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Big Cass Reacts To WrestleMania Stipulation, WrestleMania 33 Set Update, WWE 360 Video

– Seen below, check out the following aerial footage of WrestleMania 33’s set being constructed. As noted, WWE is reportedly building a roller coaster to capitalize on the “Ultimate Thrill Ride” theme.

– As noted, the RAW Tag Team Championship match at WrestleMania 33 will now be a Triple Threat Ladder Match. Cass then tweeted the following response to the announcement:

We have climbed the ladder for 4 years.Sunday is the final rung! #WrestleMania33 marks the culmination of our journey. See you in Orlando✌?️

— Colin Cassady (@BigCassWWE) March 28, 2017

– Seen below, check out the latest WWE 360 video featuring newly announced WrestleMania 33 hosts The New Day on their Pops-Cycle.

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RAW Haterade: Excitement Fades 6 Days Before WrestleMania

Six days away from WrestleMania with all hands on deck and in front of a raucous crowd in Philadelphia, rather than swing for the fences and knock one out of the park WWE decided to lay down a bunt with last night’s underwhelming go-home edition of Monday Night RAW. Squandering the perfect backdrop to build that last bit of hype and inject a final dose of excitement in front of the Philly faithful RAW left many scratching their heads with tempered expectations for this Sunday’s event.

What Worked: 

The women’s segment and ensuing tag match was the best and most logical build up for WrestleMania displayed last night. The quick promos revisited past rivalries, friendships and made the title feel important. The tag match was solid. They got the crowd into it and there was just enough back and forth that it made me want to see the fatal four way match on Sunday as we wait for the inevitable plunge of Sasha’s knife into Bayley’s back.

Gallows and Anderson displayed their smash mouth physicality leaving their challengers laid out while morphing their tag title bout into WrestleMania’s now obligatory ladder match, a smart move that adds a fresh feel to the feud between the three teams and ups the ante for their clash at WrestleMania.

The build-up for the Cruiserweight title match was good providing some of the best wrestling of the night topped off by Neville and Austin Aries showcasing their submission prowess and serving as a quality teaser for the most important Cruiserweight match since the revival of the division.

The contract signing between Triple H and Seth Rollins was the only “big match” this Sunday that saw any kind of creative development. Their promos were sharp, emotional and most importantly believable and a minor display of Rollins’ physicality went a long way to show the fans that he’s ready to go and their match could be a show-stealer this Sunday.

What Didn’t Work:

After watching 4 guys get mangled by a ladder why not take 15 seconds, announce the tag team championship match is now a ladder match and pop the crowd?  It made no sense for WWE to leave everyone hanging for a day before announcing the stipulation. While it isn’t that big of a deal its indicative of the constant indifference toward logical story-telling WWE continues to display each week.

Austin Aries and Neville competing on the pre-show is disappointing to say the least. Two of the most talented and athletic guys in the company are going to face off for the first time in a match people are legitimately excited for and think has realistic show-stealing potential and someone (probably Vince) went “Hey let’s put it on the pre-show!”  Maybe the best pure one on one on the card, a match that could really propel the Cruiserweight division to the next level and it doesn’t even make the main card?  It’s a damn shame.

That over the top rope challenge was horrible. RAW and SmackDown are both going to be represented in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and the way you make The Big Show look strong is by having roughly 7 guys, from just his show, toss him out? While the face off with Strowman afterward was intriguing and something people are going to be watching for now, it would’ve gone over better had they not just shown The Big Show getting tossed out of the ring.

So Sami Zayn has to earn his way into a match that guys like R-Truth and Bo Dallas are automatically in by beating Kevin Owens in a match we’ve seen 10 times in the past year already, and if he loses he’s fired? Take my money.

While there’s no doubt Zayn and KO have quality matches, the former best friend story has been beaten to death and this was nothing more than WWE copping out from having to come up with a new segment to build up Jericho vs. Owens at WrestleMania. An exciting feud that could have been a centerpiece at this year’s WrestleMania had KO not lost the Universal Title is now barely promoted on the final show before the big event.

Sami Zayn’s career was on the line in this match and it wasn’t mentioned by anyone for almost two hours on the show. After the initial segment it was mentioned by Kevin Owens backstage and the announcers literally right before the match took place. It’s a cool story-line if it would’ve been built up the right way, however not mentioning it for half the show doesn’t make the match or Sami Zayn for that matter feel important, at all. The story of the underdog scratching and clawing his way into WrestleMania makes Zayn an automatic dark horse for the Battle Royal but this build up was completely squandered by the announcers and creative last night and instead we were treated to a decent match we’ve all seen many times over that served as a surrogate for KO and Jericho with an appearance by Samoa Joe.

