** SPOILERS ** On Tonight’s House Of Horrors Match

As noted, the “House of Horrors” match between Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton will start in an actual house before ending up in the ring.

According to PWInsider, ten minutes of footage was shot at an actual house, which includes Orton arriving in a limousine.

It was also noted that Orton and Wyatt battle in various rooms throughout the house, and one of the rooms has kids dolls hanging from the ceiling. The brawl ends in the kitchen with Bray trapping Orton and hijacking the limousine, which is where they would go to the ring.

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Current WWE Payback Betting Odds For Tonight

– Seen below are the full odds, a minus sign indicates the favorites and the plus symbol for the underdogs, Bet Wrestling sent us the following:

Roman Reigns +1990 vs Braun Strowman -5960

WWE United States Championship
Kevin Owens(c) +2750 vs Chris Jericho -9250

WWE Women’s Championship
Bayley(c) +1500 vs Alexa Bliss -4500

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Hardy Boyz -13500 vs Cesaro and Sheamus +3500

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Neville -9250 vs Austin Aries +2750

House of Horrors Match
Randy Orton +3500 vs Bray Wyatt -13500

Seth Rollins -7500 vs Samoa Joe +2500

Preshow Match
Enzo Amore and Big Cass -7500 vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson +2500

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Vince McMahon Sent a Message to The Young Bucks Prior to WrestleMania

The Young Bucks revealed on the latest Edge and Christian Pod Of Awesomeness that Vince McMahon had a message for them the night before WrestleMania 33.

Matt Jackson says that the day of Supercard Of Honor XI event, Matt Hardy comes up to him and says, “Vince McMahon called me this morning and said, ‘hey I know these Young Buck kids are good, but could you please tell them to take care of you guys?’ So he’s pretty much passing down word to us.”

The Young Bucks were one of the few people we knew about the Hardy’s decision to return to WWE.

“We’re two of the few guys in the world that actually knew about it. Nobody else in Ring of Honor that night knew about it except us. So we were like, ‘we can’t hurt these guys.’ What would that look like on us?’” That was definitely weighing on our hearts. We were like ‘we gotta take care of these guys.’ They’ve got a big night tomorrow.”

In an interview with USA Today it was revealed that not even the Hardy’s opponents at WrestleMania were aware of their return.

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Former WWE Star Sean Waltman is Missing

Apparently, Sean Waltman aka X-Pac is missing as he was supposed to land in the UK yesterday afternoon for today’s Extreme Measures 2017 event. He was to team with Scott Star and Chakara against Sammy Smooth, Adam ‘Flex’ Maxted and Livvi Grace in a six-person tag team match.

IPW:UK promoter Daniel Edler said his arrival time was at 2PM on Saturday but 12 hours after that no one has heard from him. Walman last tweet on Friday night showed him in good spirits.

One Eye, No Teeth, Broken Jaw, & still Beautiful. pic.twitter.com/ETbq1bC9md

— Sean Waltman (@TheRealXPac) April 29, 2017

IPW:UK released a statement on Waltman via Facebook:

:: With regret, unless a miracle occurs, X-Pac will no longer be appearing at the Extreme Measures 2017 event later today.

He was scheduled to land in the UK on Saturday at 2pm, but 12 hours later and nobody has heard from him. We wish Sean well and hope he is safe. Sometimes you do everything you can but it’s completely out of our hands.

:: We spent Saturday attempting to check if flights were possible for an international name to replace him, but at such short notice the options were next to none. As a result, we have been searching up and down the UK for available replacements and as you will see on the day tomorrow, we think we’ve found the best option at short notice.

:: All other advertised wrestlers are in the country and ready for the show.

:: Jimmy Havoc will be joining the Meet & Greet to replace X-Pac.

:: Anybody who had an Interval photo package, The London Riots will replace X-Pac in the photo package. You’re also immediately given a £10 reduction on package you’ve purchased, or if you wish you may obtain a full refund. Just let us know at the event.

:: Furthermore, if you’ve placed an order for the X-Pac IPW:UK tee, you may either keep your purchase of the tee as some kind of collectors item, or have a complete refund.

Any further questions can be directed to us by private message, we will endeavor to reply to all messages before door time.

