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AJ Styles Defends WWE Title After Smackdown Goes Off the Air, Kevin Owens vs Nakamura Highlights (Video)

Styles Defends the Title After Smackdown

As seen on this week’s episode of Smackdown Live, WWE Champion AJ Styles was blindsided during a backstage interview by Jinder Mahal and the Singh brothers. Earlier in the night WWE teased that Samir and Sunil Singh might be officially done with the “Modern Day Maharaja” after the former champion assaulted them two weeks ago, but it turned out to be yet another plot in Jinder’s quest to regain the gold.

After Smackdown went off the air and this week’s 205 Live tapings had concluded, Styles returned to the ring to defend his title against Jinder Mahal in a dark match exclusively for the fans in attendance. The champ managed to hang on to the WWE Championship in a bout that would ultimately serve as a warmup for this Sunday’s Clash of Champions pay-per-view, where the two are scheduled to meet in the main event.

Nakamura vs Owens Highlights

Also on this week’s Smackdown, Kevin Owens stepped into the ring against the artist known as Shinsuke Nakamura. You can check out highlights from their match below. Owens and Sami Zayn will team up to face Nakamura and Randy Orton this Sunday at Clash of Champions, and it was recently announced that both Daniel Bryan AND Shane McMahon will act as special guest referees for that bout.

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Tyrus Reveals Beef With Jeff Jarrett Which Lead to His Impact Wrestling Departure

Former WWE and TNA star Brodus Clay, known in TNA as Tyrus, recently appeared Pollo Del Mar’s Armdrag Takedown podcast, and below are some interview highlights via The Huffington Post.

On why he left Impact Wrestling, Tyrus explained some history between him and Jarrett, saying, “when Jeff Jarrett came along — because him and I have an uncomfortable history — I just wasn’t comfortable with the management.”

Tyrus then revealed Jarrett wanted him for the GFW Amped TV tapings back in 2015, however, Tyrus received push back from Impact Wrestling since Jarrett was ousted from the company when new management took over.

“They didn’t want me working for Jeff,” confirmed Tyrus, who “didn’t think it was fair” to be in the middle of a “personal thing” between Jarrett and Impact.

“Basically, it came down to either stay with Impact or I could go with Global,” explained the Pasadena, CA, native. “I was making more with Impact, and Global didn’t have the resources to pay me what I was making.”

“[Jarrett] was basically saying it was better for me to come to Global, because Impact was about to fold,” detailed Tyrus. “He was very adamant about that.”

“Two weeks later, at the TV tapings, guess whose ass is there working the shows? Jeff Jarrett,” Tyrus said in a jaw-dropping revelation. “I was like, ‘Bitch, [are]you crazy?!?’ Who does that?”

“Check it: If I would have quit and taken money out of my family’s mouths, went and worked there and then, ‘Oh, we’re going to have to go work Impact…’ How would that have gone?!”

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Hideo Itami 205 Live Debut Revealed, Dolph Ziggler Comments On Bobby Roode’s Momentum (Video)

As was seen on tonight’s episode of 205 Live, Hideo Itami’s debut was announced to be on next week’s show following Smackdown Live.

Itami was last seen on NXT, feuding with Kassius Ohno, coming back from several injuries that kept him sidelined. It remains to be seen the direction that Itami will take on 205 Live, and if they will let him use the GTS.

.@HideoItami comes to #205Live NEXT WEEK! @WWENetwork @WWE205Live

— WWE (@WWE) December 13, 2017

Dolph Ziggler Comments on Bobby Roode’s Momentum After Smackdown Live.

After tonight’s episode of Smackdown Live, Dolph Ziggler was interviewed, which WWE posted on their YouTube page.

Dolph Ziggler was asked about Bobby Roode’s momentum going into this Sunday’s Clash of Champion after The Glorious One attacked both Dolph Ziggler and United States Champion Baron Corbin during their match tonight. Ziggler says that underneath the smile and everything he does, Roode is a real life scumbag lowlife.

Ziggler goes on to say that no one can do what he does and that he is going to walk out of Clash of Champions as the United States Champion.

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Radio Hosts Test John Cena’s Voice Acting Skills, Former ECW Star Reflects On Painful Night (Video)

John Cena appeared on the radio show, Triple J, to promote his new animated movie Ferdinand. Because Ferdinand is an animated movie, hosts Ben and Liam decided to test Cena’s voice acting skills by putting him through doing voices for some well known characters, as well as some characters they’ve made up.

