Rhyno Discusses His Three Top Bosses & His Time In TNA

Cult of Whatever recently interviewed ECW, WWE, TNA, and NXT veteran Rhyno, who discussed his long career, his positive experience in TNA, working for Vince McMahon compared to Dixie Carter and Paul Heyman, and more. Below are some highlights.

Rhyno on TNA attempting a reincarnation of ECW: “I don’t necessarily think it was ECW, I think it was more the hardcore element and fans really enjoyed that moment. ECW was basically a group of men and women that were rejected and told they weren’t good enough and they were either let go from WCW/WWE or they couldn’t even get looked at by those two companies. ECW took in all the guys that were rejected and we all had something to prove and I think the fans could relate to it.”

Rhyno on returning to TNA for their New York shows in 2014: “It was great; everybody started chanting ‘You Sold Out’ at me because I teamed up with Ethan Carter. What that gave me the opportunity to do was show a different side of me where I could be entertaining and funny. I was basically a hired hand, you pay me and I would fight your battles. What was funny is I would go out there with the intension to make myself laugh inside and my buddies would watch the show and they would call me up and say there were laughing so hard. If you can entertain yourself you can definitely entertain the live audience and the audience watching at home. I just had so much fun with that.”

Rhyno on having a good time in TNA: “Again I had a fantastic time in TNA, I got to share a locker room with legends of the industry, Ric Flair and Kevin Nash. I got to pick their brains, Kevin and I became really good friends, it was quite surreal to be standing there with Ric Flair and just picking his brains. After several months I asked Ric if he knew what I was doing and he said yeah you’re picking my brain and that’s how you learn in this industry. I talked to Ric about the matches with him and Harley Race and how they worked and he was just so generous with the information, I was soaking it all in and trying to figure out how I could fit it into my work.”

Rhyno comparing his three bosses: Dixie Carter; Paul Heyman; and Vince McMahon: “Paul Heyman would do the interviews after the matches and I remember one time he was telling me about Magnum T.A. and how he was such a great performer in that ring and how he was going to be the next champion and they were planning to have him hold the title for 10 years. I learnt so much from so many different conversations with Paul. Dixie Carter I’ve seen how she came from nothing and she would sit there and watch the product and learn, learn, learn and learn. She didn’t watch it from a monitor she would watch it from the side with the audience.

“I always tell people this if there was no Linda McMahon there would be no Vince McMahon, Linda McMahon is so crucial to that business. She is the office working every day, it’s a family business and they love what they’ve created. I see the same commitment from Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. When I was working with Stephanie during the invasion angle she explained to me how she used to work in the mail room and different parts of the job when she was younger. It was the same with Shane McMahon they didn’t get it easy; they worked hard for what they’ve got.”

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Steve Austin To Cesaro: ‘F*ck All The Politics!’, & More

During a recent edition of The Steve Austin Show, Stone Cold Steve Austin weighed in on injured WWE Superstar Cesaro and his advice for him when he returns to action.

Austin, who has been a big supporter of Cesaro in the past, said Cesaro has been “lost in the shuffle” in WWE and that it was unfortunate that Cesaro has been injured. In addition, Austin stated that Cesaro should think about ways he can reinvent himself while he’s out. He added some advice for Cesaro for when he returns: “Time for this guy to come back both guns blazing. F**k all of the politics. I’m going to the top.”

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The Great Khali: ‘Vince McMahon Personally Asked Me To Join WWE!’

The Daily Pioneer recently interviewed former WWE Superstar and world heavyweight champion The Great Khali. Below are some highlights.

Khali on his time in WCW: “After six months there, I signed a contract with World Championship Wrestling (WCW). There I continued to learn the trade and to fight but then Vince McMahon, chairman of WWE, bought the company. It left me disappointed because only in 7-8 months that I was there, the company was bought. I was not sure how things would transpire now and what would happen to my career.”

Khali on how McMahon courted him to join WWE: “I signed the contract in 2005. McMahon sent a limousine to get me from the premiere of The Longest Yard in New York and he wanted to see me in person. Normally he doesn’t do that but in my case he made an exception. He asked if I wanted to work with WWE and I gladly said yes.”

Khali on steroid use in wrestling: “Yes some people do take steroids to circumvent injuries but as compared to yesteryears, it has reduced considerably. So around 12-13 years ago, usage of steroids was much higher but it is lesser now.”

