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Backstage Report – ROH To Run An All Women’s Live Event?

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

According to sources, Ring of Honor is looking to test an all women’s show. Several independent groups have done women’s shows for DVD release prior to the usual night’s event. ROH is looking to do something similar, but it is not known if it will be part of the TV package.

The dark match on July 25th in Baltimore, featuring Mandy Leon vs. Deonna Purrzo went well and Nanae Takahashi’s match with ODB in Las Vegas also went over well. They are looking into bringing in some women from Japan for the show.

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TNA Bound For Glory **SPOILERS** + Future TV Tapings

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

According to sources, TNA has taped enough content to fill shows all the way up to the Bound for Glory PPV. The two top matches for that event include Ethan Carter III vs Drew Galloway for the TNA title (with Jeff Hardy as the referee) and Bobby Roode defending the TNA/GFW King of the Mountain title against Bobby Lashley. These were the only two matches promoted during the tapings but backstage vignettes and more content can reveal the other matches.

It’s rumored that TNA’s next tapings will happen on either October 5 or October 6.

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Steve Austin Discusses The Current WWE Roster, Praises Cena/Balor, More

Steve Austin recently spoke with, here are the highlights…

On Who He’d Like to Face From The Current WWE Roster: Man, John Cena. I got a lot of respect for that guy. You talk about a road warrior, a guy that works his tail off, shows up with a smile on his face every single day and adds himself to shows when he’s needed. Hell, even when he’s not needed, the guy just loves to get on the road, and he loves the company that much. He’s an absolute workhorse. I’ve seen John Cena have great matches with so many great talents, but I don’t think there’s anybody that could light his a** up to a level of intensity more than myself as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. So I’d love to tangle with John Cena, and I tell you, that guy’s an absolute machine in the ring. He never gets tired. He’s a gym freak. He’s one of the strongest guys in the business. I really like what he does inside the ring, and I would really like to mess with him to see what kind of magic we could create.

On Landing The Cover of WWE 2K16: It caught me completely off guard. I was very surprised when I got the phone call. You know, I figured I’d been gone for such a long time; it’s been a while. I think it really speaks to how Austin and The Attitude Era resonated with the fans back then and, obviously, it resonated enough for 2K to pick a guy like me. I’m thankful to have had so many dance partners and so many Hall of Famers to work with. It was really an all-star cast of people in a 20-by-20 squared circle, entertaining people. At the end of the day, you really gotta thank the fans for being there for us. It’s an extreme honor.

On a Hypothetical Match With Sting: Man, the Baltimore Arena… I was talking about this just the other day on my podcast. Man, that was a rough building. A fun building to work that just hadn’t been upgraded in such a long time. I think Baltimore was really, in Sting’s WCW days, a stronghold for him. Chicago was that stronghold for me. And don’t get me wrong: Sting was over wherever he went. I think the guy is WWE Hall of Fame material. But I do believe that that was one of his strongholds way back in the day. So, that man, I tell you what, that ain’t a bad matchup and he’s another guy that I worked with many times down in WCW. When he was on top, I was kind of a mid-card guy and we had great matches. It would be great to play “Stone Cold” vs. Sting in any arena you can pick, and if you’re going to pick the Baltimore Arena, I’m down with that.

On What Stars From The Past (or now) He’d Like to Face: A guy that I’ve always had so much respect for and only got a chance to meet one time was Andre the Giant. So, I would like to play Andre the Giant as myself, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. And some of the new guys that they’re bringing into this game like Finn Bálor, who I think is an outstanding talent and a veteran who’s moved to WWE, but a guy who is probably one of the best wrestlers in the world. There are many dream matchups that I could sit and talk to you about all day.

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Rey Mysterio On His Knees: ‘They Feel Really Great!’, Talks Eddie, More

Rey Mysterio spoke with Sporting News for a new interview promoting AAA TripleMania. Check out the highlights:

On the 1994 AAA/WCW “When Worlds Collide” show: “That was the first time I believe that the fans saw lucha libre. That was a one-time thing and nothing big ever happened after it but the introduction of the life of Eddie Guerrero into ECW and then WCW and then WWE. Then along came the rest of the luchadores — Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, Konnan, Villanos, La Parka — including myself. That was an eye-opener for the American audience and now throughout the years everything has evolved incredibly.”

