New SmackDown Superstar Qualifies For The WWE Royal Rumble

– SmackDown Superstar Mojo Rawley won a battle royal on tonight’s WWE SmackDown to earn a spot in Sunday’s thirty-man Royal Rumble main event, check out the updated card for Sunday’s pay-per-view:

WWE Title Match
John Cena vs. AJ Styles

No DQ Match for the WWE Universal Title
Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens
WWE United States Champion Chris Jericho will be hanging above the ring in a shark cage.

RAW Women’s Title Match
Bayley vs. Charlotte

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match
Neville vs. Rich Swann

30-Man Royal Rumble Match
Brock Lesnar, Bill Goldberg, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, Big E, WWE United States Champion Chris Jericho, Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, Baron Corbin, The Undertaker, The Miz, WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose, RAW Tag Team Champion Cesaro, RAW Tag Team Champion Sheamus, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Luke Harper, Big Show, Sami Zayn, Big Cass, Rusev, Mojo Rawley

Kickoff Pre-show Match
Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

Kickoff Pre-show Match for the RAW Tag Team Titles – Two Referees
Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. Cesaro and Sheamus

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WWE SmackDown Live Results (01/24) – Orton vs. Harper, WWE Royal Rumble Go-Home Show!

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Daniel Bryan is backstage getting ready to bite into an apple when The Miz and Maryse walk in complaining about not having a private locker room for themselves. He told the “supporting characters” in the locker room to clear out, but they refused. Miz talks about how his star power pays their salaries. Miz asks what Bryan is going to do to make this right. Bryan says he could block off a stall in the public restroom. Miz and Maryse fake laugh. Bryan, thinking they’re actually laughing, joins in until he realizes they’ve stopped laughing. Bryan says he’s going to give Miz a rematch for the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Dean Ambrose. Miz wants to do one better and make it a No DQ match. Bryan says he only wants that so Maryse can interfere, so he declines. Bryan then mentions since Miz pays for the salaries of all the superstars, they’ll be ringside to make it a Lumberjack Match. Miz is not pleased and leaves with his wife while Bryan takes a bite of his apple.

A video is shown from October 2016 when Randy Orton joined The Wyatt Family. We then see clips of the problems Orton has had with Luke Harper, including footage of Bray Wyatt accidentally being hit in the crossfire. Last week, Wyatt struck Harper.

Randy Orton vs. Luke Harper

The Wyatt Family made their entrance together. Bray Wyatt will be at ringside for this match.

The bell rings, and they stare at each other. A loud “RKO” chant fires up. They lock up and tussle into the ropes. Harper gives a clean break and lets out a roar. They lock up again, and Orton gives the clean break this time. They trade punches before Orton takes him down with a back elbow. Harper quickly gets out of the ring to recover. Harper goes near Wyatt, but Wyatt doesn’t even acknowledge his presence. They fight in front of him, but he doesn’t look. Harper gets Orton in the ring and punches him before pushing him to the corner. Harper whips him to the corner, but Orton pops out and connects with two clotheslines. Orton goes for a powerslam, but Harper hangs onto the ropes. Orton quickly sidesteps him and sends him out of the ring. Harper gets on the apron, so Orton hits him with the draping DDT. Orton gets the crowd going and sets up for an RKO, but Harper gets out of the ring. Orton follows him out and punches him before giving him a back suplex onto the barricade. Orton bounces him off the commentary table before giving him a back suplex onto it. Harper stumbles around before rebounding with a desperation big boot. Wyatt gets up from his chair and surveys the damage. Wyatt then throws Orton into the ring. Wyatt looks down at Harper and throws him back into the ring to prevent the double count-out.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Orton trapped in a chin lock. Orton tries to fight up, but Harper keeps him grounded. Orton finally gets to his feet, but Harper scoop slams him down. Harper goes to the top rope, but Orton gets up and cuts him off. Orton punches away at him before climbing the ropes. Orton then takes him out with a superplex for a two count. Orton punches him into the ropes. Harper responds with a right hand before hitting the ropes, but Orton soon drops him with a powerslam for another two count. Harper counters a whip into a back elbow and connects with a Michinoku Driver for a two count. JBL just called Wyatt, “Bray Harper.” Harper sets up in the corner and counters an RKO attempt into a roll-up for a two count. Harper counters out of another RKO and superkicks him down for a near fall. JBL now just called Orton, “Randy Harper.” Wyatt is seen smiling at ringside. Harper punches the mat in frustration before circling the ring. Harper sets up for a powerbomb and points at Wyatt. Orton slides off and rolls him up for a two count. Harper goes for a Discus Clothesline, but Orton counters with an RKO for the win. Wyatt sits back in his rocking chair and stares stoically at him.

Winner by Pinfall: Randy Orton

Bray Wyatt gets into the ring and shakes hands with Randy Orton. Wyatt then offers his hand to Luke Harper to help him up. Harper accepts and gets to his feet. Wyatt then gives Harper the Sister Abigail! Wyatt and Orton then walk off together.

A video recaps the Steel Cage Match between Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss from last week. Bliss retained the Smackdown Women’s Championship after Mickie James interfered on her behalf.

Mickie James is seen walking backstage. We’ll hear from her, next.

Later tonight, AJ Styles will call out John Cena.

Mickie James addresses her actions from last week

Renee Young is in the ring, and she introduces the newest member of the Smackdown Live roster, Mickie James. Mickie James makes her entrance to a nice reception. Renee mentions that it’s been almost seven years since she’s been in a WWE ring. Everyone was surprised that she was La Luchadora. Why did she do that? Mickie asks if Renee knew that she won her first WWE Women’s Championship when she beat WWE Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus, at WrestleMania. She is a five-time WWE Women’s Champion and former Diva’s Champion. Renee says she has one of the most impressive resumes in WWE history, but she didn’t answer her question. Mickie says she did. Renee mentions that she just ran down her resume. Mickie says the fact that she had to do that answers the question. She might not have been around for a bit, but she never stopped watching WWE. Becky Lynch and the women of “the revolution” want to pretend like they were the first real female athletes of WWE as if everything she accomplished and sacrificed meant nothing. They would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for one person: Alexa Bliss.

