Kurt Angle Reveals WWE 2K18 Bonus (Photo)

– WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle took to Twitter and revealed that he will be the pre-order bonus for the WWE 2K18 video game, currently set to be released October 17th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Angle wrote the following:

It’s damn true! Your Olympic Hero is the pre order bonus for WWE 2K18!! #ImBack pic.twitter.com/bHL7h767yH

— Kurt Angle (@RealKurtAngle) June 29, 2017

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Full Content Listing And Cover Art For WWE’s ‘1997: Dawn Of Attitude’ (Photo)

– Thanks to WrestlingDVDNetwork.com for the following artwork and full content listing for WWE’s “1997: Dawn of Attitude” DVD and Blu-ray, set to be released on October 3rd:


Evolution & Transformation
Pulling the Curtain Back
Epic Storytelling
No Limitations
Rise of Stone Cold
Guerrilla Programming
Divas Emerge
Canadian Pride
Evolution of HHH
Faces of Foley
Know Your Role
Developmental Switch
BSK & The Kliq?
Ensuring Success


WWE Championship Match
Sycho Sid vs. Shawn Michaels
Royal Rumble • January 19, 1997

Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. Mankind
Shotgun Saturday Night • January 25, 1997

European Championship Tournament – Final Match
Owen Hart vs. British Bulldog
RAW • March 3, 1997

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship
Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. Sycho Sid
RAW • March 17, 1997

Owen Hart Acceptance Speech
Slammy Award Ceremony • March 21, 1997

Submission Match
Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Special Guest Referee: Ken Shamrock
WrestleMania 13 • March 23, 1997

Street Fight
Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
RAW • April 21, 1997

Jim Ross Interviews Mick Foley
RAW • May, 1997

King of the Ring Tournament Final Match
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Mankind
King of the Ring • June 8, 1997

Bret Hart’s Anti-American Tirade
RAW • July 7, 1997


WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Owen Hart & The British Bulldog vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin & Dude Love
RAW • July 14, 1997

Flag Match
The Hart Foundation (Bret “Hitman” Hart, Owen Hart & The British Bulldog) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Dude Love & The Undertaker
RAW • July 21, 1997

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker
In Your House: Ground Zero • September 7, 1997

European Championship Match
British Bulldog vs. Shawn Michaels
One Night Only • September 20, 1997

Stone Cold Stuns McMahon
RAW • September 22, 1997

Shawn Michaels & Triple H brag after Badd Blood
RAW • October 6, 1997

Kane vs. Mankind
Survivor Series • November 9, 1997

WWE Championship Match
Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. Shawn Michaels
Survivor Series • November 9, 1997

Intercontinental Championship Match
The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
In Your House: D-Generation X • December 7, 1997

Sable in a Potato Sack
RAW • December 8, 1997

European Championship Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
RAW • December 22, 1997


Goldust (w/ Marlena) vs. The Sultan (w/ Bob Backlund)
Shotgun Saturday Night • January 4, 1997

No Disqualification Match for the WWE Championship
Sycho Sid vs. The Undertaker
WrestleMania 13 • March 23, 1997

Steel Cage Match
Mankind vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
SummerSlam • August 3, 1997

Street Fight
Cactus Jack vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
RAW • September 22, 1997

Stone Cold Meets The Rock
RAW • November 10, 1997


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Spoiler On Next Week’s Independence Day Battle Royal

– As noted, this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live will feature a Independence Day Battle Royal with the winner going on to face WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens at the July 23rd WWE Battleground Pay-Per-View.

The only confirmed participant is AJ Styles, but we will keep you updated when new competitors are revealed.

According to PWInsider, it appears Styles will get the nod to end up winning the battle royal. As previously reported, he was penciled in to face Owens for the title at Battleground.

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Becky Lynch Talks WWE Brand Split, Female Royal Rumble, More

– WWE Superstar Becky Lynch recently spoke with Amarillo Globe-News to help promote the upcoming SmackDown live event at the Amarillo Civic Center Complex Cal Farley Coliseum on July 3rd.

How do you like the RAW-Smackdown brand split almost a year in?

“I love it. It’s brilliant. I think that Smackdown Live has thrived. I think before it was just a two hour repeat of what happened on RAW. You’d see the same people doing the same thing to evolve the story a little bit. Now we have an entirely different following and I maybe bias, but I think Smackdown Live is a better show. Maybe it’s the two-hour time slot, or the great writing and engaging stories. I can’t speak on RAW, because I can’t watch it because we’re doing shows like the one on that Monday in Amarillo.”

You think there is a chance the women get their own Royal Rumble at some point?

“I think there’ll definitely be a time where the women get their own Royal Rumble. When you look at the fact that in July there is the Mae Young Classic taking place between 32 women. Then you have the women in NXT and the women on both brands. I think it’s a year or two away from having our own Royal Rumble, then maybe our tag titles. The sky is the limit.”

