Vince McMahon Puts Pressure On WWE Creative Team, Big Show Rips Lesnar

The Wrestling Observer newsletter reported the viewership ratings for (RAW 9/21) caused Vince McMahon to put “enormous pressure” on the WWE creative team. This week’s edition of RAW recorded the lowest rating for the month of September. The WWE is known for major programming changes after a steady decline in the ratings.

The World’s Largest Athlete known as the The Big Show, pulls no punches as he prepares for his Madison Square Garden collision with The Beast Incarnate this Saturday night at Hell in a Cell. The Big show now sits down for a conversation with Michael Cole before his big match.

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Former WWE Employee Says Lesnar Bullied Him After Show

Former WWE developmental manager Kenny “Starmaker” Bolin recently said Brock Lesnar “absolutely bullied” him after an OVW event. Bolin says he did Lesnar’s first media appearance when Lesnar came to OVW and they were friends. Bolin said the following:

“So the show ends, the fans are out and Brock Lesnar’s girlfriend, who he’s engaged to, who had been to my house 100 times, who I had hugged 100 times, and who I had kissed on the cheek 100 times. Well this particular night I didn’t hug her or kiss her because I was soaked in sweat so bad I wouldn’t put anybody through that including my worst enemy. So I did the “Hollywood thing” (motioned a kiss towards her cheeks). Never touched her and it wouldn’t have mattered if I did in my eyes. Here comes Brock Lesnar through the door, he’s on the ring crew. Brock comes through the door and says, “Get your hands off my woman Bolin.” So I’m thinking, “The show is over Brock, no need to carry on anything here.” I said, “Oh OK Brock, nothing out of me.” Playing along with him for whoever he’s trying to entertain.

“Then his girlfriend says, “Brock leave him alone, he never touched me.” He turns to her and says, “Shut up bitch, I ain’t talking to you.” So now she’s hot. He looks at me again and I said, “You’re out of line pal. He takes his hand and pie-faces me. The worst thing I did is I didn’t go down. It pissed him off that I did not go down. My son loses it. He’s going, “Oh God, dad’s going to get killed. He runs downstairs, gets Sylvester Terkay, runs him back up. Terkay comes charging in, gets in Brock’s face and says, “Hey if you want to fight somebody, why don’t you fight somebody your size that’s capable of fighting you.” He says, “You wanna fight? Fight me.” Brock looked at him and walked away. So that’s where Brock was then as opposed to where he is now, because now that might be a different story.”

“He says, “I mean what I say. Get your hands off her you son of a bitch.” I looked at him and I said, “Are you serious?” Then he goes on a bit of a cussing rant, telling me what he’s going to do to me if I ever touch his wife-to-be again. I said “Number one, I never touched her. Number two, I’ve kissed your woman on the cheek 100 times before and it never bothered you, what is your problem?” Now he comes over and gets in my face. I’m going, “What the heck is the matter with this guy?” So he’s nose to nose with me. He says, “You ever touch her again and I will fucking kill you. I said, “Alright Brock, point made.”

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Who Played The WWE ‘Tech’ On RAW?, WWE Stock Update, More

– EVOLVE’s Anthony Nese played the WWE tech who Bray Wyatt threw into Roman Reigns during their match on RAW.

WWE’s stock closed at $16.61 today, up $0.08 (0.5%) from yesterday’s closing price.

– Daria Berenato, who was on Tough Enough, will be joining fellow alums Patrick, Tanner, Mada and Chelsea at this weekend’s PWS show. The show takes place in Union, New Jersey. You can find out more here.

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Summer Rae & Eden Come To The Defense Of Renee Young

Summer Rae and Eden took to Instagram to defend Renee Young after she was harassed by fans online for a picture she posted. Young posted a picture with a male friend on her account and found herself being trolled by fans who weren’t happy that she was posting a pic of a guy that wasn’t her boyfriend, Dean Ambrose. You can see Summer Rae and Eden’s comments below:

Summer Rae: “daniellemoinetTO EVERYONE IN THESE COMMENTS: I feel so so very sorry for most of you. The fact that you actually take your OWN precious time out of your day to make these lame comments is so weird. Like REALLY odd. Kinda creepy even that the infatuation with someone’s personal life of a person you don’t know could be THAT strong. If you are unsure of what to do with your spare time I would suggest hobbies or volunteering for a local homeless shelter or opening your mind & reading a book. I know it may take a long time for some of you guys but hey, we all have to start somewhere. Think how much better the world would be if all of these internet stalkers trolling around actually got up & put the time it takes to put ppl down on the internet…to good use! Now that would be a great world to live in! I won’t hold my breathe for that day but hey, a gal can dream.”

Eden: “what was the saying? What if you fell in love with someone and then found out they trolled celebrities on the Internet? My guess…it’s already happened and that’s why trollin’ is all they got!”

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AUDIO: EC3 Discusses The Confidence He’s Gained In TNA, Unbeaten Streak

Ethan Carter III spoke with Ring Rust Radio for a new interview promoting Bound For Glory. Check out the audio below and some highlights:

On Drew Galloway: “Well I just mentioned how my sports car is European, and that is the extent of how I like Europeans is in my cars. Professional wrestlers that are European I don’t care for. Drew Galloway hails from Scotland, he is six foot 5, weighs 260, and is one of the toughest guys in wrestling. For me to have the chance to main event Bound for Glory with him is a huge opportunity and I couldn’t be more excited for it. It is the biggest show of the year for TNA and I am the biggest thing in TNA, seeing it as I am the world heavyweight champion, I am unbendable, unbreakable, unbeatable, undefeated, and undisputed it only makes sense. It’s only fitting that I main event Bound for Glory but it is still a great honor and responsibility to deliver.

On His Unbeaten Streak: “Man, this is a championship caliber question! There has not been a pinfall or submission on me since my debut with TNA as a singles wrestler. It was kind of happenstance and also unique what we have going on. As an antagonist, it’s a great boasting point for me to constantly refer to me as being undefeated while most of my wins come at dastardly deeds. As far as a detriment, I could see that more so if I was being portrayed as an unconquerable world beater like a Bill Goldberg when he was undefeated. As far as me, I think there is an opportunity for when that time does come; they must absolutely create a brand new star out of that.”

On why he’s having more success in TNA than in WWE: “As far as what happened in the past, there is an old saying, “I heard from someone over there” and it is what it is. Why didn’t I get the chance? Maybe I did something wrong, maybe I didn’t hold up my end, or maybe I held in a little too much as opposed to being more who I am. TNA has given me the opportunity to creatively express myself and the freedom to go out there and try something whether it fails or succeeds. I’m the first one to know if I did something good or bad out there. Having the ability to go out there and do that, coming to the back and it’s not something you’re being modest about. That’s where constructive criticism helps. Basically I feel you get better in wrestling through having more confidence and TNA has done everything to give me great confidence by giving me a great opportunity and the best opponents. Everything they have given to me has been so good, pure, pristine, and awesome to where if it didn’t succeed it would be because I suck, and clearly I don’t.”

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