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Did Havok’s Controversial Tweets Hurt Her Chances With WWE?

UPDATE: As previously reported, Jessica Havok came under fire after it was revealed she had made several tweets that were considered racially insensitive. Obviously, the news didn’t come at a good time due to her WWE tryout this weekend.

Before the news broke, Havok was impressing WWE officials who were reminded of Awesome Kong. Officials were optimistic about her WWE chances. However, the tweets came to WWE’s attention while she was in the ring and are said to have hurt her chances, with the situation being described as “the roof caving in.” The tryout hosts spoke to all in attendance about making sure not to say “stupid things” on social media.

ORIGINAL: Former TNA Knockout Jessica Havok was in attendance at the WWE tryout camp this week. During that time, some fans noticed that she was purging her Twitter account of questionable posts from the past. Here are some screen caps on Twitter, and then some images below that.

Havok deleting old, racist filled tweets during the middle of the WWE tryout camp.

New meta.

— Ringside Xcess (@RingsideXcess) June 6, 2015

what’s this??? @HAVOKTNA

— ㅤ (@cvlgarykidd) June 6, 2015

@RingsideXcess @DEVrockstarr She’s also homophobic

— (@emmalvtion) June 6, 2015

you’re racist and homophobic, @HAVOKTNA?

— Travis (@rvsamendes) June 6, 2015

@RingsideXcess @rvsamendes

— ㅤ (@cvlgarykidd) June 6, 2015


— Travis (@rvsamendes) June 6, 2015

you’re racist and homophobic, @HAVOKTNA?

— Travis (@rvsamendes) June 6, 2015

This of course caused quite the stir on the Twitter machine. Havok posted the following apology for the posts…

“I want to apologize whole heartedly for the OLD tweets that are being brought up right now. Legit, It was years ago and i don’t even rem.tweeting over half of this stuff. The stuff i do remember was jokes that were in bad taste. I was young and very new to social media promo and i was very immature and just said things to make my friends laugh at the time. Inside jokes between us. I don’t really feel or believe any of the things i DID actually tweet. I am a loving, compassionate person and i LOVE everyone. No mater who! I would die for any wrestling fan and i care so much about wrestling and everything in it. I would not be here without any of you. I was young, stupid & immature. I am not too proud to admit some of it was me being bitter for all the wrong reasons, but I’ve learned and grown from this .. i hope this can be forgiven. I love you guys.”

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Val Venis: ‘Medical Marijuana Saved My Life!’, Talks Owen Hart

Val Venis spoke with the Inquisitr for a new interview. Check out the highlights:

On medical marijuana: “It’s actually saved my life. I had six pins put in my shoulder, can’t get my elbows straight anymore, they’re always hurting. Doctors had me on anti-inflammatory’s and pain pills for years and you can’t take those things for the rest of your life without suffering serious consequences. And when I found out about marijuana and started utilizing that instead, in 2008, I came off all pharmaceuticals and never looked back,” said Venis. “I could smoke marijuana and eat marijuana for the rest of my life and never suffer any liver disease or kidney failure due to pills. The pills will get you every single time, with marijuana, you could be 110-years-old and still smoke it.”

On Owen Hart: “There was one time when we watched Owen, he had a driver and he was in the passenger seat and Jeff Jarrett was in the backseat behind Owen. And as they are going up the ramp to drive out from the bottom of the arena, all you hear on the top of the roof of the car is ‘whack!’ And Owen looks over to the driver, he says ‘that guy up there just threw a rock down on your car.’ So, the guy stops the car on the ramp, gets out of the car, runs up the ramp, runs around the rail and charges at the guy Owen pointed at. Well, a cop steps out in front of the driver and says ‘whoa, this guy didn’t throw any rock, the guy with the blonde hair in the car hit the roof of your car with his hand. And when the driver looks over the rail to look at Owen, Owen turns around and says ‘Jeff, why did you hit the top of the car?’ and put all the heat on Jeff.”

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