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WWE On Women’s Division Making History

– As noted, WWE made history this week with a women’s division Gauntlet Match on RAW, MITB ladder match on SmackDown Live and a Last Woman Standing Match last night on NXT.

WWE posted the following:

Women main event nearly every WWE show this week

Question: When was the last time women main-evented nearly every show in WWE in a single week?

Answer: Never. It’s never been done … until this week. Excluding 205 Live, which features no female competitors as of yet, every major WWE show is main-evented by its Women’s division. Monday’s Raw ended with Sasha Banks’ victory in a historic Women’s Gauntlet Match to determine Alexa Bliss’ challenger for the Raw Women’s Title at the WWE Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view, while last night’s SmackDown LIVE was capped off with a rematch of the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, which was won by Carmella.

Finally, NXT was capped off with Asuka’s defense of her NXT Women’s Championship against Nikki Cross in a no-holds-barred Last Woman Standing Match, completing the trifecta.

Congratulations, ladies. Here’s to many more weeks like this one.

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Bobby Roode On His WrestleMania Dream Opponent

– NXT Champion Bobby Roode was recently interviewed by the Card Subject To Change podcast, check out the highlights below:

The Glorious song for his entrance:

“It was kind of a unique situation. I was waiting for a work visa so that I could debut on TV with NXT. I already had a song picked out for my debut and then I was talking with Triple H about my character and kind of what I perceived it to be and what I wanted to do here. He had the Glorious song in the archives and he had me listen to it…I listened to it on headphones and I thought to myself it’s really different. Obviously it’s very different from anything else that anyone has here or really in all of the business. I thought it could either be really good or it could suck. Fortunately for me it turned into a glorious thing.”

The Glorious Bombs with Johnny Gargano and Thommaso Ciampa:

“It was actually just one of those things. We were on the road, in a gym, and Thommaso said me and Johnny want to do this thing; instead of a photo bomb we want to do a glorious bomb. So we had our phones at the gym, the song played and I kind of turned around, and it went on social media and it just kind of blew up. The office actually called us that night and got us to do like ten more. It was pretty cool.”

His transition into NXT:

“It was easy actually for me. A little nerve racking at first because you hear a lot of negative things, and you hear some positive things. And until you get to experience it for yourself I didn’t try to come in with any sort of expectation. I had a conversation with Triple H. I’m not in my 20’s anymore and I’ve been doing this for almost twenty years so I wanted to come in, I wanted to be here, I wanted to get an opportunity, and he was willing to give me that opportunity and it’s been great for myself and I feel great for the brand. I think just with the experience that I’ve gained I was kind of prepared to come in, work hard and do what I’ve done to get me to this point.”

Who he would love to face in the ring, dead or alive:

“One of the main reasons that I got into the business was I’m a huge fan of Curt Hennig, Mr. Perfect. I have like 12 hours of Curt Hennig footage that I watch all the time. So if there’s probably one guy that I would have loved to have just met it would have been Curt Hennig. And if you’re talking about potential matches that I would love to have, that’d probably be John Cena at Wrestlemania.”

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Abyss On The Origin Of His Name, Being Compared To Mick Foley, More

– Abyss spoke with Wrestling Epicenter on a number of wrestling topics, check out the highlights below:

On wrestling’s interest in India:

“Well, I mean, it is such a large market! If I’m not mistaken, there are close to 1.3 billion people in the country of India. There’s 300 million in the United States, so it is 3 times larger than the United States population wise. It is a great market! The fans are hungry for wrestling there, I really believe that! I believe it has been underexposed there. The fans love it and it shows and you’ll see it in our shows. It is an important market to Impact Wrestling. To develop that market. …Sony 6 has been such a great partner there. They’ve done a lot for us. We’re excited for that relationship and making it stronger as we go forward and making Impact Wrestling a big part of India!”

On Dutch Mantel giving him the name, “Abyss”:

“He not only had a hand in it, he was the hand in it! I can’t say enough about Dutch and what he did for my career. I started in 1995 and until 2002, I wrestled on the independent scene in the Northeast, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, New York. Dutch gave me my first break ever. If it wasn’t for Dutch, I would have never had the success I’ve had in my career. He gave me my first opportunity in IWA Puerto Rico. That was my first opportunity to experience wrestling on a full-time basis in a territory kind of feeling wrestling four nights a week. He did come up with the Abyss name. But, that’s just a scratch on the surface. He really did teach me all the steps I needed to take to move forward in my career. Dutch, he is one of the smartest guys in wrestling. He had a hand in Glen Jacobs (Kane) and some of the stuff with The Undertaker. He’s had a lot of influence on this business over the last 25-30 years. I’m honored to call him a friend. We worked together in the IWA, we worked together in TNA, in TNA Impact together, and now we’re back together again. I’m pretty happy about that. He’ll always have a dear place in my heart.”