On working with Eddie Guerrero: “For the fans to be able to enjoy a lucha libre match between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, I think, I don’t want to be flattering myself but that’s probably some of the best lucha libre matches that I had throughout my career and we were able to demonstrate it to the fans around the world.”

On the “lawn dart” segment in WCW: “Such a memorable moment, something that spontaneously came up in my mind. I thought, let me just jump on top of the rail out of a trailer and dive on you. Pick me up, press me and throw me against the trailer. When you’re young, you’re fearless and you can do so many things. Then years later you think, I can’t believe I did that. It’s just one of those moments that really stuck in people’s minds. The launching of the nWo and what comes out it — that time Rey was launched into the trailer like a human lawn dart. I’m happy and I’m blessed to have been part of that whole initiation of the new era of this industry.”

On his WWE departure: “WWE, they agreed on my departure. At first, it felt kind of like you have to make up time for your injury status that you’ve had throughout the past. But when the meeting came down, I really expressed my feeling towards them as far as me wanting to sit back and be a family man and not consistently beat up my body like I had been for years. They were very understanding about it. No hard feelings from both sides. We ended in a very amicable way. I started enjoying my life at home.”

On the status of his knees: “My right knee is perfectly fine, knock on wood. My left knee was the one that’s always been giving me issues. Now with the time that I’ve had off I’ve been able to focus more on rehabilitation and strengthening up my quads so my knees wouldn’t hurt as much. They feel great. They feel really good right now. Now that I’m at home and I can enjoy sleeping at eating right, you can tell. You can see a huge difference.”


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**SPOILERS** – The Updated WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn Card

Here is the card for the NXT Takeover: Brooklyn event, which takes place on August 22nd and airs on the WWE Network…

NXT Title Ladder Match:
Champion Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens

NXT Women’s Title Match:
Champion Sasha Banks vs. Bayley

NXT Tag Team Title Match:
Champions Blake and Murphy vs. The Vaudevillians

Jushin Liger vs. Tyler Breeze

Samoa Joe vs. Baron Corbin

Apollo Crews debuts (the former Uhaa Nation).

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Cole vs. Daniels Added To ROH ‘Field Of Honor’ On 8/22 In NYC

ROH announced today that they have added Adam Cole vs. Christopher Daniels to the Field of Honor event on August 22nd. The show takes place at MCU Park with the following card…

* Mark & Jay Briscoe vs. the Time Splitters (Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA)
* Jay Lethal & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. reDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish)
* Kazuchika Okada vs. Roderick Strong
* Killer Elite Squad (Davey Boy Smith Jr & Lance Archer) vs. War Machine (Hanson & Rowe)
* Adam Cole vs. Christopher Daniels

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Dusty Rhodes’ Daughter: ‘I Want Dad Remembered At Emmys!’

Teil, the daughter of Dusty Rhodes, wrote on Twitter that she wants her father memorialized by the Emmy Awards next year.

She wrote: “Every year there is drama over @TheEmmys memorial spot but Dusty Rhodes was a pioneer in ppv tv and one of cables first stars. #fact My father deserves to be a part of that tribute. Say what you will about wrestling but he spent decades entertaining people on television. Thanks for all the rt love. Dream always taught me you can never aim too high. You guys are the best #DustyRhodes #EmmyforDusty”

@JonStrauss_ @TheEmmys absolutely Georgia Championship Wrestling was a cornerstone of TBS and it’s early programming

— Teil (@TeilMargaret) August 5, 2015

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VIDEOS: Nikki Bella Pranks Paige + Roddy Piper/WWE Special

– Here is a bonus clip from Tuesday night’s episode of Total Divas…

– Here is a preview for tonight’ edition of Table For 3. The show will feature the late Roddy Piper talking with Mean Gene Okerlund and Paul Orndorff…

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Various News – Chavo’s New Talk Show + Noelle Foley Video

– Chavo Guerrero has launched a new talk show on GeekNation. Madison Hill Public Relations released a new press release announcing The Chavo Show, which will be hosted by Guerrero and Madison Dylan.