Renee asks her to elaborate on her relationship with Bliss and wonders if she’s part of the revolution. Mickie says Bliss has been fighting the self-righteous of the revolution from day one. Bliss remembers everything about Mickie James. She has a lot of respect for Bliss. If it wasn’t for her, she wouldn’t be standing here right now. Renee asks if she had a problem to help Bliss cheat to beat Becky Lynch. Mickie says Becky Lynch likes to claim she was the first female draft pick of Smackdown Live and was at the very center of the revolution. Mickie says to forget about the revolution. This is about the reinvention of Mickie James. Mickie James matters…

Becky Lynch’s music interrupts her. Lynch charges down to the ring and takes James down before unloading on her with punches. James escapes and runs through the crowd. Lynch goes to follow her, but Alexa Bliss blindsides her from the crowd. Bliss gets her in the ring. James follows and wipes her out with a Mick Kick. Bliss goes to the top rope and connects with Twisted Bliss. James grabs the microphone and says she should have learned this lesson a long time ago from Alexa: always be one step ahead. They stand over the fallen Lynch.

Later tonight, we’ll see The Miz take on Dean Ambrose for the WWE Intercontinental Championship in a Lumberjack Match.

The commentators run down all the events for this weekend’s Royal Rumble.

Footage is shown from last week. Carmella took James Ellsworth out shopping. Carmella wants to make him “g’ed up from the feet up.” Ellsworth is concerned about the prices before wondering if he should get a fur coat. She says they should start with pants. It’s revealed that Ellsworth is shopping in his wrestling gear. Ellsworth wants to pick out his own clothes. Ellsworth asks for the finest pajama bottoms. Moments later, Ellsworth comes out in bleached jeans. They keep showing Ellsworth in increasingly ridiculous outfits including Elvis Presley and The Godfather. Carmella gets fed up and says she’s going to dress him herself. Finally, Ellsworth comes out in a shiny gold shirt with a gold chain and a hat. The fashion designer there doesn’t like it, but Carmella loves it.

Baron Corbin makes his way to the ring. There will be an over-the-top-rope Battle Royal. The winner will be in the Royal Rumble.

-Commercial Break-

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Big Rumor: ‘Road Dogg’ Brian James New Lead SmackDown Writer

– According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio today, Brian James, also known as Road Dogg, has unofficially replaced Ryan Ward as the head writer on WWE Smackdown.

While this is not confirmed, James continues to solidly build momentum upwards and remains close with fellow former degeneration x member Triple H, who will only continue to gain power as time goes on.

For what it’s worth, James still lives in Florida and has been a WWE producer for a number of months now.

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WrestleMania 33 Axxess Tickets Available February 4th

– WWE announced that WrestleMania 33 Axxess tickets will be available to the general public on Saturday, February 4th. There should be a Ticketmaster pre-sale code earlier that week, we will keep you updated on that.

Full details on Axxess are at the link below:

Tickets for this year’s @WrestleMania #Axxess at @OCCC are available Saturday, Feb. 4 at 10 AM ET! #WrestleMania

Tickets for this year’s @WrestleMania #Axxess at @OCCC are available Saturday, Feb. 4 at 10 AM ET! #WrestleMania

— WWE WrestleMania (@WrestleMania) January 24, 2017

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Seth Rollins On Wanting To Face Triple H, His Favorite NXT Star, Who He Would Bring To RAW

– WWE Superstar Seth Rollins recently participated in a interview with Planeta Wrestling earlier this week, check out the highlights below:

Actually, what is your main goal, Triple H or the Universal title?

“Right now they are the same for me. I really want to win the Universal championship but I reeeeeaaally want to put my hands on Triple H and hopefully is happening on Sunday but if is not happening and Roman is not working with me on that goal I don’t have a problem calling Triple H out and see if he has the “cojones” and see if he is the man he says he is; if he wants to protect his legacy he should answer me when I call him and come out like a man
and answer after what he did to me.”

With the people voting now for the NXT year-end awards who is your favorite NXT superstar?

“My favourite guy to watch is Shinsuke Nakamura because he has a very strong style and all that he brings on the table… I enjoy a lot watching him.”

Of all the Smackdown Live superstars which one would you like to have with you on Monday Night Raw and why?

“I’ve always been a huge fan of AJ Styles. He is a guy that I hadn’t had the chance to have a one on one match over a decade now, so I’d love to get back in the ring with AJ and see how our styles matches. I’m sure we would have a hell of a match and also hopefully a ot of fun.”

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Natalya Attacks Nikki Bella Before Tonight’s SmackDown Live (Video)

– WWE posted the following video of Natalya and Nikki Bella vefore tonight’s SmackDown in Toledo, OH.

After interrupting Nikki Bella’s interview to take issue with her image not being on the side of the WWE production trucks, Natalya proceeded to attack the Nikki.

Check out the following video:

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Mick Foley Gives His WWE Royal Rumble Favorites

– Seen below, RAW General Manager Mick Foley gives his favorite to win the thirty-man WWE Royal Rumble main event next Sunday, Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg.

Foley says if he can convince them to work together, it will be a long night for SmackDown.

Check out the video below:

#RAW General Manager @RealMickFoley claims the THREE favorites to win the #RoyalRumble match are ALL on Team Red! #RememberTheRumble

— WWE (@WWE) January 24, 2017

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