The 16-time world champion recently walked the red carpet in Los Angeles to promote the upcoming animated film, in which he stars as the titular character. The movie also stars Nick Jonas, Anthony Anderson, and Gabriel Iglesias. Check out the video below.

Former ECW Star Reflects On His Painful Night On Smackdown Live

Tonight on Smackdown Live, we saw former ECW(WWE Version) Star Colin Delaney team up with Joe Monroe to go against The Bludgeon Brothers. As usual from their other matches, The Bludgeon Brothers had their way with their opponents.

After the match, WWE has posted a video on their YouTube page for Smackdown Live Fallout, and Colin Delaney talks about his match with Harper & Rowan, and is asked about what he has been up to since his last time with WWE. Delaney says that it’s been 10 years since he has been in a WWE ring, but he promises it won’t be the last time you see him.

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Daniel Bryan Added to WWE Clash of Champions Main Event, Updated Card For Sunday’s PPV

As was seen on WWE Smackdown Live, both Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn were petitioning for Shane McMahon to be removed from power and to stop his tyranny from continuing on Smackdown Live.

Daniel Bryan came out to confront the duo, who claimed their “YEP!” movement was the same as Bryan’s “YES!” movement, but Bryan informed them that they are nothing like each other and the movements are nothing alike. He did however acknowledge their talent, and as a check and balance to Shane’s power, he announced that there would be a second referee added to the matchup between Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura. The referee added would be none other than the Smackdown General Manager himself, Daniel Bryan. Both Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn were elated at the news.

Below is the updated card for this Sunday night’s WWE Clash of Champions PPV, taking place in Boston, Massachusetts.

Be sure to join on Sunday night for complete, LIVE WWE Clash of Champions coverage, beginning with the Kickoff show at 7pm EST.

WWE Championship Match:
AJ Styles (c) vs. Jinder Mahal

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way Match:
The Usos (c’s) vs. The New Day vs. Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin vs. Aiden English & Rusev

Lumberjack Match for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship:
Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Natalya

Triple Threat Match for the United States Championship:
Baron Corbin (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Bobby Roode

Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn
Special Guest Referees: Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan
If Owens & Zayn Lose They’re Fired From All of WWE

Breezango vs. The Bludgeon Brothers

Zack Ryder vs. Mojo Rawley

There is a one hour pre-show, so it is possible another match is added, but Breezango vs. The Bludgeon Brothers and Zack Ryder vs. Mojo Rawley are likely the matches that will be featured on the show.

YEP! At #WWEClash of Champions, @WWEDanielBryan will be the second Special Guest Referee for @FightOwensFight and @SamiZayn vs. @ShinsukeN and @RandyOrton! #SDLive

— WWE (@WWE) December 13, 2017

YES! YES! YES! @FightOwensFight and @SamiZayn seem to be taking @WWEDanielBryan‘s #WWEClash announcement VERY well! #SDLive #OccupySmackDown

— WWE (@WWE) December 13, 2017

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Big Change Made To WWE Fashion Files Show, Stream The Latest Episode

As seen on Smackdown Live, WWE has released a very special new episode of The Fashion Files. This episode is different than most however, as the episode is streaming on in addition to WWE’s YouTube page. You can also see the video below.

The video shows why Breezango ends up challenging The Bludgeon Brothers, one week after we saw the “demise” of the Ascension in a parody of the movie Saw.

It looks like Breezango will be in a tag team matchup against the Bludgeon Brothers on the Smackdown exclusive pay per view this Sunday, Clash of Champions. Can’t encourage you enough to watch the video, which runs just over 4 minutes long.

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Bludgeon Brothers Announced for Tag Team Match at WWE Clash of Champions

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have been steamrolling through opponents left and right since returning to Smackdown Live as the “Bludgeon Brothers”. The destructive duo, who formerly competed as members of the Wyatt Family before being rebranded, have picked up numerous victories over unnamed enhancement talents week after week, tossing grown men around like sacks of flour and racking up their body count.

It was officially announced that Harper and Rowan would face off against The Fashion Police, Tyler Breeze and Fandango, at this Sunday’s WWE Clash of Champions pay-per-view. The announcement was made in a pre-recorded “Fashion Files” segment, which is now a exclusive show, in which Breezango agreed to face the Bludgeon Brothers to put an end to their six-month quest to figure out who has been making their lives a living hell.

