Steve Austin Discusses The Death Of Chyna & A Lack Of HOF Induction, More

On a recent edition of his podcast, The Steve Austin Show, WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin discussed the recent passing of Chyna and her contributions to WWE. Below are some highlights:

Austin on hearing about Chyna’s passing after he went in for rotator cuff surgery: “I wake up [after surgery]. I got the pain block going. I don’t really need any pain pills and I’m clear-headed now. I can remember all of the events that are happening and I’m wide awake. I start going through my regular checklist of things to do, making phone calls, telling everybody, well, my family, my loved ones, that my surgery was fine and I’m fine. And then, so I’m just kind of chilling out, letting all the affects of all the drugs that I’ve been given to keep me asleep wear off and I get a phone call. Well, I miss the phone call, but then I get a text message: ‘hey man, call me ASAP’. And so, I call this guy ASAP and he proceeded to tell me that Chyna had indeed passed away and that he had discovered her there in her apartment in Redondo Beach [California]. And this was, man, in the evening, but this was hours and hours before this broke on a nationwide scene or worldwide scene and I was one of the first people to know. And when the guy called me, this hit me so hard and I couldn’t believe it. I said to him three times, I said, ‘dude,’ I said, ‘you’re shooting with me? Chyna’s dead?’ And he said, ‘Steve, I’m shooting with you.’ He speaks the language. I said, ‘dude, this is not a rib, right?’ because you just don’t rib like that. It would be a morbid rib. But there was just no way, and I knew this guy was a very close acquaintance of Chyna’s, so I knew it was a shoot, but I could not believe it.”

“It was like somebody hit me in the head with a baseball bat. I’m coming out of this anesthesia. I’m pretty clear-headed. And then, someone calls me and just tells me that someone that I care deeply about and had many, many good times with was gone. And she was only, I guess, 46 years old. And again, I was under the assumption, I knew she had some issues, but I was under the assumption that she was straightened up or clean or whatever. And, man, I tell you what, I just stood around and I was in shock. Didn’t really know what to do. There’s nobody to call. There’s nothing to talk about. It’s just so heavy duty.”

Austin on his first meeting with Chyna: “I remember the first time I met Chyna. It was somewhere up in the northeast [United States]. For some reason, I might have been sharing a car with Shawn Michaels and Triple H or I met them at the same hotel at the same time, whatever happened. And Chyna shows up and she’s going to make her debut the next day, I believe. And there’s a connection there because Triple H was trained by Killer Kowalski and Chyna had just completed Killer Kowalski’s [professional] wrestling school and I guess someone had given the [WWE] office a buzz, saying, ‘hey man, there’s this real big chick and she looks pretty bad ass and Killer Kowalski trained her and she [has] got a great look.’ So, anyway, I don’t know how all the dynamics of that went down, but, I mean, I remember meeting her that night for the first time and I’m thinking to myself, ‘man, this chick is bad. She looks great. She’s built like a million bucks.’ You could see she was spending hours and hours in the gym and watching her train, the textbook form she had, I mean, her form was better than most of the guys and she was serious about what she was trying to do and she’s a smart lady, as I would come to find out. But, anyway, so she gets in the company. I’m not going to do a whole synopsis on her career, but I hit it off with Chyna from day one. And as I got to know her. I got to know her silly side and me and her always had this kind of great relationship, but just goofy, silly sense of humor that probably only me and her got.”

Austin on remembering Chyna a kind, funny and intelligent person: “I got a chance to hang out with her a lot, do business with her a lot, watch her learn the system, watch her understand the push, and watch her get over, and watch her operate. And she got over big time in the Attitude Era. And she had a monster run. And she had a definite impact on the business of professional wrestling.” Austin added, “Chyna was one of the funniest, sweetest people that I have known in the business of pro wrestling. And I think if you go back and you asked all those people that were there in the locker room when she was there, when she was hot, universally, you’re going to get thumbs up [for] her. I think all the guys respected her. Everybody knew she was over. And whatever happened with why she left the WWE or who was responsible for that, I don’t know any of that. That’s soap opera stuff that I didn’t get into, but I respected Chyna. I liked Chyna. I thought she was a bad ass and she was an absolute sweetheart and she was very intelligent. I know Chyna had her issues after she left the WWE, but, man, she had made a comeback from that.”

Austin on Chyna receiving a Hall of Fame induction after her passing not being enough due to her contributions to WWE: “I don’t think it will ever be right because she didn’t go into the [WWE] Hall Of Fame while she was alive, living and breathing with us. And I thought she earned the right to be in the Hall Of Fame and to put her in there posthumously, if I’m saying that word correctly, man, it’s just not good enough. And so, I don’t know how you rectify that, how you deal with that, because things are just screwed up. And, man, her going into the Hall Of Fame is just so small in comparison to the fact that this young lady is no longer with us. I don’t know what to make of it.”

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John Cena Back In The Gym Working Out (Video), Sasha Banks ‘Legit Boss’ Shades

– is selling Sasha Banks’ “Legit Boss” Gold Shades. They cost $9.99.

John Cena posted this new workout clip on his Twitter account as he prepares for his pending WWE return. According to Cena, he’s “ready to come back home.” You can check out his new gym workout clip below.

Shoulder range is solid. Ready to come back HOME! @TapouT @WWE @WWEUniverse #NeverGiveUp #ShowYourGrit see u May 30!