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Jeff Hardy Blames WWE For His Drug Addiction

Jeff Hardy was on the The Art of Wrestling and discussed what led to his drug addiction. He claims WWE’s brutal schedule with being on the road four nights in a row starting on Friday and the two week overseas tour drove him over the edge. The drug addiction replaced his hobbies such as painting, recording music and motocross since he no longer had time for those. His addiction was Vicodin and somas.

Hardy recalls a match with Sting at Victory Road in 2011 and how after taking somas he was out of it. He could not function in the ring and was disappointed that he couldn’t wrestle his idol. He says Sting did the correct thing in pinning him quickly as the match lasted just 88 seconds. That moment was an eye-opener for him and made Hardy straighten his life up.

You can listen to the entire podcast below:

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Sting Makes Rare Appearance at Wrestling Show

Sting made a rare appearance at QPW Super Slam in Qatar on Friday night. The event featured Booker T, Rey Mysterio, Mil Muertes, Apolo, Brian Cage, Chris Masters, Carlito, PJ Black, Matt Cross and Alberto Del Rio.

Sting interfered in the Brian Cage vs. Alofa match to help Cage win. After the show he did an interview and spoke about his neck injury.

Sting interfere to help Brian Cage pic.twitter.com/n7vg7e0iR4

— QPW (@QPWrestling) April 29, 2017

When u saw the icon #Sting ..you can’t explain your Feelings ? #qpw #QPW_SuperSlam pic.twitter.com/svFqasExo1

— mishal saad (@mishalsaad78) April 28, 2017

Thanks @Sting to met my brother Abdullah and make his dream came true #stinger #sting #qatar #showtime #qpw pic.twitter.com/8vMs1NnTag

— Hashem Alsada (@HashemAlsada92) April 29, 2017

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Renee Dupree Compares WWE to the Military

Former WWE star Renee Dupree spoke with The Hannibal TV and discussed the JBL bullying accusations and compares the company to the military.

“It’s like a well-oiled machine, billion dollar company, that is almost like the military. You got your head captain and then you got little sergeants in place to align the troops and soldiers and the longer you’re there, the higher you get ranked. If you don’t fit their mold or you’re not part of their game plan or you don’t react to their tests the right way, you’re booted out.”

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Alberto Del Rio Misses Show and Takes Shot at WWE

Alberto Del Rio was unable to attend this weekend’s What Culture Pro Wrestling event “No Regrets” due to an illness. This is the second time he has missed a WCPW event. The company issued a statement, “Our most sincere apologies but @PrideOfMexico’s illness means his scheduled match with @Joe_Coffey won’t be taking place.”

Del Rio also took a shot at WWE on Twitter yesterday for editing Paige’s scenes from Total Divas show.

A birdy told me ratings were dropping from a certain reality show. Keep deleting my babies scenes. Keep up the good work. @RealPaigeWWE

— Alberto El Patron (@PrideOfMexico) April 28, 2017

Yes say hi to the bad guy haha, Yes MARKS im trying to ruin her hahaha…?????now be marks and talk about my tweet hahaha

— Alberto El Patron (@PrideOfMexico) April 28, 2017

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WWE Payback 2017 – PPV Predictions

I think it’s fair to say this is the strangest PPV in a while from WWE. Loose ends aplenty and no story progression except maybe from the main event and the tag title match, possibly. WWE has made no effort to make this must see, and whilst there is the potential for a few great matches, I’m not holding my breath for the PPV as a whole. The lack of the Universal championship is already annoying me. Not being on Raw is fine, not showing up once a month is just going to be annoying. But let’s get into it, because it’s what PPV Sundays are for.

(Matches taken from WWE website as of time of writing.)

Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Last time I saw the ‘Good Brothers’ on the kickoff show, they won the tag titles. I’m a little curious to see what happens with Gallows and Anderson moving forward as the Revival are now on Raw. Whilst not identical, they have a similar attitude and style that could make one look redundant if not handled correctly. As far as this match goes, I’m expecting a Club win. Hardy’s will need someone to fight, keep the heel team as strong as lacklustre effort can.

Winer: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson.


WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville vs. Austin Aries

This is a tough one. Aries is seemingly the only contender put on Neville’s level but he already lost at Mania and can’t afford a second loss if they want to maintain his credibility. Neville has been the best thing about 205 Live since his return and his title reign doesn’t seem fit to end just yet. Maybe this would explain TJ Perkins involvement recently, literally the buffer Aries labelled him.

Extreme Rules is the next Raw PPV in which the Cruiserweight title will be defended. You have to believe a multi-person ladder match for the title would make the most sense, and be the perfect place for the King to be dethroned. Neville seeing usurpers everywhere as they all come for his title could be great for the division, but for that to work properly, I’m picking him to retain. Even if I’d love and understand an Aries win.

Winner: Neville, thanks to TJ Perkins shenanigans.


WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss

Oh Bayley, what have they done to you? WWE are currently reaping what they sowed with Bayley as what could have been an unbridled superstar success is now a little cringy and nervous, and always being supported by her friend Sasha. Whilst the inevitable heel turn of Sasha could help things, Bayley is just a reminder of how badly the Raw writers thinking they know best can balls things up. (Be warned Miz and BROKEN Matt.)

The match itself is a little trickier. Alexa Bliss, the best female on the mic by far, would love to take Bayley’s title in her back yard. Sasha will obviously play a part but there is one consideration making me think Bayley. It’s not the hopeful Summerslam showdown between Bayley and Sasha, as Alexa could easily be a transitional champ. What makes me think Bayley is how much they love Charlotte Flair as the women’s division record breaker. Only this week they were trumpeting her achievement of being first woman to main event PPV, Raw and Smackdown. In my head, there’s no way they don’t keep the first woman to hold both titles for Charlotte, rather than Alexa. The shadow of Charlotte still looms large on Raw.

Winner: Bayley, just. Look for Sasha Banks to be involved.


Raw Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz vs. Sheamus & Cesaro

Isn’t it nice when teams can get along? No? Yeah, I suppose it can be a bit cloying, and suspicious. But let’s pretend it’s not a big deal and look at the match itself. The Hardy’s don’t need the title to be amazingly over. In fact, losing them could be what breaks Matt (and Jeff). But as with the Cruiserweight title, Extreme Rules is just around the corner for the Raw brand. If there was to be a moment to break Team Extreme, that would be it. Although because they’re no longer kids, or Boyz as WWE insists (urgh) and they won the titles at a ladder match, I’m hoping it’ll be something a little easier on them.

As far as tonight goes, I think the Hardy’s retain, with frustration building for Sheamus and Cesaro. The tag team division would be best spinning its wheels for The Revival to come back and be the ones to take the titles. They are the right kind of team to build the division around and it would help that they have a habit of breaking things.

Winner: The Hardy Boyz, still as Team Extreme


WWE US Champion Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho

This could have been one of the all-time great feuds but too many things have conspired against it, most notably, the superstar shake-up. The blood feud that was brewing has become reduced to promos on opposite shows. Add to that the fact that the Fozzy tour starts soon and Jericho is due for another hiatus and there seems to be only one winner coming from this match. The new face of America, annoying as the dated, brash immigrant gimmick is, has just started. The open challenges will be going on quite a while so there seems to be no other result than a Kevin Owens win. Look for Owens to decimate the departing and all round good sport Jericho, as he looks to cement himself as a dangerous threat to Americanness(?) and Jericho leaves us to return once more, hopefully.

Winner: Kevin Owens, then a lot of apron powerbomb’s to bid Jericho farewell.


Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe

Seth just beat Joe’s benefactor at Wrestlemania. Joe is making his PPV debut. Neither man can really afford to lose. This feud should be coming to an end but for that to happen one will have to lose. My main issue is what they would go on to next? Seth Rollins is being built but to what end? He couldn’t start fighting Braun, as it would look too much like sticking up for Roman, and he’s currently making good strides in getting the fans on board. Affiliation with Reigns would not help. So he wouldn’t be heading for the title picture, although all roads lead there. Joe can literally go anywhere, but would be better off with momentum as a killer, rather than a conquered enforcer. I imagine a feud with Ambrose would be the next best call.