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Zack Ryder Calls Out Mojo Rawley, Zayn & Owens Start The “YEP” Movement

WWE posted a new video on their YouTube page featuring one half of the former Hype Bros, Zack Ryder. Zack is asked about his former partner Mojo Rawley, and his recent attack and trash talk on social media since that attack. The Long Island Iced Z responds, challenging Rawley to a match at Sunday’s Pay Per View.

Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens Start The “YEP” Movement

As seen at the beginning of Smackdown Live, Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens were petitioning backstage for other Smackdown Superstars to join the “YEP!” movement, a movement to “end the tyranny of Shane McMahon.” “YEP!” is clearly a play on Daniel Bryan’s “YES!”, and Zayn & Owens were even shown wearing T-Shirts similar to Bryan’s Yes shirts to support their cause.

This comes after several weeks of Zayn & Owens feuding with McMahon, beginning with the duo interfering in the Survivor Series elimination match last month, causing the blue brand to lose the match, and continuing with last week, where Shane put Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn in a matchup at Clash of Champions where Shane himself will be the special guest referee. The matchup will be against the team of Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura, and if Owens & Zayn aren’t successful, they will be fired from all of WWE.

OCCUPY #SDLive?! @FightOwensFight and @SamiZayn are looking to start a movement to kick things off tonight… #YEPMovement

— WWE (@WWE) December 13, 2017


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DEBUT EDITORIAL: Pomp & Circumstance, Why WWE Needs to Bring Back Pyrotechnics

Ask any avid WWE fan nowadays how to improve the company’s on-screen product and you
will hear hundreds of different answers.

“Sign (insert wrestler here)!”

“Cut back RAW to two hours!”

“Give (insert wrestler here) the world title!”

Any of these options are viable in some respect. But given WWE’s recent economic activity, the
sports-entertainment giant seems to believe the improvements lay in saving dollars and cents
rather than implementing any new and exciting action in front of a high-definition camera.

WWE’s recent financial reports  list 2017 as one of the most profitable years in the company’s
history. While releasing new merchandise and content alongside hosting rare events in
international territories like the United Kingdom and India, WWE has enacted several
cost-cutting measures in order to pump up funds. One notable (and loud) omission from recent
WWE shows has been the non-use of pyrotechnic fireworks, which the company has
discontinued using as part of its show openings and wrestler entrances  as confirmed by Dave
Meltzer .

Smackdown producer and head writer Brian “Road Dogg” James has debated with fans that the
removal of fireworks from WWE television is simply  “economics” and, along with custom
pay-per view sets, aren’t ultimately “necessary”  for the modern WWE television show.

To his credit, I agree with James that WWE doesn’t NEED fireworks during their shows.
Stadiums and arenas aren’t filled for three hours just to watch roughly a minute of fire and noise.
Wrestling fans buy tickets to watch men and women portraying fantastic and outrageous
characters play out drama and competition in a marriage of simulated action and off-Broadway
entertainment. People buy tickets to watch people beat each other up while telling a compelling
story inside and outside the ring. To watch a hero triumphantly conquer; to watch a villain get
shut up; ultimately, to be entertained.

However, I disagree with James with his larger point and believe that firework displays at the
beginning of a show, during a wrestler’s entrance or after a major victory can make an audience
more excited for a show to begin, add an extra layer of showmanship to a wrestler and solidify a
memorable night into a legendary experience.

Opening the show with fireworks on a weekly basis wakes up the crowd to get them white-hot
for the opening segment more than a cold open before a show-starting promo or match.

Screaming fireworks lead to screaming fans as they get ready to take-in a show they’ve been
looking forward to for days. An excited crowd adds to the show and indicates to the audience
watching at home that Raw or Smackdown is the most exhilarating thing you’ll see on television
tonight. While the show’s value isn’t broken without fireworks, it can certainly be argued it’s
been diminished. Without the jump, crash and light of a pyrotechnic display, there leaves
something to be desired when the stage lights go up at 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday and Tuesday

During the height of the Monday Night Wars, nearly episode of RAW or Nitro would start with a
fireworks display before the lights would turn to the audience, screaming in euphoric unison
holding what seemed like hundreds of signs and posters. Pumped up from the opening title
video, the heavy rock theme song and the screaming loud fireworks display, they were ready for
any and all carnage, mayhem and excitement that was planned for the night. Granted, having a
well-written television show surrounded by arguably the deepest roster in the history of
mainstream American professional wrestling plays a large factor into the excitement of the
crowd. But much like how an opening band at a concert doesn’t take away from the magnitude
and buzz around a once-in-a-lifetime headliner, a good opening band can warm up the crowd to
be all the more receptive for when the men and women they paid their hard earned money to see
walk through the curtain.