— John Cena (@JohnCena) April 30, 2016

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Lince Dorado Cuts A Promo On Entering WWE’s Global Cruiserweight Series

Full Impact Pro released the video of Lince Dorado’s promo about entering the WWE Global Cruiserweight series this summer. You can check out the full promo from WWN & FIP Present Florida Rumble 2016 Below.

The WWE Global Cruiserweight Series will feature 32 top competitors under 205 pounds. The event begins on Wednesday, July 13 on the WWE Network.

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Triple H On His WrestleMania 32 Match With Roman Reigns, Reigns Being A “Tweener”, More

WWE Superstar and Authority member Triple H was recently interviewed by The Mirror during the U.K tour and spoke about a variety of topics. Here are the following highlights:

On his match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32:

“Yeah, you know, it was a challenging situation on a lot of fronts. Roman is a unique character in the business and a polarising character, much like a John Cena or somebody like that. He’s a polarising character, you are in front of 100,000 people and you’re also coming up at the end of a six-and-a-half hour plus show – it was long. I was happy with it but to be honest I’ve not watched it back yet. I’m real funny about watching myself back at this point in time in my career, it’s hard for me to see the positives sometimes. But I was there, I kind of know how it went and how it felt out there and yeah, I was happy with it, I felt we did well and we did what we needed to do. For me it’s about getting to where you need to be. If you get to the end of a chapter in WWE, and the chapter delivered to get you where you needed to go to start the next chapter, then you did all right.”

On Reigns being more of a “tweener” in his feud with AJ Styles:

“Yeah. I think the world is a different place now. I think you’re going to find it very hard now, at the top level, to find anybody that is either a good guy or a bad guy. Someone who is universally loved or universally disliked. It’s very difficult. I think part of that is the internet, in that I don’t care what the topic is, whether it’s politics, music, sports, anything, you can go on the internet and find somebody who loves it and somebody who hates it. You can jump on whatever conversation you want to have with people who are like-minded to what you think, or opposite-minded to what you think. And that emboldens your position right? So I think the time of ‘hey, this is the guy and he’s the good guy’ and everybody goes ‘yay he’s the good guy’ – I think that time has gone. And I think the time of saying ‘this is the bad guy and he’s the evil one and everybody is going to hate that person’ is really gone too. Because there is just that level of, no matter if you’re the bad guy doing the worst possible thing you can do, there is somebody that goes: ‘I like that, that’s cool, I like the fact he’s that evil, that’s cool’. There are people on the other side who want a hero saying ‘hey, don’t quit, never surrender and I’m the underdog…’ all those things. I make that sound horrible – can you tell which way I slant? Ha ha.”

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Scott Steiner Turns Down WWE Legends Offer, Talks Bad Gimmicks, More

Former WCW Superstar Scott Steiner recently spoke with and commented on a recent offer he received from WWE and more. Here are the following highlights:

On being offered him a “Legends Deal” recently but turned down the offer:

“WWE offered me a legends deal. My lawyer looked at it, and it’s basically illegal, Steiner said. “It’s not worth the paper that it’s written on. So f–k them. That’s why a lot of guys are leaving like Rey Mysterio and CM Punk. It’s a monopoly and the product suffers because of it. You have two dumbasses running it in Stephanie and her f***ing husband Triple H.”

On the WWE giving new talent with bad gimmicks:

“How do you get rid of a guy like CM Punk? I’m a friend of Rey’s, he’s sold a hell of a lot of merchandise. It’s a monopoly, the only game in town. They want to treat people like s–t and that’s why they leave. It’s tough to watch. You have a guy coming up and these jackasses at WWE stamp a bulls–t gimmick on them…It’s a bunch of s–t,” Steiner said.

When asked if Steiner would ever return to the company, he responded, “Depends on how big that Brinks truck is that they pull into my driveway.”

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WWE Smackdown Rating Drops To A New USA Network-Era Low

WWE SmackDown fell to the lowest point since moving to USA Network when up against the NFL draft this week. Thursday’s episode scored 2.109 million viewers and a 0.64 rating in the 18 – 49 demographic, down 13% and 12% from last week’s 2.431 million and 0.73 demo rating. The numbers were the lowest non-holiday viewership since the December 3rd episode on SyFy brought in 2.044 million viewers and the lowest non-holiday rating since the December 10th episode had a 0.55.

The fall was close to the 11% drop that the show suffered at the same point last year against the draft, which topped cable originals last night on ESPN with a 2.65 demo rating and 6.289 million viewers. SmackDown ranked at #7 behind the draft, the post-draft SportsCenter, the NFL Network’s draft coverage, 60 Days In on A&E, a pre-draft ESPN special and the NBA playoff game on TNT. It finished just ahead of the NHL playoff game on NBCSN.

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Report – TNA Owed Money To Both Eric Young & Bobby Roode?

Dave Herro, the founder of Great Lakes Championship Wrestling, claimed on the latest episode of Pro Wrestling Report that he knows why Eric Young and Bobby Roode left TNA. Herro said that the two were owed “a combined six figures” by the company which led to them both deciding not to re-sign.

“How do you not pay those two guys?,” Herro said. “You let Bobby Roode go, a guy who could have gone to WWE but he wanted to be loyal to the company. Thank God he left. He’ll be a big star in NXT. He’ll make the main roster in a year from now. Same with Eric Young.”

Herro also said, “I wish Ring Of Honor would buy TNA. They already have the infrastructure in place. They already have the TV deal alone. They’re already in more markets than Pop TV.”

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