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Rampage Jackson Prank Calls Rashad Evans (Audio)

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson decided to prank call his old ‘The Ultimate Fighter 10′ rival Rashad Evans on Thursday night to pass the time while streaming on Twitch.TV.

Here’s an excerpt from the the YouTube video below:

Rampage: “Do you like dragons?”

Rashad: “Dragons?”

Rampage: “Dragons. You don’t like dragons? Who don’t like dragons?”

Rashad: “No…”

Rampage: “Good you say don’t like dragons, because I’ll be draggin’ these nuts up on your face when we fight again!”

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Watch James Storm’s NXT Debut, Thanks WWE Fans, More

As mentioned earlier, former TNA World Heavyweight champion James Storm made his official WWE NXT debut at last night’s tapings in Orlando, Florida. The WWE announced Storm’s match will air on October 21st. Storm thanked Triple H and NXT on Twitter this morning for their welcoming messages:

Heading back home to nashvegas. Thanks to @WWENXT ,the fans and @TripleH for a great time. See everyone again real soon. #SAYDL

— James Storm (@JamesStormBrand) October 9, 2015

Below is a video that has surfaced online of his entrance last night.

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Eric Bischoff Talk’s Resentment For Luger, Sting’s ‘Crow’ Gimmick, More

Former WCW Executive Producer and President Eric Bischoff sat down with Hall of Famer Ric Flair on the WOOOOO! Nation podcast recently for the conclusion on his interview. Flair and Bischoff discuss many topics including Bischoff’s thoughts for bringing Lex Luger back to WCW in 1995, Scott Hall coming up with Sting’s ‘Crow’ gimmick, Hulk Hogan vs. Sting match at Starrcade 1997. The following highlights are below, click here for the podcast.

Bischoff’s resentment towards Luger:

“The vibe that he gave me and probably a lot of other people is that he was so full of himself. Like, that Narcissist gimmick that he went to the WWE with wasn’t a stretch for him. There was not a lot of acting involved there, not really.” Bischoff added, “I had a lot of resentment towards him because of what happened with Elizabeth. My wife was very friendly with Elizabeth.”

Bischoff not like liking Luger as a person:

“To me, he didn’t mean much, so when he left, I was like ‘good riddance – now he’s out of my hands.’”

“It was almost painful for me because I didn’t want to shut Sting down, but in my mind, I would rather take an icepick to my thigh than have a conversation with this guy about coming back.”

Bischoff on Luger’s contract:

“I said, ‘okay, I’m going to make this guy an offer that I hope he turns down.’ And I don’t remember what Luger was making when he left WCW, I think it was probably around $750,000 or something like that or $500,000 or something. I don’t remember. I offered $150,000. I said, ‘okay, if you want to come back, here’s $150,000.’ And I knew that it was so much less than what he was making. I knew it and that was going to be my out. ‘Sorry, Sting, I offered what I could afford and he turned it down’ instead of flat out saying ‘no’. And Luger accepted it.”

Sting’s ‘Crow’ gimmick:

“Scott Hall had brought up the Crow character that Brandon Lee played in the movie where he was shot and killed and it was that dark, kind of brooding, scary looking character.” Bischoff continued, “and I remember sitting back listening to Scott describe it to Sting and I was watching Sting’s eyes just light up because he got it and it resonated with him. I just sat back and let it build because it was really good.”

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Rampage Jackson Says Bisping Is A Traitor, UFC/Bellator, More

Quinton Rampage Jackson was streaming video gameplay on Twitch.TV recently and shared some revelations. Here are the highlights and video below.

Jackson commented on the UFC/Bellator:

“Everybody knows I’m going through a big court case. I signed with Bellator but then s**t happened and I left to sign with UFC. I talked to uncle [UFC president] Dana White and uncle [UFC CEO] Lorenzo Fertitta yesterday and they told me, ‘You’re cool. We’ll let you settle your stuff with Bellator without us taking you to court.’ So I did a post saying that the UFC stopped me from retiring.

“I didn’t say anything about I was going to fight Michael Bisping or fight nobody in the UFC. I was just saying that the UFC was cool by not taking me to court if I had to go back to fight for Bellator.”

Jackson then blasts Bisping:

“F**k Michael Bisping. He’s a traitor. I was going through another court case that you guys don’t know about. I was always cool with Bisping, helped him train. I even paid half on some of his training camps, but he wanted me to pay for his sparring partners. He would hurt my sparring partners and all this bulls**t. I would never care. I was always cool with him. Then he gave a statement against me in the other lawsuit. That’s bulls**t. How you going to do that to somebody who helped you out?

“That’s why I said I would like to fight Bisping. He’s a f***ing a**hole. I’ve never done anything wrong to him. You don’t do that to your teammates. He’s a cheap motherfucker because he doesn’t like to pay his manager when he owes him money. That doesn’t have anything to do with me. In order to help his case he lies on me and gives some bulls**t statements. I’d fight him on the playground if I knew I wouldn’t go to jail.”

Jackson stated that he’s willing to fight on the December fight card in Japan:

“I better start getting in shape because hopefully I’ll be fighting by Christmas. I’m looking forward to possibly fighting in Japan on New Year’s if everything goes right. You all need to hit up [Bellator CEO] Scott Coker to call the dogs off of Rampage. The UFC already said they’re going to be cool and aren’t going to take no legal actions if I go back and settle up with you guys.

“I’m down to go to Japan and fight on that card. We can settle up and get s**t back going, so I don’t retire. That’s the only other option. If they’re going to tie me up in court for a couple years, I might as well go retire and become a stripper.”

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Updated Card AIW Big Trouble in Little Cleveland

Absolute Intense Wrestling returns to Our Lady of Mount Carmel on October 16th, and we’re bringing wrestling legend TERRY FUNK with us. It’s BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CLEVELAND, and it promises to be one of the most loaded AIW cards of all time. Don’t believe us? In addition to Funk, AIW Absolute Champion Rickey Shane Page, DJ Zema Ion, Raymond Rowe, Johnny Gargano, Cedric Alexander, and Candice LeRae have been confirmed for this show, and the card is already filling out. This is the dance, folks. Do not miss out.


Singles Match
Candice LeRae vs. Cedric Alexander

Singles Match
Johnny Gargano vs. The Amazing Red

Tag Team Match
Hot Sauce Entertainment vs. The Full Blooded Italians

Four-Way Scramble
Alex Daniels vs. “All Ego” Ethan Page vs. Tyler Thomas vs. ACH

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