Once a wrestler walks through that curtain, fireworks can add another layer to a character’s
entrance to make them into grander, pardon the pun, superstars. Kurt Angle points to the sky in
front of patriotic-themed rockets worthy of the 4th of July, adding an extra star-spangled display
to his on-screen character of the Olympic Hero. Kane, a character marred in physical and
psychological burns, nearly walks through a wall of fire during his entrance to show-off his
tough, unhinged psyche. Even something as simple as Kofi Kingston adding an extra “boom”
during his pre-New Day entrances gave fans a cool interaction they could perform with Kingston
before his match is underway.

That being said, having a must-see entrance doesn’t need to include fireworks. 30 years ago,
during WWE’s mainstream golden era, Hulk Hogan never regularly came out to red, white and
blue explosions to get the crowd to collectively go insane once they heard Rick Derringer’s voice
in his theme song. Going back even further, Bruno Sammartino’s name alone was enough to sell
out a WWWF main event at Madison Square Garden during the 1960’s and ‘70’s to raving mad
wrestling fans. The mystique and “mania” of past larger-than-life characters was strong enough
where fireworks weren’t needed as part of the display.

But as WWE expanded and grew larger in the late 80’s and early 90’s, investing more money
into the company and its presentation, the company needed to adapt to other rival promotions
and territories. Entrance videos were created to give wrestlers a backdrop of their highlights and
signature moves as they walked to the ring. More lights and bigger stages were built to add to the
grandeur and importance of the event. And yes, firework displays were created to show the
toughness and celebrity of the competitors.

Today, wrestlers benefit from new and specialized props and effects to wow the crowd beyond
the use of pyrotechnics. Bayley throws her hands to the ceiling as she stands tall with her
“Wacky Inflatable Arm-Flailing Bayley Buddies.” Shinsuke Nakamura dances and poses within
his white strobe light like something out of an Andy Warhol exhibit. Bobby Roode stands on a
rotating platform as a Queen disciple band proclaims him to be “oh, so glorious.”

But when numbers indicate RAW’s average rating over the course of a year  has slowly declined
over the last 15 years , the company should be in a mindset to use any and all gimmicks and
presentations (pyrotechnics included) to inspire more people to come out to shows, and
eventually, more people watching on television.

Fireworks can signal an imposing doom is coming or release tension built into a theme song’s
climax. The burst of light that beams onto Sheamus (and now The Bar) was previously
forewarned by a loud sound clip sample of an explosion the company had used for superstars like
Ryback. But what if the light was coupled with a flash of fireworks on the stage a la the Big
Show’s entrance? Brock Lesnar walking down to the ring looks imposing enough, but what if
you can make the arena thunder and rattle with an in-ring or a stage area fireworks display like
his first and second stints in WWE, respectively. These displays add an extra punch to already
imposing gladiators.

It is yet to be seen if WWE will continue this pyrotechnic-holdout at major shows like the Royal
Rumble and Wrestlemania 34, the latter being famous for annually having technical and
grandiose fireworks displays before, during and after the show. While saving up funds to use
these displays on the company’s biggest show of the year, the rest of the calendar year suffers
without that kind of firepower on a scaled-down weekly scale.

Ultimately, WWE is a business. WWE’s ultimate goal as a company is to remain profitable and
culturally relevant. Even among concerns of dwindling ratings and arenas having large sections
draped off to spectators, the company is still turning a profit and their  shows like RAW remain in
the top 10 most watched shows on primetime television  on Monday nights.

With hundreds of employees and dozens of projects in the works and currently being worked on,
it puzzles me why an aspect of the presentation of wrestlers was sacrificed in an effort to save

Fireworks and other pyrotechnics won’t make a million more homes tune into RAW, nor will
they earn the company millions of more dollars overnight. But with the state of the company
looking toward the future, adding any dimension of excitement proven to rile up a raucous crowd
should be embraced, not cut. More creativity should be strived for, not less.

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Welcome to our exclusive live coverage page for tonight’s episode of WWE Smackdown Live! Join us in the comments section all night long to discuss tonight’s show.

WWE Smackdown Results
December 12, 2017
Report by Mike Killam for


Coverage kicks off at 8PM EST.

While you wait, make sure you check out today’s PW Morning Report recapping all the major news you may have missed, as well as my thoughts on Raw, news coming out of the NJPW World Tag League with Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho, the latest on Paige, Rich Swann and more.


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