On working with Rosemary in Decay:

“Incredible! She’s incredible! She’s such a piece of young, aggressive, passionate talent. I enjoyed being around her. …That goes for Steve as well. But, Rosemary, she was so motivating, so exciting to be around and do the Decay thing. She’s only getting started. She’s only scratched the surface. I think you’re going to see some big things from her in the future at Impact. I was very fortunate. …I was kind of the old dog of the three. Those two being kind of younger. It was great. They helped me out a little bit, I was able to help them out a lot.”

On comparisons to Mick Foley:

“I was super excited when Mick came to Impact. I’ve always looked up to him and I have been compared to him a lot, the similarities. I kind of take that as a honor. I’m honored by that. I’m not insulted by that by any means. When he came in to Impact in 2009, I had the opportunity to work with him on a pay-per-view, I think it was Bound for Glory in Irvine, California. …It was great, man. I just enjoyed getting to sit with him and talk to him and I did learn a lot from him. He really taught me a lot about keeping it a story and making everything mean something. That is a lot of what I took from being around him and working with him. I’ve always heard the comparisons to Mankind and to Mick, Kane, and Undertaker and so forth. I think there are definite elements. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to do something original. But, I also think with Impact Wrestling, I’ve been able to do things to make the character stand out on its own and give it its own unique features and characteristics as well.”

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Backstage Update On Tyson Kidd Working With WWE

– As noted, Tyson Kidd was backstage at this week’s WWE SmackDown and will be back on Total Divas for the upcoming season.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Kidd is now working for the company as a producer for SmackDown Live, this will also allows him to film Total Divas with Natalya.

Kidd’s been out of action since suffering the neck injury in the summer of 2015.

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Cody Rhodes Talks Being The Biggest Name To Join The Bullet Club, More

– Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes was on Ring Rust Radio this week, they sent us the following transcription:

You first came to ROH as a babyface and that fanbase really embraced you, as I think it always had even dating back to your time in WWE. With that said, why has your transition to the heel role seemingly been so smooth and seamless over the past several months?

“Well I mean in full disclosure, you all watch modern wrestling and shows about wrestling; I don’t think babyfaces and heels exist anymore. There are good guys, there are bad guys and then there are stars and that’s what you want to be. One of the last conversations I actually had with my dad about the industry was about the shape, the change and the only constant in pro wrestling is that there is no constant. I think I have fallen into more of a villainous position in Ring of Honor because of the emphasis on the brand. The code of Honor and that horse sh-t and the concept of the sports style and sports entertainment and the concept of it all. I didn’t take any of that up when I was with WWE. I am the antithesis of the brand and also the fact that I refuse to sign a contract with them, and they aren’t alone in that. I really do like Ring of Honor. What a wonderful company as a whole in terms of the shows that they put on and you think about what the Young Bucks are doing and Ring of Honor being the platform that they’re doing it on. Ring of Honor for a pro wrestling fan, which I still am, is absolutely gangbusters. I just don’t want to sign a contract with anybody. I think that along with a little bit of my real attitude might get under the skin of a good amount of the Ring of Honor fans, but that makes it fun. It’s so great because Christopher Daniels is the brand. He’s honor defined man. That’s somebody who works and is as pure it gets, you know?”

In addition to your success with Ring of Honor, you are also making serious waves in New Japan. On July 1, you challenge Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Do you believe you will be able to succeed where your Bullet Club brother Kenny Omega failed and actually dethrone Okada?

“I don’t think Kenny failed in that second outing. If you asked me point blank did he win the title, the answer is no. To go 60 minutes and the champion’s advantage being what it is, they went the distance and Okada remains champion. I just think his luck has kind of run dry. Gosh he’s big match Okada for sure, an absolute stud and he is guaranteed his legacy in New Japan Pro Wrestling, but man that’s the thing about pro wrestling, any given night, you know? The added incentive is you have a lot of people excited about what I am doing with Christopher Daniels. People are like, ‘Whoa, finally Cody is wrestling singles for the big one.’ Then you have a lot of people who are absolutely furious about Long Beach and as much as I like pleasing the fans I have acquired, nothing would make me happier than upsetting the critics I have acquired. It’s two glorious matches, eight days of summer that I get to watch wrestling twitter just sh-t itself and shut down and essentially have a heart attack. The amount of speculation like how I’m not in the G1 and just the amount of speculation going on, when you start a sentence with that, that pretty much guarantees you are trying to convince yourself and I love it. I love the type of crowd we are walking into at Long Beach and both title matches have such a great and unique lineage behind them about them.”

As one of the biggest names to have ever joined the Bullet Club, what do you think you’ve been able to do for the notoriety of the stable thus far, and in turn, how has being part of the Bullet Club helped advance you and your career?