The series is described as “a ‘man’s man’ type show, featuring interviews with entertainers from the world of wrestling including: Chris Jericho, Rampage Jackson, Rowdy Roddy Piper, John Morrison, and many more. Guests will discuss everything from old stories to favorite drinks to muscle cars; think macho guys with a sardonic twist of fun, jokes and libations.”

The first episode is available here and features the late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. The show officially launches this fall on GeekNation, with new episodes airing weekly.

– Wrestling DVD Network has the trailer for WWE’s new Christmas DVD special, Ring in the Holiday. The DVD will include Christmas moments and matches from WWE history and is set to be released sometime before the holiday. The synopsis is below:

Celebrate the festive season with The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley and his daughter Noelle as they go on a quest to find Santa Claus. Join the Foley Clan in their search as they reminisce about classic WWE moments and matches from Christmas past featuring The Miracle on 34th Street Fight between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt, The All I Want for Christmas Battle Royal, Good Santa (Mark Henry) vs. Bad Santa (Damien Sandow) in the Battle For Christmas, John Cena and Trish Stratus vs. Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix, and more! So grab some eggnog, make some cookies, and ring in the holiday with WWE! There is even a seasonal Easter Egg to find!!


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Ed Ferrera Discusses Charlotte/Rousey. CM Punk Profiled, Mundo

Fightland recently profiled Roufusport MMA, featuring CM Punk and trainer Duke Roufus, with photos of the team in the training facility.

– Former WWE and WCW writer Ed Ferrera spoke out for a new interview. Check out a couple of highlights below:

On whether WWE’s method of usually bringing up the NXT champion to the roster in succession is too predictable: “I look at it from the flip side than the way you are looking at it. The guys who were at the top of their game in NXT would be the ones that they would give the run with the belt. Those are the ones that clearly the WWE would be looking to add to the main roster first. I don’t think it’s, “Hey, we want to bring this guy up put the belt on him.” I think it’s, “Hey, we put the belt on this guy you really should consider him.” As far as that goes, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal in terms of predictability. What’s predictable is when they bring them up before they’ve dropped the belt. Now granted, that brought Kevin Owens in with a lot more fan fare and heat. It brings Sasha Banks in with a lot more fan fare because they are, or were; in Owens case he was the champion when he came in. Sasha Banks supposedly still is (the champion) even though she has yet to actually have that WWE NXT Women’s Championship belt with her on RAW. Which I can’t understand for the life of me why they don’t have her with that belt over her shoulder. They still bill her as the WWE NXT Women’s Champion but she never shows up with the belt. I don’t know if she’s just very forgetful and she keeps leaving it in her hotel room or for some reason they don’t want to have her on TV out shining any of the other divas. Maybe they don’t want her out shining Nikki. They may be afraid of that because the chances are she’s going to out shine her (Nikki) anyway. I don’t think it’s so much predictable about who’s going up next. You can kind of get a feel of who’s on their way up and who’s going to stick around to finish baking. I just think it becomes a bit predictable, being an NXT fan, knowing that anyone of Sasha Banks’ next matches is going to be her last match since she’s already up on the main roster. She has to drop the belt and has to do the favor on the way out.”

On whether Charlotte can become WWE’s Ronda Rousey: “She’ll be as much of a draw as A, they allow her to become and B, how they build her opponents. There was only a WrestleMania not because of Hulk Hogan but because you also had Roddy Piper. You’ve got to go back to that. You’re only as good as your opponent. You’re only as important as the rivalry with the opponent.”

– Johnny Mundo recently spoke with Under The Mat Radio, discussing his time on Tough Enough, Lucha Underground, memories of Eddie Guerrero and more. Check it out below…


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