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VIDEOS: ‘DDP Clause’, Callihan’s Indy Return, UpUpDownDown

– Here is video of Sami Callihan’s return to the indy circuit at the AAW show in Chicago on Saturday:

@WWECrowe at @AAWPro pic.twitter.com/G58u64lPE0

— Mud Ball (@MudROH) November 29, 2015

– DDP posted the following DDP Yoga Black Friday sale video, featuring him as Santa and Stevie Richards in his “Right to Censor” look:

– And here are Xavier Woods and Jojo playing Power Rangers on the latest UpUpDownDown:

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The Dudley Boyz Open To NXT Debut?, Santino Marella Gets Married

The Gorilla Position podcast recently interviewed The Dudley Boyz, and Bubba Ray Dudley was asked about working in NXT. Bubba said he was open to the idea. You can read his comment below:

“They have a lot of really quality teams down there. And as far as the Dudleyz going to NXT is concerned, all they have to do is make a phone call, we’d be more than happy to help out.”

Santino Marella took to Twitter to reveal that he got married this weekend:

Thank you God for the perfect weather on my wedding day, I promise to pay it forward. 3.5 hrs to go! pic.twitter.com/QPJr59BxuF

— Santino Marella (@milanmiracle) November 28, 2015

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Raven: ‘Vince Thought I Was Still Johnny Polo When I Returned!’

As previously reported, former ECW, WCW and TNA star Raven was recently interviewed by Chris Jericho for his Talk Is Jericho podcast. Raven shared a story about his return to WWE in 2000, and how Vince McMahon didn’t know anything about his change in gimmick and character, wondering why someone rehired Johnny Polo. Below are some highlights from the interview.

Raven on why he thought Hogan vs. McMahon was the best match at WrestleMania 19: “[Jericho] and Michaels had a phenomenal match, but I still thought that the best match, no offense, on the card was Hulk and Vince because Vince’s facials and they didn’t have 20 minutes of false finishes. I think they had just a comeback and go home, right? But I remember there was this one spot where Vince picked something up and he peers. Like, his head pops up and he’s peering over across the ring and the camera picks it up and I’m like, ‘oh, what a shot!’”

Raven on why he left WWE in the early 1990s when he was Johnny Polo: “Nobody leaves this company on their own terms. I did, so that was heat. Then, there [were] some other things that I can’t get into that were heat and so it was a whole confluence of things that were partially my fault, definitely partially my fault, and just circumstances. They made the policy that talent couldn’t sleep with the office people. I was proud of that.”

Raven on how partying with Shane McMahon caused him heat with Vince McMahon: “They used to call me Johnny Port Chester Polo because Stamford [Connecticut], they rolled the sidewalks up at one o’clock, but Port Chester [New York] was open till, like, five in the morning. It’s, like, five miles away. My downfall was I’d bring Shane out with me, Shane McMahon. And the boys are like, ‘ah, you’re sucking up to him’ and I’m like, ‘no, I’m not! I’m burying myself’ because he’d call his dad, and on commentary, I’d call his dad ‘Vic’ instead of ‘Vince’, so he’d go, ‘hey, Vic,’ which is just horrible! He’d say, ‘hey, Vic, it’s,’ and it would be, like, four in the morning, ‘I’m just going to sleep at Johnny Polo’s tonight’ and so I just buried myself.”

Raven on Vince McMahon not being aware on his change in gimmick as Raven when he returned to WWE in 2000: “[Jim Ross], JR brought me in and then this is what Michael Hayes told me, that Vince, when Vince heard about it, he goes, ‘who the f–k hired Johnny Polo?’ because I don’t think Vince even knew that I built a career as Raven prior to going [back] there. I think he thought I was Johnny Polo and then four years went by and I sat home because if I wasn’t working for him, I wasn’t working anywhere. Or five years went by and now here I am again. Now I’m with some new character and ‘who’s he to think he can do this?’”

Raven on if he would ever return to WWE: “Honestly, if I could go back, if I could go there now, I don’t think I would because I’d rather be semi-retired. If I had an opportunity to come in, which I don’t, but if I had an opportunity to come in and do what I wanted to do the way I wanted to do it, I’d take that in a heartbeat. But the odds of me ever getting that and the odds of them ever hiring me are [astronomically small], but the odds of me getting to do what I want to do are beyond [astronomically small].”

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The Latest ‘WWE Fury’ & ‘Canvas 2 Canvas’ Videos + Birthdays

Jerry Lawler and “Mean” Gene Okerlund turns 66 and 73 years old today, respectively. In addition, JBL is 49 today, Zeb Colter turns 66 and Hayabusa of FMW fame is 47.

