Where Is WWE Going Wrong In 2017?

Say what you want about WWE; they shall never find themselves out of the spotlight. For better or worse WWE’s programming in 2017 has been divisive, to say the least.

While there have been signs of improvement, they would only go on to seemingly take two steps back. One of the main elements to contribute to 2017’s performance as a product would have to be booking and creative.

Firstly, in no way am I suggesting “I can do it better” but I am merely speaking for the masses. Having all the right intentions is one thing but to follow up is another. This is where WWE have fallen by the waist-side in the past year or so.

Universally fans have been pulling their hair out or venting on Social Media because that’s what we as wrestling fans do! Here is where I believe WWE is going wrong in 2017.

The Use of Talent From NXT On The Main-Roster

NXT’s back yard

In some aspects this can be debated but in general I feel as if I should address this. Essentially any talent from NXT should be graduating to the main-roster, right? However with some stars who have been pushed to the main-roster from Full Sail, it feels quite the opposite.

For example; Tye Dillinger, called up to the main-roster in the early part of this year, his tenure thus far on Smackdown Live! has been forgettable, unfortunately. Now I am not suggesting Dillinger should be in the WWE Championship scene, however Dillinger’s ability as a character and in the ring, go unmerited.

While Dillinger remains over with the crowd and more than capable as a performer, his role on Smackdown feels like nothing more than a filler. It is evident that the WWE United States Championship could do with fresh competition, this is where I believe Dillinger is perfect, as a long-term challenger.

Another example would be Apollo Crews. Yes, he is part of the Titus Brand but what does that merit for his run? Crews possesses some incredible talent as he has displayed in the past, it is a shame we haven’t seen it on RAW.

Every so often WWE will have an influx of breaking in new talent for the foreseeable future. In my opinion Crews should lead that very charge of new talent for WWE, if anyone.

At this point NXT remains WWE’s hottest brand. So while current NXT stars are shining bright in developmental, fans including myself almost fear their main-roster call-up, as it shall more than likely disappoint us.

The Length of Feuds Have Almost Become Unclear

This might sound very picky but I began noticing this trend last year. Cast your minds back to the Summer of last year; Sasha Banks was feuding with Charlotte, that feud went on for five months.

Almost every single PPV I solely believed that their feud was drawing to a close, I was always wrong. Traditionally WWE used to often have feuds stretch over the course of three to four PPV’s now this is something that has changed drastically.

This a trend that has continued in 2017 and does not appear to be ending, anytime soon.

At WWE Summerslam, Finn Balor faced Bray Wyatt with Balor winning. Then this past week on RAW, their rivalry was resumed. I for one assumed this was a match just for Summerslam, as it gave Balor a reason to be the Demon once again. Now that the two are at it again, there is no indication as to how long the feud shall last.

Truly one would have assumed that Balor faced Wyatt simply to reincarnate the Demon character with a purpose. By contrast it is highly unlikely he shall put the paint on at WWE No Mercy.

Furthermore at some points I have felt as if some feuds have lack direction. Upon their WWE Championship bout at Wrestlemania 33, Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton endured a somewhat confusing feud. With Wyatt heading to RAW, the two settled their feud in a House of Horrors Match, let’s not speak of it!

As well as feuds beginning in a certain fashion, they need to be ended in suitable fashion as well. Once again this is something WWE have almost struggled to do this year.

Championship Reigns Are Not Lasting

Seemingly the days of a CM Punk WWE Championship reign are long gone. In this year alone there have been several reigns which have lasted less than a few weeks. So with this in mind, ask yourself; is this factor hurting WWE?

Are the fans rejecting the current product with the added element of championship booking? I personally believe that this is an issue that WWE have to address. Since the brand split fans have been maintaining an interest in both brands, however the championship scenes on each brand have at some points been overwhelming.

To add to this, I would also go on record and say that I believe the attention span of the fans has shortened, much due to the lack of length within the average WWE championship reign.

This is because it feels as if the company lose faith in some stars. Thus if that is the case; then why is the company making the initial decision? So with that in mind should they consider who to put forward next, ultimately meaning longer championship reigns?

What or where do you think WWE is going wrong in 2017?






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Triple H Promoting Mae Young Classic On ESPN, Roderick Strong Talks NXT Goals

EXCLUSIVE: For @roderickstrong, one rivalry has been settled, and one rivalry is just beginning! #WWENXT @REALBobbyRoode @DMcIntyreWWE pic.twitter.com/6WCUYFJGwZ

— WWE (@WWE) August 31, 2017

– Following last night’s episode of NXT TV, WWE.com posted an exclusive video interview with Roderick Strong, who talks about settling one rivalry while beginning another this week. Check out the Roderick Strong interview above.

– WWE executive Paul “Triple H” Levesque appeared on ESPN SportsCenter and ESPN First Take on Thursday morning to promote the first-ever Mae Young Classic, which has begun rolling out via the WWE Network this week. “The Game” posted the following on his official Twitter page to promote his appearance.

Seated and ready to talk #MaeYoungClassic with @LisaKerneyESPN at @espn on @SportsCenter … LIVE soon! pic.twitter.com/spB1tG0KFL

— Triple H (@TripleH) August 31, 2017

Just arrived @espn. Headed to @SportsCenter and @FirstTake to discuss the #MaeYoungClassic#GameTime @WWEonESPN pic.twitter.com/sEdEueS5bF

— Triple H (@TripleH) August 31, 2017

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Impact Wrestling On Pop TV Preview For Tonight (August 31st)

Global Force Wrestling (GFW) returns on Pop TV tonight with the latest weekly episode of Impact Wrestling.

Tonight’s show is scheduled to feature the in-ring return of “The Canadian Destroyer” Petey Williams after an eight-year absence from the promotion, as well as the “Championship Celebration” of the new GFW World Champion Eli Drake.

Additionally, Impact Wrestling this evening will feature the latest on Bobby Lashley and American Top Team (ATT), and a tag-team contest pitting Fallah Bahh and Bokara against O.V.E. (Ohio Versus Everything).

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GFW Hypes Up Taya Valkyrie’s Upcoming Impact Wrestling Debut

As noted, Taya Valkyrie will soon be making her promotional debut in Global Force Wrestling (GFW) on a future episode of Impact Wrestling.

The promotion released the above video and the following press release to continue hyping up her arrival on the scene in the GFW Knockouts division.

Taya Valkyrie Set To Make IMPACT Debut Soon

There is a buzz amongst the Knockouts in GFW about the arrival of Taya Valkyrie to IMPACT. What is she planning upon her arrival? Who will she target once she arrives? Taya will certainly be a force to be reckoned with.

Originally from Canada, Taya is a former ballet dancer who always had a love for pro wrestling and now her career has taken her all over the world. A mainstay in Mexico for many years, Taya is the longest reigning AAA Reina de Reinas Champion (Women’s Champion) in history. Taya trained under the great Lance Storm and now looks to take IMPACT by storm as well.

She has excelled in every company she has worked for and we can only assume Taya will have her sights set on The GFW Knockouts Championship. With so many Knockouts vying for that top prize, what will happen next is anyone’s guess! One thing is for sure, the Knockouts Division is clearly heating up!

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