Bill Goldberg Recalls His Debut Run, Wrecking Opponents, Meeting With WCW, More

– Former WCW Superstar Goldberg recently participated in a interview with WWE commemorating the 20th anniversary of his in-ring debut for WCW, check out the highlights below:

WWE.COM: What was your first meeting like with the people who ran WCW?

GOLDBERG: [Laughs] I met them years ago, you know? I had played at the Falcons and I went to University of Georgia; it was home base in Atlanta. I’m not gonna tell you specifics, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out [laughs], but I ran into them every weekend, no matter what we did. I rubbed shoulders with and befriended them. The Steiner Brothers were also great. I watched from afar, and I kind of studied a bit and was like, “You know what? If I ever did that, I’d do it this way.”

WWE.COM: What do you remember about your first few matches where you would just go out and wreck guys?

GOLDBERG: Oh, I was absolutely terrified. The biggest thing with me, and people don’t get it, is that I greatly appreciate the opportunity from the wrestling world to give me a chance because I was not from the wrestling world. I was from elsewhere; I was looked upon as an outsider. Fortunately, I had success in another endeavor and then came over to try and steal some of the glory from you guys. [Laughs] That may not be the case, but it’s hard not to feel like that. And I was resented. I was just there to try and help bring in some money, raise the bar and be part of the team. That’s it, end of story. I never tried to be selfish, I always tried to lead and I always tried to make everybody better. It’s not just about a money grab because I took a lot of pride in it.

WWE.COM: We have to ask: Do you think we’ll see you back anytime soon?

GOLDBERG: Ask your boss! [Laughs] Hey, man, never say never, dude. Stranger things have happened. I did sit [around] for 13 years and then suddenly appear back in the ring. Let’s just say it ain’t gonna take nearly the effort to get me ready again that it did last time. So, I’ll see you on the rebound for damn sure.

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