The Early Betting Odds For Tonight’s WWE Battleground PPV Event

Here are the latest WWE Battleground betting odds, courtesy of

WWE Championship Triple Threat Match:
-Dean Ambose -530 vs Seth Rollins +500 vs Roman Reigns +500

WWE Intercontinental Championship:
-The Miz +160 vs Darren Young -210

WWE United States Championship:
-Rusev -900 vs Zack Ryder +500

Sami Zayn -120 vs Kevin Owens -120 (not a typo, the sportsbook can’t call this one and will adjust the lines based on how people wager)

Six Man Tag:
-The New Day +280 vs The Wyatt Family -400

Six Man Tag:
-John Cena, Enzo Amore and Big Cass -530 vs AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson +35

Becky Lynch -600 vs Natalya +400

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Ricochet Says He Wants To Be Called Up To The Main Roster, Talks Balor, More

In an interview with The Steve Austin Shown interview with The Steve Austin Show, Ricochet said that he eventually wants to join WWE, but not quite yet. Here are highlights:

On living with Apollo Crews in Florida: “I lived in Paducah, Kentucky my whole life, well, since I was three [years old]. And I just lived there my whole life and I really just wanted a change of scenery a little bit, like something new. And I was going to move to the Tampa [or] Clearwater [Florida] area, but then, my buddy, Apollo Crews [or] Uhaa Nation, he got signed at the time [by WWE], and so he had to move down there. He’s from Atlanta [Georgia] and so we were like, ‘lets just get a place together’. And so, it led to that and then, we’ve just been there a little over a year. April was a year.”

On what match made him want to wrestle: “The match that made me want to be a professional wrestler was WrestleMania 15, [Austin] and The Rock. I remember going to my parents’ house. My parents’ friends’ house, I’m sorry. And all the kids were down in the basement watching the show while all the parents were up top watching the show. And I remember that match going and all the kids were in the back wrestling and I was glued to this match. It was so good and I was like, ‘oh my God!’ And that’s when it was it. Then, later, I got into wrestling. Although that’s not even my style, but that match was the match where I was like, ‘that’s what I want to do – this is it’.

On why it took so long for Finn Balor to get called to main roster: My only thing would be, I guess, Triple H just really wants him. He knows that guy’s a star. He knows that guy is the man. He knows that he’s the guy, so he’s like, ‘I’m going to keep him as long as possible until Vince [McMahon] makes me give him’ because he is the man. He is the guy. He’ll be the guy in any company he goes to, so I think Triple H knows that, so he’s like, ‘I’m going to try to keep him as long as possible’.”

On joining the WWE: “I really want to be IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, which is now Kushida. I’ve challenged for it twice and I’ve yet to win, but I want to do that. There [are] a couple of things I want to do. Now my goal, I would like to be in the WWE one day. NXT, wherever, but there [are] still a couple of things I want to do. Like, Lucha [Underground]’s still going really well. It’s still going really great. So there’s really not a goal. Just, I guess, have fun, be safe, save as much money as I can. That’s because I’ve got a seven-year-old son right now, so I’m trying to save up for his future. So, I think that’s mostly the goal right now.”

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Becky Lynch: ‘I Want Equal Opportunity For Women In WWE’, & More

During the Mattel-WWE panel at the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, Becky Lynch spoke about women’s wrestling in WWE and wanting more opportunities for the female wrestlers.

She said: ““It was an honor to be the first woman drafted to Smackdown. I’m delighted I get to be on it with AJ Styles here. I’m curious what they’re going to do with titles. I have no idea to be honest with you. Obviously that’s the reason we’re here and what we’re fighting for, and I want to be a women’s champion. I don’t know if we’re gonna bring our own title, if I have to go to Raw and attack Charlotte, seeing as everyone’s always attacking me. It’s a big opportunity and I’m excited.

I think sometimes women were depicted as catty, and we all secretly hate each other. I think I’d change that. I think sometimes the storyline is as simple as we’re just going to be the best, and we’re going for the championships, and we all don’t secretly hate each other consistently. I think that’s one thing – I’d like more time. I’d like there to be consistently more women’s storylines going on at the same time. In NXT it wasn’t this big freaking ‘Divas Revolution’ if you want to call it that. It was guerrilla warfare. That was how we got to where we are now. It’s not throwing us in there in a bunch of random tag team matches and being like, ‘here, there’s girls, we’re doing things with them.’ It’s just that we need equal opportunities. We can wrestle like the lads. We can do the things that the lads do, and it doesn’t have to be a big deal. Just let us go do our thing. Don’t make a big deal of it. Have storylines going on, like they have a bunch of lads storylines going on. That’s what I’d like to see different.“

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Lita’s Role Changing In WWE, Lawler’s New Gig, Wrestling Director/Healing

– Hollymood Entertainment, the company that brought you “101 Reasons Not To Be A Pro Wrestler” and “New Jack: Hardcore the Documentary,” will be releasing their new marijuana documentary featuring Rob Van Dam this year with a plan to release the documentary for free during the U.S. Presidential election voting week and the week of the major vote in the state of California regarding legalization of recreational marijuana. For updates on the movement, stay tuned to the Hollymood Entertainment YouTube channel, as the entire RVD/marijuana documentary, “The Emperor, The President & The King,” will be coming to YouTube for free in the near future.

Additionally, Michael Moody, the producer and director at Hollymood Entertainment has just released amazing footage for the first time of him performing miracle healing on the company Facebook page, which you can view above, or at Hollymood Entertainment’s Facebook page. Michael Moody claims to have God heal through him and is interested in healing pro wrestling and MMA fighters in the future and this could possibly be leading to a documentary about famous athletes being healed by miracles rather than surgery. Michael Moody can be contacted at [email protected]. If you enjoy the video, click “like” and/or “share” to spread the good word.

– As noted, WWE Hall Of Famers Booker T and Jerry Lawler will now simply be serving as “expert analysts” on the WWE Network Kickoff Show pre-shows for big events. Joining the duo will be fellow WWE Hall Of Famer and off-and-on broadcast team member Amy “Lita” Dumas.

Lita had previously been working under a Producer role in WWE, however her role is reportedly going to be gradually changed to her only doing the pre-and-post show specials on the WWE Network. Likely joining the trio will be WWE broadcast team regular Renee Young.

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Becky Lynch Recaps Her First San Diego Comic-Con Experience

– The Irish Lass Kicker Becky Lynch soaks in the atmosphere, the Mattel reveals and the steampunk during her first trip to San Diego Comic-Con.

On her experience:

“This is my first time at any comic-con so this has been incredible, I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know would it would really be or what it would entail but like walking around and seeing all the different stands and all the different people and different characters and amazing cosplay its just been incredible.”

Check out the following video highlight:

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Backstage Report: Will Ospreay Reportedly Signs With WWN Live

Will Ospreay has reportedly signed an exclusive US deal with WWN Live. PWTorch via WZ) reports that WWN Live will pay for Ospreay’s work visa and that he will work for the company when his international dates allow.

Ospreay has an exclusive international deal with NJPW. He will not be able to work for ROH at this point because of the WWN Live deal.

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