– Here are the latest episodes of WWE Fury and Canvas 2 Canvas:

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Pop TV President Excited To Have iMPACT! On The Network

Pop TV president Brad Schwartz spoke with the Miami Herald about becoming the new network home for Impact Wrestling. Check out the highlights:

On landing the series: “Dixie and the Impact team were looking for a new home for their series. They had huge success on Spike. Millions of viewers watching every week, and they really enjoyed that success. In switching to another network [Destination America] which didn’t have the distribution that Spike had, they obviously noticed a little bit of a hit to the success that they had. So [TNA was] actively looking for a new television partner, and I think made the rounds and met with a lot of cable networks to see where a home might be. We were on their list of calls, and they came in [about a couple of months ago], and we had our entire team meet with them and listen to the pitch and listen to what they wanted to do — where they saw the company going, where they saw [pro wrestling] going. That’s how it came to our attention.”

On Dixie Carter and her team making a good impression: “I would say the next day we [Pop, CBS, Lionsgate] were all like, ‘We got to do this.’ I’m not spinning this in any way. It’s the truth. When we knew this meeting was happening, there were people like me. I grew up watching wrestling, and I remember going to WrestleMania, and I had my own wrestling name, when I was younger, when we joked around in the basement.”

On Carter: “Dixie is so impressive, and she’s such an amazing spirit with a good, positive energy to her. By the end of the meeting, she had won everyone in the room over, and the next day it was unanimous, ‘Let’s do this.’ Then, it was a matter of can we get it?”

On Impact fitting into their brand: “This goes back to the brand direction that we want to have. When CBS bought the other half of this network and created a joint venture with Lionsgate, and then they hired me to run it, we knew we needed to re-brand the business and create something that was differentiated and fresh and new. Whew we did all our research about how to create a brand that felt different than any other brand that was out there but stay in the pop culture space, what came screaming out of all the research was this emotion of fandom. Fans today don’t sit on the outskirts of pop culture, poking fun at it. They live right in the middle of it, and they love it, and there’s an enthusiasm there, and there’s a spirit there and an optimism there. If you can bottle that up and create a media brand out of it, you would have something that’s very different than other pop culture brands — that might look at things a little snarkily or look at things more from an affluent perspective or an urban perspective or a paparazzi perspective. That was a fresh perspective to look at the world. “And then you ask yourself, ‘Does it work?’ Well, I think Ellen [DeGeneres] is very much like that. She kind of looks at the world like a fan, and I think Jimmy Fallon is very much like that. He looks at the world like a fan. So we knew that there was something going on in culture about his fandom. Coachella is so big it went to two weekends.”

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Update – Sami Callihan Returns To The Indies, Wins 2CW Title

UPDATE: Sami Callihan has been away from WWE for less than a week and he’s already a title-holder. As seen below via social media, the former Solomon Crowe won the 2CW Title tonight after answering an open challenge from now-former champion Sean Carr:

ANNNNND NEWWWW @2CW CHAMPION…… SAMI CALLAHAN! @WWECrowe!! #CallahanIsBack! pic.twitter.com/uVNBtj85FZ

— Steve King (@StranglerSteve) November 29, 2015

Congratulations to @WWECrowe for winning the @2CW championship. Sami Callihan is back!


— Mark Suleymanov (@TheMARKOut1) November 30, 2015

Callihan requested and received his release from NXT on Tuesday.

ORIGINAL: Sami Callihan (Solomon Crowe in NXT) made his return to Independent Wrestling on Saturday. Callihan returned to AAW, attacking Eddie Kingston moments after he won the AAW Title. Callahan had asked for his release from WWE, and received it on November 24th. The following images have been posted on twitter by AAW and Voices of Wrestling…


— AAW Wrestling (@AAWPro) November 29, 2015

Sami Callahan is back! #WCCXI @AAWPro pic.twitter.com/aRMvsvHR6F

— Voices of Wrestling (@voiceswrestling) November 29, 2015

“The Death Machine is back!” #WCCXI pic.twitter.com/JBLbVzx7pV

— Voices of Wrestling (@voiceswrestling) November 29, 2015

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WWE Hall Of Famer To Appear On Tonight’s RAW Show

According to PWInsider, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is scheduled to appear on Monday Night’s edition of RAW from Pittsburgh, PA. This appearance is under two weeks after he spoke out about the controversial angle regarding his late son Reid.

PWInsider didn’t mention what Flair would be doing on Monday Night Raw, but it’s likely that he’ll be involved in the Paige vs. Charlotte storyline, as he was earlier this year in an angle which saw Paige turn on Charlotte.

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