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Updated List Of 30 Participants In The Andre The Giant Battle Royal

– Check out the following unconfirmed list of participants for the 4th annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33 on Sunday.

Check out the list below in no particular order:

* Braun Strowman
* Sami Zayn
* Big Show
* Dolph Ziggler
* Apollo Crews
* Jey Uso
* Jimmy Uso
* Chad Gable
* Jason Jordan
* Mark Henry
* Titus O’Neil
* Goldust
* R-Truth
* Curtis Axel
* Primo
* Epico
* Bo Dallas
* Jinder Mahal
* Rhyno
* Heath Slater
* Mojo Rawley
* Curt Hawkins
* Tyler Breeze
* Fandango
* Simon Gotch
* Aiden English
* Kalisto
* Viktor
* Konnor
* Sin Cara

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The Great Wrestlemania Debate

Everyone has an opinion and everyone has an absolute favorite Wrestlemania which makes it next to impossible to just pick the best Wrestlemania considering someone can rate a wrestling show based on the actual wrestling, the storyline development/conclusion, the moments o even the spectacle of the show itself. Based on all these factors and in spirit of Wrestlemania week, I’ll try to pick the very best Wrestlemania of all time. This is all based on my opinion and my personal view on what makes a good ‘Mania and what ‘Mania was the undoubtable best.

Let’s keep it realistic, I won’t review every single ‘Mania and pick a “winner” from there and we all know which one delivered and which one didn’t so let’s keep it short by making this a triple threat. Wrestlemania III vs. Wrestlemania X-Seven vs. Wrestlemania XIX. I know, I know, it’s debatable to add ‘Mania XX, XXI, XVIII and so on but I feel like these 3 are far more recognized like the three best ‘Manias ever. Fight me.

I’ll start with ‘Mania III. Now, this wasn’t the best wrestling show as the matches weren’t exactly 5 star classic apart from “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat for the IC Title which is still regarded as one of the best matches of all time 30 years later. Apart from this 15 minute classic, this was the event that held WWE’s attendance record and a bunch of more records that I can’t be bothered to actually check until last year when it was (allegedly) broken by ‘Mania 32.
The 93,000 people crowd definitely added to the spectacle part of the show showing how big a wrestling event can draw. Finally, this event had the now iconic visual of Hulk Hogan slamming the massive Andre the Giant to a huge a pop creating one of the most magical moments in the history of the sport. This, adding to the fact that the rest of the card was actually really okay, makes ‘Mania a qualifier for best Wrestlemania of all time.

Now we have probably the most popular in best Wrestlemania ever votes. Wrestlemania X-Seven was an almost perfect combination of in-ring quality action and memorable moments. This show featured some brilliant matches like The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin in (arguably) their best one on one matches, Chris Jericho vs. William Regal for the IC Title, Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit in a match that should definitely be talked about more than it is, and Triple H vs. The Undertaker when you add the awesomely crafted pure mayhems between Edge & Christian, the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz in a triple threat TLC match and Shane McMahon vs. Vince McMahon in a street fight to all those in ring classics you have a near perfect recipe for a wrestling supercard.
Do you need more? This show closed with a shocking (and not well received later on) heel turn from iconic babyface Steve Austin and it featured the pretty entertaining Gimmick Battle Royal. This show was basically a perfectly booked show with 5 star performances from almost everyone involved which makes it a heavy contender for best ‘Mania ever.

Finally, we have Wrestlemania XIX, my personal favorite. This ‘Mania definitely had the in-ring ingredients to be the best ‘Mania ever but apart from Brock Lesnar almost dying, Stone Cold’s last ever match and Shawn Michael’s first ‘Mania match since ‘Mania XIV this show lacked iconic moments or visuals to really be considered above III and X-Seven. This is my personal favorite because this show marked the culmination of Brock Lesnar’s perfect rookie year by defeating the wrestling machine Kurt Angle in the main event of his first ever ‘Mania.
How awesome is that? In addition, you also had Rock v. Austin in an awesome curtain call for Austin, Michaels v. Jericho should undoubtedly be on everyone’s top ten ‘Mania matches of all time and Triple H v. Booker T was a great storyline, a great match with the wrong finish. All of that along with the pretty visual of 54,000 fans in a sold out Safeco Field make it my favorite ‘Mania of all time and a -serious- contender for top ‘Mania in general.

This is an opinion based debate which makes it impossible to pick a winner but these are my results. Wrestlemania III had the best ‘Mania match in 25 years and it has the most iconic moment in ‘Mania history. Wrestlemania XIX is the best ‘Mania from an in-ring point of view but Wrestlemania X-Seven is a perfect combination of great in-ring action and memorable moments which makes it the best Wrestlemania of all time. Still not my favorite though.

Do you disagree? Which other ‘Mania should I have considered? Do you think Wrestlemania this year has any chance in hell of toping any of these? Let me know.

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Tag Team Champions Announced For Andre The Giant Battle Royal

– WWE SmackDown Live tag team champions Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso were announced for the 4th annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on tonight’s SmackDown.

The battle royal will take place during the WrestleMania 33 Kickoff pre-show.

Other contestants scheduled for the match are Heath Slater, Rhyno, Tyler Breeze, Fandango, Chad Gable, Jason Jordan.

It all comes down to THIS prize. Who will win the Andre The Giant Memorial #BattleRoyal THIS SUNDAY at The #UltimateThrillRide? #SDLive

— WWE (@WWE) March 29, 2017

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