dads and kids tune in, they are not tuned in to watch that gymnastics stuff. It’s not believable; the whole art of it is making it believable, which is my honest take and everyone has their own opinion. It is what it is and I agree with Rip Rogers.”

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Chris Benoit Used in Walkers Crisps Marketing Campaign

Trolls have hijack Walkers Crisps social media campaign which forced the company to shut the campaign down. Users were asked to post a selfie with the hashtag #WalkersWave for a chance to win Champions League final tickets. Fans started submitting photos of criminals and dictators, one of them were Chris Benoit.

My favourite #WalkersWave troll 😭😂#ChrisBenoit

— Courtney 🦄❤ (@cheesybiscuit_) May 25, 2017

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WWE Cancels NXT Event Following Manchester Tragedy

Due to the recent tragedy in the United Kingdom, WWE has cancelled the upcoming NXT events in June. The company released a statement on Facebook.

Out of respect for all those affected by the Manchester tragedy, WWE is cancelling the NXT event on Tuesday, June 6 at the Manchester Arena, and giving fans who purchased tickets to the show a full refund and offering them the option to receive a free ticket at point of purchase to the NXT show on Wednesday, June 7 at First Direct Arena in Leeds.

Our Superstars will be in Manchester on June 6 visiting with those affected by the tragedy and WWE is making a donation to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

We look forward to returning to the Manchester Arena on Monday, November 6 for Raw and Tuesday, November 7 for SmackDown Live.

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More Details on Mae Young Classic Women’s Tournament

WWE would like to have a strong female presence for next month’s Mae Young Classic. The 32-women tournament will be taped on July 13th and 14th. Jim Ross has already been announced as the lead male announcer, and it’s expected for two female announcers to join him. WWE Hall of Famer Lita is rumored to be part of the team and she could be joined by either Renee Young, Charly Caruso or Beth Phoenix.

There are also discussions of using female referees for the tournament. WWE signed Kennadi Brink as a referee last week, so it’s expected for her to be used as one of the officials.

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Ciampa on Why He Turned Against Gargano at NXT Takeover

DIY split up at NXT Takeover: Chicago when Tomasso Ciampa turned heel and attacked Johnny Gargano. Ciampa was at last night’s NXT taping and came out in crutches to explain to fans why he turned against Gargano. Thanks to Twitter user @MrJacobCohen for the following recap:

Crowd chanting “Why Ciampa Why?” Ciampa invites Gargano out to the ring because he feels he owes him an explanation. “Right… Johnny isn’t here tonight.” Thursday before Takeover Ciampa sustained an injury, it didn’t matter, he was still going to fight. But the people were thinking up dream partners for Gargano, it took 24 hours for Ciampa to become an afterthought to the fans. When Ciampa realized they lost he knew he was injured & going away for a long time, when he looked across at John it became clear. That if Ciampa went away Gargano would replace him, Ciampa won’t become an afterthought, and in that moment he made his choice. It is the fans fault and it is Gargano’s fault that DIY is done, if Ciampa has to go away then Gargano had to go away too. Takeover: Chicago was supposed to be DIY’s moment, but it ended up being Ciampa’s moment. Ciampa is irreplaceable, Gargano is irreplaceable, the fans are replaceable. When Ciampa returns he will be the most dangerous man in professional wrestling and everyone is on notice.

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5 Star Wrestling Increases $1 Million Offer to CM Punk

As we previously reported, 5 Star Wrestling offered CM Punk one million dollars to participate in their 128 man tournament. Dan Hinkles confirmed on the latest edition of Pancakes and Powerslams Show that this wasn’t a publicity stunt for the promotion. He wants to arrange a meeting with Dana White to give Punk clearance to wrestle this year. Hinkles also increased his $1 million offer to Punk.

“I’ve never seen CM Punk’s [UFC] contract. We know that he had the fight, we know that he is a part of a multi-fight deal. We’ve also seen Dana White come out and say he’s not going to fight in the UFC again. And we’ve seen Punk come out and say he’d love to. I’m not suggesting for a second that what [5 Star Wrestling] would do would take precedence over that. What I’m saying is, if Conor McGregor, the lightweight champion of UFC, can go and box Floyd Mayweather, why the [heck] can’t CM Punk come and make a million dollars wrestling. If the lightweight champion can go out and actually lose in a real fight, in the world of fighting, the last thing thing you want is your real champion go and lose in another sport.”

Hinkles added, “But what we do is a bit different. If CM Punk returns to professional wrestling, it would be an iconic moment, a great moment, that could really kickstart [his return]. He could go back to the WWE, and they would pay him fortunes to do that, far more than we could ever offer. But what we could do is say that you can go do that for a company where you’ve already left, and we don’t know the real circumstances behind that, that’s his thing. But, he can come and really kickstart something here. He could come and be the guy that took this [company] to the top level.”

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Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion, Reactions to WWE Backlash and NXT Takeover: Chicago

This week’s All Night Long Wrestling Podcast features reactions to Jinder Mahal becoming the new WWE Champion. What does it mean for Smackdown Live and WWE as a whole? Plus a review of WWE Backlash and WWE NXT Takeover: Chicago from this past weekend.

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Stephanie McMahon On Equality In WWE, Superstar Outfits, More

– Stephanie McMahon spoke with the Sky Sports “Sports Women” show during her stay in United Kingdom this month, check out the highlights below:

On outfits the WWE Superstars wear:

“People shouldn’t be worried. Our athletes aren’t worried, especially when you look at Olympic level athletes having to wear certain types of clothing.

“Our men and women have to wear spandex-type clothing because what they do in the ring is actually quite dangerous. If you had a lot of loose clothing then it could be a problem in the ring. This is athletics, this is sports, this is like live action theatre and there’s no denying the athleticism of our women in the ring and what they can do.”

On the fight for equality in WWE and other businesses:

“I’m incredibly proud of WWE. I’m not sure if we’re the standard bearer or not but I still think we’ve got a long way to go and I would hope every company becomes the standard bearer.”

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