Maybe they have to keep this feud going then till the next month. Which means a Joe win. Which he needs. Rollins has an out with the knee (just about) and could get a win in a crazy brawl at Extreme Rules. With no clearer path, a shamelessly villainous win for Joe is the only outcome that can make sense moving forward. Which probably means Seth just wins and moves on, but I have hope that they don’t want to discard Joe.

Winner: Samoa Joe, choking out but no tapping from the newly heroic Rollins.


WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt

Is the title even on the line here? I know Mahal ran away with it, which could be a blessing, keeping the title away from the match, but seriously. It doesn’t mention anywhere that it’s for the title, none of the talk has been about getting it back. This just seems like revenge, Bray hoping to get it before moving on to feud with Finn Balor.

Sadly, Bray Wyatt is always set up to lose the big matches, but he wins the unimportant ones. If this is non-title, I have to go for Bray avenging his Mania loss and the burning down of his spiritual home. I have no idea what the match is going to look like but hopefully it will be painless and quick. But I don’t have high hopes.

Winner: Bray Wyatt, but only if there’s no title on the line.


Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

Let’s make is clear. Braun should win! We all know too well the habit of making Reigns to be a superman, and whilst I genuinely enjoy Reigns PPV matches, (honestly think the one with Taker was the worst and that was still OK) I will be totally taken out of it if Reigns overcomes the odds here.

He has a legit out. Many injuries, a monster of an opponent, a reason to be kept away from Brock Lesnar and the title for as long as possible. It all adds up to make me think nothing but a valiant effort that is ultimately crushed by the Monster amongst Men, who wants a bit of Lesnar for the title. It may be a long way till Great Balls of Fire (worst name ever) but if Strowman and Lesnar are to square up then, Strowman needs this win.

Winner: Braun Strowman, because I like to live dangerously and bet against Roman.


So there it is.  A thoroughly uninspired PPV that could give us a few interesting things to ponder but I’m still not hopeful. I’m also picking all the champions to retain. Which feels weird, but just seems to make sense for now. At least being wrong would make it interesting.


Feel the desire to argue, agree, condemn or converse, feel free to comment below or at [email protected] or @HeneghanCiaran.

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The Miz On Maryse Helping Revitalize His Career, Who Could Jump Into Acting Next, More

– The Miz spoke with Uproxx about a wide variety of topics to help promote the release of ‘Marine 5’ – check out the highlights below:

Which of those four — let’s exclude Maryse, because I know she’s already a star. Which of those four do you think has the best chance of making that jump to acting like you have?

“Oh, I mean, they all have the ability. It’s a matter of if they want it and what they’re going to do get it. Obviously, they came to this movie well prepared, ready to go, and now it’s just finding new things.

A cool little story that I have is, one day we were driving to the set and we were all joking around, having fun in the car, and Heath was kind of being kind of quiet. And we all know that Heath Slater is not a quiet guy. And I’m like “Heath, man, what’s wrong? You’re not being Heath Slater.” He goes, “‘Cause I’m not Heath Slater. I’m Cash.” And I was like “Ah, man, that’s good.” He was so into the character that he was preparing way before we were even getting to set!

That’s the kind of mentality that you need going into one of these types of movies. You need to be on point, ready to go, and have all their lines, have their character down, and just … have all their fights down, because we don’t have the time to mess around.”

Your career got revitalized when Maryse came back, and I wanted to know, how does that help your comfort level and confidence with what you’re doing now, and did that in any way translate to having her in Marine 5 with you?

“Any time that you have a support system with you, all the time … basically, no matter what, she is literally at ringside with me. So, whenever you have your wife there, you kind of want to show off. You don’t want to be a loser in front of your wife.

So, yeah it has brought a whole new confidence to me and having her around, being able to talk to her … you know, before, she was at home and I was on the road and it takes a lot. You don’t get to be around each other, and we actually like being around each other. The main thing is: a married couple that actually enjoys being around each other. It’s shocking, isn’t it? But, we do, and she gives me a whole new revitalization because of the support that she gives. Having her in Marine 5 is just topping on the cake, you know. She earned her role, did a great job in it, and we had a lot of fun shooting the scene.”

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