Poor Samoa Joe, the fact that one of the company’s most talented competitors, fresh on the scene after carrying NXT for a year doesn’t have a match at WrestleMania and isn’t even in that meaningless battle royal is sad. There’s got to be a swerve coming here somewhere, maybe he ends up in the battle royal or has a quick match with a member of the New Day but regardless the fact he doesn’t have an advertised match is a waste.

Roman Reigns comes out and it all kind of bleeds together into a verbal mess of “Big Dog…big fight…my yard…blah blah blah.” There’s been no story-line build for this match. They haven’t played up the veteran demanding respect angle at all and it seems like Taker is mad because Roman stole his catchphrase. There’s just no reason to care about their feud other than the fact that it’s the Undertaker and its WrestleMania. Usually that would be enough, but not with Roman Reigns. The two should have come to blows and done something to add a spark of anticipation following the chokeslam/spear exchange over the last few weeks. Instead we got a promo that built no excitement for a match that not many actually want to see.

The final segment of the night seemed to foreshadow what the Universal Title match this Sunday is going to be…a dud. Paul Heyman is a master on the microphone and has done his best to illicit what little excitement still exists for this lackluster rematch. They had a chance last night to do something different and get the haters pumped up to watch Brock and Goldberg mix it up again. RAW should have gone off the air with Brock and Goldberg throwing hay-makers at each other in the center of the ring, a full on fight with the crowd on their feet screaming at the top of their lungs. Instead we got the same recycled image of Goldberg spearing Brock that we’ve seen time and again since Survivor Series. We haven’t seen the two actually beat the hell out of each other, so why not tease it as the final RAW before WrestleMania goes off the air? Show the people its not going to be some 2 minute charade again, that this time it’ll be good. Alas it was not to be.

Hopefully the RAW portion of the WrestleMania card proves to be more entertaining than its sub-par build ups and meager enthusiasm would indicate. Where the hell is Finn Balor when you need him?





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How Was WWE RAW Viewership With The Final Hype For WrestleMania 33

– According to ShowBuzz Daily, this week’s edition of go-home edition of WWE RAW, featuring the final hype WrestleMania 33, drew 3.292 million viewers.

This number is up from last week’s 3.048 million viewers.

* First hour drew 3.253 million viewers
* Second hour drew 3.426 million viewers
* Final hour drew 3.197 million viewers million viewers

RAW was #1 on cable for the night in viewership.

Below is our 2017 RAW Viewership Tracker:

Previous Viewership:

March 6th Episode: 3.216 million viewers
March 13th Episode: 3.232 million viewers
March 20th Episode: 3.048 million viewers
March 27th Episode: 3.292 million viewers

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Baron Corbin On Competing Against Dean Ambrose, Who’s Helped His Career The Most, More

– WWE Superstar Baron Corbin spoke with 105.3 The Fan to help promote his upcoming match against Dean Ambrose at WrestleMania 33 this Sunday, check out the highlights below:

On Floyd Maywether fighting Conor McGregor:

“I would go with Maywether, I mean, the guy is unprecedented, he has zero losses. And he has an ego, I mean who wouldn’t- I have an ego, I like to tell everyone ‘I’m the best’ and carry myself that way, but I mean nobody has touched Floyd and he has created a legacy and Conor McGregor is a professional at running his mouth. I think, ya know, he’s called out a few WWE Superstars, I wouldn’t mind taking a crack at Conor McGregor and- he’s like 165 pounds, 185 pounds soaking wet. So, I would like to slam him on his head a few times.”

On who’s helped further his career the most:

“It’s two guys in particular, Norman Smiley, he got his hands on me the day I walked in the door. Started teaching me the fundamentals and teaching me things that I use, but Billy Gunn, that guy has helped me evolve more than anyone. He has helped me create who I am, helped me learn how to carry myself – the way I am – and to influence my thoughts and feelings into what I do.”

On wrestling against Dean Ambrose:

“Ya know, Dean I have a little bit of history through the past few weeks and past few PPVs, where he’s cost me some big opportunities. So, in my mind I want to walk out Intercontinental [Champion], but I also want to inflict as much pain on Dean Ambrose as I can, I want to punch him in the face, I want him crawling around on the canvas, begging for mercy. There’s a great feeling when you look in someone’s eyes and they have that ‘look of defeat’ and that’s what I’m looking for and that’s my game plan. My game plan is to make him want to quit, make him want to go home, make him wish that he never walked out there and he [would have] just handed me that championship in the back.”

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