“At the time that I joined the Bullet Club, I am the biggest name that’s ever joined it. However, with that said, there are those who have rose up from the Bullet Club like Finn Balor, AJ Styles and Anderson and Gallows, all those guys who because of WWE programming is so worldwide now, that maybe I’m no longer the biggest name. I feel I was excited at the thought that I could do something for the Bullet Club and perhaps provide them a different demographic, but the truth is the Bullet Club has done more for me. I don’t know why, that’s the power of the Young Bucks, if that makes any sense. Being the Elite is such a great show and it’s such a good opportunity to show folks a different side of yourself and perhaps the real side of yourself. Me being able to piggyback off their watershed deal with Hot Topic and being able to be in stores, I honestly don’t do it, but I should call them every morning and say thank you very much for making it so I’m making more money on my own schedule than I was with the biggest wrestling company in the world. Being part of the Bullet Club has done more for me than I have done for the Bullet Club. So hopefully Friday and hopefully the following week, I’ll be able to have something to offer more than just my legacy and heritage and me saying ‘F–k the Revival,’ hopefully have more to offer to the Bullet Club. I look forward to it.”

Your American Nightmare moniker has become one of the most popular in all of wrestling, finding success in the U.S. and internationally. How did you come up with the idea and what has the response been like from fans?

“I can’t tell you who came up with it; it’s a secret that I will have to take to the grave. Although it really is kind of, I don’t know if it’s a term people use anymore, but an oxymoron. My pops is the American Dream and I have been a career villain, so it makes sense. It is absolutely flattering beyond belief the international reception for the idea of the American Nightmare. The shirt that broke the Tokyo Dome merchandise sales records has two AK-47s on it and the red white and blue of the American flag and it happened in Tokyo, Japan. Just walking into that hotel right after it and seeing all these fans run up to me in that shirt, I almost broke down. I almost shed a tear. When I was in WWE all I wanted was to drive Cena around before he got the bus. I drove him around for a full year and learned from him. He was cool and nice to me and taught me as much stuff as he could. We always had these conversations about merchandise and he really is just above me. College-level discussions about the algorithm behind box office and sales and I wanted that. So, for the first time in my career I’ve been able to look at myself. I was just a wrestler and all of a sudden things took off and I became a brand. I don’t know what that means, but I know it’s real because I have a team full of people who surround this: a social media team, a management team and a publicist. All this crazy stuff I never knew a wrestler would ever need. I’m just real lucky that I caught on in the international markets. I hope when they get the opportunity to see me as I am not in Japan as frequent as I would like to be, that they understand and they get their money’s worth.”

You’ve made a couple of appearances on Arrow that I really enjoyed, and I’m sure there’s going to be more acting opportunities for you in the future. If you were able to land a full-time role on a show like Arrow or something else of interest to you, is that something you’d pursue in favor of continuing your wrestling career?

“I got offered a full-time role in the CBS show, I won’t say which one, but it goes to the CBS streaming All-Access stream and I turned it down because of that very issue. If I’m unable to be a pro wrestler, than I’m not anything. That’s what great about Arrow, they get it. They get that pro wrestling is a huge thing to me. That’s why if I had the time off I would do it, but right I’m not taking any time off. I just looked at my datebook and it goes all the way up to May of next year and so much international work. The good thing for roles in the acting world that I will pursue is that most of them are during the week. So hopefully there’s more part-time work for me and hopefully get to work with the Arrow crew. I really would love to continue working with them. They didn’t kill Derek Sampson; they can’t kill Derek Sampson so I would love to continue in that world. That Arrow team is so awesome and they took such great care of me. They gave me a chance to try things and create Derek Sampson and I would love to return as Derek Sampson.”

What are your thoughts on Bullet Club continuing to have different variations and evolving each year compared to outright disbanding?

“That is a really good question. I think there will be a time probably, with all good things must come to an end and I think there will be a time when okay, this is no longer hot. That’s what blows my mind about the Bullet Club is when you kind of look at its history. I know someone for example, who didn’t know the NWO and DX parallels. We were watching some old wrestling and they saw somebody too sweet and they were blown away, I said ‘yea, it’s a whole thing.’ I think the fact that they have lasted so long, they created the Bullet Club and it’s this skull and crossbones type fraternity and it’s a really special unit to be part of and be proud of. I think wrestling fans will know when enough’s enough, but when they are making additions like Marty Scurll, who has a completely different demographic and a completely different style, they’re doing all the right things. Everybody plays their part and there is not a lazy guy in the Club. It’s nuts. Just looking around the locker room and looking at people and the idea that I’m going to have a better match than you and the Bucks are going to steal the show, but then you better steal it back and who’s going to sell the most? That’s a really fun group to be part of and it’s motivating.”

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